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RAF Escape and Survival Fishing Kit

This is a Fishing kit found in the RAF pocket Escape & Survival kit, also the tropical Beadon kit (see last two photos).

Air Ministry Stores Ref No. 22P/8.

It consists of a small tin containing a quantity of fishing hooks, with printed instructions in the hinged lid.
Also, with a length of corded fishing line and some wire line/hook attachments.

Showing as Fishing Tackle number 5 in the items list (see last photo).

In a very good condition.

Code: 51350


WW2 Original British Commando Cap Comforter

An Original WW2 British Commando Cap Comforter.

This hat is made from wool and is tubular in construction.
It rolls up into a comfortable hat.

Many wartime photographs of Commando and Special Forces men are seen wearing it.

This one is in excellent and in near mint condition.
It has a clear rubber stamp inside with the manufacturer and War Department arrow, plus a nice and clear 1943 date.

Will be hard to better.

Code: 51349


RAF Mk III Flying Goggles Air Ministry Marked

A rare pair of RAF Air Ministry Mk III Flying Goggles.

The leather strap is Air Ministry & Kings Crown stamped with a Ref No. 22C/69, and is dated 1935 (albeit feint).

The cellulose goggle lenses are in an excellent clear condition.
The frames are very good, and they retain the majority of their black paintwork.
The stitching is all in place, and the front hinge lugs are present.
The large outer leather covered surround is in a very good condition.

The inside brown felt padding is good and clean, and the inside leather face mask is very good, although the internal padding is stiff in places.

The leather strap is very good and has working fabric covered springs at either side.

An excellent pair of 'Used' Air Ministry marked Mk III goggles.

Code: 51348


RAF ACE Medal Grouping KIA

RAF Air Crew Europe Medal Group with Medal Condolence Slip, Photo, and Research.

On the night of 24/25th March 1944 (the same night as 'The Great Escape' took place) 433 Squadron were ordered to attack Berlin flying from their base at RAF Skipton-On-Swale, York's.

RAF Flight Engineer, Sgt. O.W. Sporne was part of P/O H.W. Lossing crew.
Their aircraft was Halifax III, LV841 code letter BM-H.

Bomber Command staged one last major raid on Berlin.
811 aircraft from various squadrons took part in the raid and sadly 72 failed to return.

The Met boys managed to get the forecast wrong again, and very high winds blew the bombers off course, which afterwards became known as 'the night of the strong winds'.
The lack of an accurate forecast and failure to notify the crews resulted in a 'scattered' bomber stream near to the target.

After taking off at 18.41 hours it is believed that Captain Lossing's Halifax was shot down by Oblt. Heinz Rokker, who became the Luftwaffe 8th highest scoring Night Fighter Ace (64 'kills').
P/O, Lossing, with Sgt. Sporne and the rest of the crew were shot down, without any time for them to bail out, at Sandersleben 18km south west of Bernburg at 23.20 hours.
Sadly all of them were killed.

Halifax LV841 was Oblt. Rokker's 19th 'Kill', and he went on to claim a total of 3 bombers shot down on the night.
Rokker was later awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves.

With the group are - Sgt. Sporne's Medal group consisting of 1939-45 Star, The Air Crew Europe Star, Defence & War Medals (all very fine), His Medal Condolence Slip, copy crew photo, copy death scroll, large Operational Records Book copies of all Sgt. Sporne's Operations, CWGC certificate, Air Crew Losses Report, Oblt. Heinz Rokker research.

A fine and important Air Crew Europe group connected to one of Germany's Top Night Fighter Ace's.

Code: 51342


RAF DFC Medal Grouping

RAF DFC Miniature Medal Grouping.

Consists of his old original miniature DFC group of seven medals, Crew photo, his Bomb aimer Brevet, Cap eagle & crown badge, folder of research including copy DFC citation.

RAF F/Lt. R.V. Allan DFC, flew with 44 and 97 Squadrons.

His first Operation was on the 10th October 1941 flying in a Hampden bomber with 44 Squadron to Dunkirk.
He flew on a total of 36 operations with 44 Squadron mostly in 1942 when Bomber command were losing a lot of aircrew, so he was lucky to survive.

Later transferring to 97 Squadron he flew on a further 15 operations, giving him an overall operations total of 51.
These targets were all European (mainly over Germany).

The medal group is in a fine condition.
The crew photo is an original, and his two badges are in a very good condition.

The folder of research has copies of his operations from the 97 Operations Record Book, his DFC citation which also lists his operations with both Squadrons, and a piece of research on a 1000 bomber raid to Cologne which he was involved in with 44 Squadron.
More research is needed for his earlier tour with 44 Squadron etc...

Code: 51347


WW2 British Paratroopers Smock

A British 1942 Pattern Parachutists Oversmock / Jacket.

This garment covered the equipment and Denison smock during the jump.

This is a rare first issue, which is dated 1942 (see photo).

The printed label, although slightly worn still states that its a size 4, manufactured by O.W.S Ltd.

The smock is in an excellent condition with a working zip (replacement puller) Newey press studs and tail flap.

Code: 51346


RAF Loudspeaker

RAF Airfield Control Tower Loudspeaker / Tannoy.

Used for relaying announcements and radio messages.

Desk or wall mounted.

The 11 x 11 x 6" wooden box contains the speaker.
This has two wire connection terminals at the rear.

On the front is an Air Ministry plate with Reference numbers.

The box has its original RAF blue paint, which is in good order and the internal speaker looks to be in a very good condition, and works (has a slight split on the front cover, see photo).

Please take note that this is a fairly heavy item (4 kgs).

Code: 51345

155.00 GBP

Shortlist item
RAF Escape Compass in Waterproof Pouch

RAF Escape & Evasion 'miniature' compass still sealed in its original waterproof pouch.

Stores Ref. No. 22P/15.

Compass measures 15mm in diameter.
The spinner moves freely and the overall condition is excellent.

The waterproof pouch is in an 'as issued' condition.

Comes with a cotton tape lanyard.

Part of the RAF Escape & Survival equipment.

Code: 51343


RAF Escape & Evasion Rabbit Snare

Part of the Wartime RAF Escape & Evasion Equipment.

Stores Ref. No. 22P/7.

This rabbit or animal snare was added to the pocket aids kit to help in the survival of evading air crew (see example photo).

It is also found as part of the later wartime issue RAF Beadon survival kit.
This could be in the Survival bag or in one of the many pockets of the Beadon flying suit.

The wire and cord snare is sealed in a waterproof paper bag, which has instructions on how to use printed on the front.

The bag size is 110 x 85 mm.

It is found to be in a very good condition with only a couple of tears in the bag (see photos).

A very rare item to find.

Code: 51344


WW2 RAF Spitfire Part

WW2, RAF Spitfire Boost Gauge - Fuel Trap.

Used in conjunction with the Boost gauge found in the pilots instrument panel.

Fitted to the Spitfire Engine / Cockpit fire wall, Frame 5 (see example photo).

Air Ministry stamped Ref. No. 6A/725 and dated 1944.

Made of Brass, painted black, and in excellent condition (possibly serviceable ?).

This item would be found in most other WW2 RAF aircraft.

Sold only as a collectable item.

Code: 51340

125.00 GBP

Shortlist item
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