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RAF Airfield Control Tower Speaker

RAF Airfield Control Tower Loudspeaker / Tannoy.

Used for relaying announcements and radio messages.

Desk or wall mounted.

The 11 x 11 x 6" wooden box contains the speaker.
This has two wire connection terminals at the rear.

On the front is an Air Ministry plate with Reference numbers.

The box has its original RAF blue paint, which is in good order and the internal speaker looks to be in a very good condition, and works (has a slight split on the front cover, see photo).

Please take note that this is a fairly heavy item (4 kgs).

Due to ongoing issues with European Customs, this item is NOT FOR SALE to the EU.

Code: 51345

125.00 GBP

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RAF Officer Field Service Side Cap

WW2, RAF Officer Side Cap with a gilt Eagle & Kings Crown badge, plus brass buttons.

With brown silk lining.

This is stamped and dated 1945, also with a WD stamp.

Size is = 7 1/4".

Not named.

The cap is in a good 'issued' condition, and has a few moth nips (see photos)

Code: 51419

65.00 GBP

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RAF Type C* Flying Helmet

A scarce type C* (C-Star) Leather Flying Helmet.

This type C* Helmet was the final pattern of the wartime C type leather flying helmet.

It was issued for the use in early jet fighters (Meteor & Vampires) that were just being delivered to RAF squadrons.

It is basically the same pattern as the C-type helmet, but it has press studs fitted to the brow and sides to accept the new Mk 1 Visor (see last photo).

The wiring loom is also slightly different in that it has three wires connecting to each earphone/receiver.
This was to improve radio transmissions received through the earphones, and to accept the new type of aircraft radios being developed.

The helmet is in an excellent used condition and is fully wired.

It looks to be a size 3 (not stamped).

It has good rubber earphone cups and type 32 receivers.
An internal cotton braided wiring loom terminates with a standard wartime pattern bell/jack plug.

An excellent example of this rare helmet.

Code: 51418


RAF Air Sea Rescue Medal Group

RAF Air Sea Rescue Medal & Badge Group.

The group consists of his two named medal slips - stamped Marine Craft Unit and signed by the Squadron Leader, 1939-45, Africa with Clasp Stars, Defence medal in packets of issue plus their silk medal ribbons, LAC badges, an excellent Air Sea Rescue badge, with some research.

ASR group in a very good condition.

Code: 51414

135.00 GBP

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WW2 Royal Engineers Bomb disposal Notes

Two sets of wartime dated printed Bomb Disposal Notes.

First set is dealing with German Grenades & Mines.
Some 50 pages of excellent informative text and drawings.
Contents include - Egg & Stick grenade's, Igniters, delay Pellets, various Mines & Anti-Tank Mines.
Dated 1943.

Second set is for German Bombs, Fuzes & Mines.
Some 40 pages of text, charts and drawings.
Dated 1944.

Both size approx, 6 ½" x 4".

In a good issued condition.

Code: 51417

55.00 GBP

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WW2 Bomb Disposal Officer's Battle Dress Uniform

Wartime Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal B/D Uniform.

This is an unusual R.E. Major's private purchase, tailored Battle Dress Blouse & Trousers.

The blouse is similar to the standard issue 1940 pattern, but with a tailored open neck (favoured by officers) and a burgundy coloured cotton fitted lining, with inside pocket.
The lining extends to the sleeve cuffs which also show signs of wear on the edge (see photo).
Embroidered Royal Engineers shoulder titles and epaulette Majors crowns.
On the left sleeve is a very nice printed Bomb Disposal badge.

The trousers have the standard large buttoned down pocket on the front of the left leg, a front right side first aid pocket, and a rear right, buttoned down pocket.
An unusual, one buttoned down belt loop on the left side and just a single button on the right with no loop.
These must have been specific requests from the officer when being made.
Inside is found the same burgundy, part lining which is also found lining most of the pockets.

Blouse = Waist 32", Chest 36", Arm 27".
Trousers = Waist 30", inside Leg 33".

Both B/D uniform parts are in a very good 'used' condition with a few moth nips here and there.
A couple of missing buttons, but spares are found in one of the pockets.
Unfortunately, it is not named.

Due to ongoing issues with European Customs, this item is NOT FOR SALE to the EU.

Code: 51416

325.00 GBP

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RAF D-Type Oxygen Mask Microphone Assembly

This is a rare RAF D-Type Oxygen Mask, Carbon Type 'E' Microphone Assembly.

Air Ministry Stores Ref. No. 10A/9003.

Consisting of Carbon type Microphone (10A/9004) early type Wiring Loom (10A/7835) Earphone Receivers (10A/7063) brown Bakelite bell Plug type 58 (10A/7836).

The Microphone is in Excellent condition with working (Paxolin) top switch.
Chamois leather covered dome shell, with a hinged base and top clip to secure to the D-type oxygen mask ring.
A Superb early pattern type 'F' wiring loom connects the Excellent pair of type 'C' earphones.
Finished by an Excellent early brown bell plug type 58, which completes the set.

A fantastic set up in marvellous condition.

Code: 51413


RAF Air Crew Europe Medal Group KIA

RAF ACE Medal Group of three, to Flying Officer, Peter Leslie Edwards.

F/O, Edwards flew with 408 (RCAF) Squadron, based at RAF Balderton, Nottinghamshire.

He was a Navigator/Observer flying in the cumbersome twin engined Hampden Bomber, and part of P/O, K.H. Taylor's crew.

On the night of 2/3 June 1942, Hampden AT154 took off from RAF Balderton on a night bombing mission to Essen.
Skipper was Pilot: P/O. Taylor, Navigator: F/O. Edwards, Wireless Operator/AG: Sgt. Ronson, Air Gunner: Sgt. McKenzie.

As the squadron passed over the Dutch coast they were intercepted by German Night Fighters.
Unfortunately for P/O: Taylor and crew, they were targeted by one of the Luftwaffe leading night fighter aces, Hauptmann Helmut Lent.
Flying in a heavily armed Bf 110, he raked the doomed Hampden with bullets and cannon shells, which sent it spiralling down burning and out of control, leaving the crew no chance of escaping.
It crashed in the Ijsselmeer just East of Medemblik, sadly killing all on board.
This was F/O: Edwards 18th Operational Sortie, his body was never found.

His medal group consist of his - 1939/45, Air Crew Europe Stars and War medal.
These are in a fine unmounted condition, with original silk ribbons.
They come with his named Medal Condolence Slip.
Copies of all his operations taken from the Squadron ORB, and some additional research information plus some of the Luftwaffe Ace who shot them down, etc......

A fine KIA group, in need of further research.

Code: 51412


Luftwaffe Heinkel He 111 Crashed Radio Part

Luftwaffe Heinkel He 111, Radio Antenna Jettison Control.

This is one of only a few pieces that were recovered from a shot down He 111, that crashed at Roe's Farm, Desford, Leic's, 8-9th April, 1941 (see last photo).

We were told that it was taken as a souvenir by a local man's father who was in the nearby Home Guard.
He was one of the troop who had the job of guarding the wreckage before a RAF Maintenance Unit cleared it all away.

Heinkel He 111P-4 (2962) was shot down by RAF 151 Squadron, night fighter Hurricane pilot, P/O, R.P. Stevens DFC.
It was on a bombing mission to Coventry.

Two of the stricken Heinkel crew managed to bale out before it went down, but the other two remained on board and miraculously survived the impact of the crash.
All of the crew were 'rounded up' and taken prisoner.

The unit, albeit damaged, is in surprisingly good condition.
The top and inside instruction plates are still legible, and the part number is still visible on the casing.
The plate on the inside roughly translates to "Pull the red handle (missing), and the antenna is thrown off".

Size, 75 x 70 x 30 mm.

Code: 51411


German Luftwaffe Bomb Fuse & Case

WW2 German Luftwaffe, Aerial Impact Bomb Fuse, In a near 'mint' condition.

Type - EL AZ 25 B.

Electrical impact fuse without any explosive content.

Fully stamped and dated (1942) on the top.

Removable dust cap, which again is fully stamped.

The fuse is Completely INERT.

Comes with a bakelite storage case, which is reference number stamped under the lid.

Both the fuse & case are in superb condition.

FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY (due to postal restrictions).

Code: 51410

175.00 GBP

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