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RAF Lancaster Radio Trailing Aerial

RAF Avro lancaster Radio Trailing Aerial Unit.

RAF Stores Ref. No. 10B/9005.

Used when operating the 1154/55 Transmitter - Radio.

This type of Aerial unit was situated on the inside of the Lancaster's fuselage wall, just to the left side of the Radio operator's seat / position.
The aerial wire was let out through a fixed aperture using the hand crank and top brake control lever.

Low flying Lancaster's often returned with just part of the trailing aerial wire, when left out by a forgetful WOP, which was usually caught around a tree or church spire etc....

This unit is in an excellent condition.
The paxolin wheel rotates freely and can be easily removed from the chassis.
The top control lever functions perfectly in all the three positions.

The chassis is Air Ministry stamped, plus with all the parts Reference Numbers.

In a very good condition.

Code: 51407


RAF Lancaster Radio Morse Key

RAF Lancaster type, Radio Morse Code Key.

Often referred to as a 'Bathtub' type key.

Air Ministry Stores Ref. No. 10A/7741.

It works in conjunction with the 1154/55 transmitter, radio.

Made of brown bakelite.

The top half opens to reveal the inner workings which can be manually adjusted.

In a very good condition, without any cracks or chips to the bakelite casing.

Code: 51409

55.00 GBP

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RAF Memorial Scroll

A genuine WW2, RAF Memorial Scroll.

Commemorates Pilot Officer C.H. Neary.

He was part of a RAF 434 Squadron Halifax Bomber crew, which failed to return on 11th June 1944, from a raid on a Versailles railway facility.
All but one of the crew were sadly killed.

This scroll was found in a broken frame with missing glass, and has slightly faded over the years.
The back of the scroll is showing signs of staining, see photos.

It comes with CWGC memorial.

Code: 51408


RAF 41 Pattern Mae West Skull Cap

WW2 'Original' RAF 1941 Pattern, Mae West Skull Cap.

Made from Bright Yellow cotton fabric with two cotton tying tapes.

Nice A.M and Crown stamping inside.

Kept in the pilot's Mae West pocket.

In an excellent condition (some storage soiling).

Code: 51401


RAF 'Windak' Inner Heated Flying Suit

A scarce RAF Air Crew Heated Inner Flying Suit.

Air Ministry Stores Ref. No. 22C/1012, Type 'H'.

The type 'H' is a one-piece button fronted, full length inner flying suit made of brown twill or cotton lined rayon.

It is fitted with a simple knitted, large woollen collar.

The electrical supply was taken through a flexible 'umbilical' cable with a 3-pin connector plug.
A shorter cable near to the neck, supplied power to an oxygen mask heater (if fitted).

The suit has alternative snap connectors at the wrists and ankles to use with both 12 and 24 volt power supplies.
These are fitted with rubber washers to help prevent electrical 'short circuits'.
The snaps allowed the use of Type H gloves and heated booties, as well as earlier Type D garments or even both types.

The suit is in near to 'mint' condition, and is an excellent example of this rare piece of flying clothing.

Code: 51406


RAF Parachute Jump Instructors Brevet

An 'Original' 1945 period, RAF Parachute Instructor's Jump Brevet.

Nicely padded, and made from silk thread on a black felt background.

In an Excellent condition.

Code: 51403

48.00 GBP

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RAF Pilots Spade / Control Grip

WW2 RAF Westland Lysander spade grip.

The Lysander was an army co-operation aircraft which was also used extensively by the SOE for dropping agents in occupied territory.
In 1940, with the invasion looming, there was a lack of aircraft to attack German surface vessels.
To combat this, the RAF fitted two 20mm Orelikon cannons to the Lysander in place of the two .303 Browning machine guns.
The pilots spade grip already had the Dunlop round gun button, so this was changed for the oblong 'twin pneumatic' gun button.
This was purely a stop gap measure, meaning these grips are incredibly rare.

This grip is in good used condition and has been cut off from the control column at the base of the grip.
The firing button operates freely in all three positions and the fire safe lever functions correctly.
The brake lever is a very good reproduction, and has been drilled and filed to closely match an original.
The AH number (AH 8011 which is correct for this aircraft type) can just about be seen (albeit feint) with a magnifying glass.
The magnesium casting has been resprayed.

Overall, an excellent grip from the Battle of Britain period, and from a very rare aircraft modification.

Due to ongoing issues with European Customs, this item is NOT FOR SALE to the EU.

Code: 51405

2000.00 GBP

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WW2 Paratrooper Jump Wings

Original WW2 British, Indian made, Paratrooper Jump Wings.

World War 2 saw the formation of the first British Airborne / parachute units.
Parachute training was a 2 weeks course carried out at No. 1 Parachute Training School, at RAF Ringway.
Recruits started the course by jumping from a converted barrage balloon, and finished it with a total of five parachute jumps, at altitude, from an aircraft.
Anyone not completing a jump was immediately returned to his old unit and failed the course.
Those successful, were awarded with the 'coveted' maroon beret and parachute jump wings, then they were posted to a parachute battalion.

These wings are an excellent 'original' example.
Finely hand embroidered, with silk thread on a black felt background.
They are not padded, but have that appearance with a 'high relief' stitching for the parachute canopy and for the wings.

A superb pair of wartime Parachute wings.

Code: 51404

125.00 GBP

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RAF K Type Dinghy Bellows

RAF K Type Dinghy 'Top up' Bellows.

Stores Ref No. 27C/2083.

These concertina type bellows were used for 'topping up' the air for the K type dinghy.

They are in a good 'used' condition and still blow air.

Code: 51402

30.00 GBP

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RAF K-Type Dinghy

RAF Fighter Pilot Type, 'K' Type Dinghy.

Stores Ref No. 27C/1927.

Introduced by the Air ministry in 1942 to aid pilots who find themselves bailing out over the sea.

This dinghy is in a very good 'used' condition.
The rubberised fabric is still very supple and it will easily inflate, and 'stay up' (see photos).

The user instructions are printed in several languages and these can still be seen, although they are a little faded.
All the straps and 'D' rings are present, as are the bellows straps, inflation tube and stopper, CO2 cylinder sleeve, moulded Thwart housings (one replaced) these are for the separate board to hold the mast, both forward and rear spray aprons (the one for the airman's legs is 'crusty' see last photo).
The underside has the large stabilising pocket and the floor is in a good condition (may have been re-rubberised).

Overall condition is a very good, but 'Used' inflatable K-Type dinghy.

Due to ongoing issues with European Customs, this item is NOT FOR SALE to the EU.

Code: 51399

725.00 GBP

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