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RAF Regiment Shoulder Titles

Pair of RAF Regiment, cloth shoulder titles.

These Tunic and BD blouse shoulder titles are in a good 'used' condition.

RAF blue felt cloth backing with blue silk thread embroidered letters.

Size, 110mm width.

Have been removed from a tunic.

Code: 51323

20.00 GBP

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RCAF Pilots Wings, English Made

A pair of wartime 'English' made, Royal Canadian Air Force Pilots Wings.
These are stitched on to a RAF Wing Commander's Tunic Cuff.

The Wings are made from double twist silk thread on a black felt background.

They are the Padded type.

Not named, but possibly belonged to a w/cdr whose tunic was cut down.

In a good condition.

Code: 51318

75.00 GBP

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WW2 Supply Canister Parachute

Wartime Supply Canister Drop Parachute, dropped by the RAF & USAAF.

Dated, 1943.

The Canopy is approximately 8 foot in diameter and has 6 foot guide ropes attached.
These are tied to a 25mm diameter thread, metal eyebolt.

The canopy looks to made from a silk/nylon mix.
It is rubber stamped with a U.S. manufacturer and dated 15th September 1943.

In a very good condition.

Code: 51317

65.00 GBP

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RAF Mk IIIa Flying Goggles

A Super pair of RAF Mk IIIa Flying Goggles.

Widely favoured by Fighter Pilots and Aircrew during the Battle of Britain.

These goggles are in an excellent condition.

The leather strap is Air Ministry stamped with a Ref No. 22C/62, and is dated 1939.

The cellulose goggle lenses are very good and clear with only some minor storage scratches.

All of the frame stitching is in place and the black paint finish, also the two front vents/lugs are present, which are often missing on this type of goggle.

The inside brown felt padding is excellent and clean.

The leather strap has great working fabric covered springs either side.

An Excellent pair of 'used' goggles.

Code: 51316


WW2 RAF Oxygen Mask Hose & Clip

RAF Oxygen Mask, Rubber Oxygen Supply Hose & Clip.

Wartime pattern, which will fit Oxygen Mask Type G and H.

Bayonet fitting type Mk IV.

Stamped, with Ref No. 6D/526.

In an Excellent 'used' condition.

Code: 51314


RAF Air Crew Brass Oxygen Connector

A wartime RAF aircrew oxygen hose connector.

Air Ministry stamped with Ref. No. 6D/482, Mk IVA.

Brass spring loaded top bayonet fitting for the 'walk around' oxygen bottle extension hose.

Part of the old hose is still attached.

In a very good condition.

Code: 51315


Luftwaffe Escape Compass

WW2, Luftwaffe miniature Escape Compass.

Early double sided German issue compass which shows O (Osten) for East.

There is very little written information regarding these compasses but it is guaranteed genuine.
It is shown in the Escape & Evasion Devices book, by Phil Froom.

Here It is photographed next to a RAF brass tunic button for scale / size.

In a very good condition.

Code: 51312


RAF Type 28 Carbon Microphone with Loom

Early RAF, carbon type 28 microphone and short loom with plug.

Air Ministry Ref No. 10A/12572.

Metal hemispherical black finished cover which is stamped 10A/12572, with a top pivotal switch and a brown bakelite mounting ring (this has a small chip on the rim).

The microphone is wired to a cotton braided wiring loom fitted with a black bakelite plug.
The loom retains a paper label.

To be used with types E, E* and G, Oxygen Masks.

In a very good condition.

Code: 51313


USAAF / RAF Dinghy Signal Lamp

WW2, USAAF / RAF Dinghy Signal Lamp.

Type M-308-B.

Dated, circa 1944.

Made of a black bakelite case with a clear screw on lens cap.

It has an adjustable webbing strap plus a wiring loom and a two pin plug.
This would plug into the 'Gibson' dinghy radio (see last photo).

It could be worn on top of the head to signal to ASR vessels or searching aircraft.

In a good 'issued' condition.

Code: 51311


RAF Lancaster Static Line Parachute

RAF Lancaster Static Line Parachute Strap.

Air Ministry Stores Ref. No. 15A/453, showing on an excellent large printed label.

Made of standard wartime parachute webbing with a spring loaded metal hook at one end and a metal ring at the other.

The line was intended for exiting a badly wounded crew member, to open his parachute canopy (a copy of the 1943 A.M. Air Diagram explaining the procedure is included) but it could also be used to open the parachute when dropping supply containers etc...

Approximately 5 metres in length.

A scarce item in Excellent condition.

Code: 51310


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