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RAF Escape Boots with Rare Escape Knife

A pair of RAF 1943 pattern 'Escape' Flying Boots with the very rare Escape Knife.

These are in excellent condition, with the added bonus of having clean inner fur and being odour free.

The boots look to have no damage to the suede uppers, or to the replacement leather soles and heels.

Both zips are working fine.

Approximately a size 9 or 9 ½".

The right boot upper has a small internal pocket which holds the boot knife.
This is a simple folding penknife, which is nearly always missing !

Used to cut away the top suede leg part of the flying boot to leave an ordinary looking civilian shoe.

This is the second version of the knife, which has a larger more robust blade, and was less likely to break when using.

There are no manufacturer or Air Ministry Ref. numbers on any Escape kit, for obvious reasons, so this knife is completely void of any markings.

Probably manufactured for the Air Ministry by George Ibberson, but this is only an assumption as the company were known to produce similar types of knives during the war.

In a very good condition.

A rare chance to obtain a complete piece of wartime RAF Escape & Evasion kit.

Code: 51294


Rolls Royce Merlin Engine Manual, Spitfire

A rare Wartime issue Rolls Royce Merlin Aero Engine Manual / Data Folio.

Numbered Limited issue, and signed for by the holder.

Some 92 pages of text, drawings and colour pull outs on 'wipe clean' waterproof linen paper, pocket size.

The manual covers some very interesting and useful information for Merlin types, 1 through to 45, which powered the "Spitfire" fighter.

In an Excellent condition.

Code: 51293


RAF Beadon Survival Fishing Kit

This is a Fishing line and a tin of hooks found in the RAF survival kit & tropical Beadon kits.

Ref No. 22P/8.

Small hinged lid tin containing a quantity of fishing hooks, with printed instructions in the lid.

Comes with a length of corded fishing line and some wire line/hook attachments.

Showing as number 5 in the items list (see photos).

In a very good condition.

Code: 51291


Flight Equipment of the RAF, A Quick Reference Guide

Flight Equipment of the RAF, A Quick Reference Guide by Kevin King & Dave Humphrey.

First Edition 1990.

It is fully illustrated with 66 B/W photographs and has an excellent RAF 22C/ stores reference list at the back.

A useful and scarce booklet for the collector to have, now becoming a collectors item in its own right.

Second hand copy, in very good condition.

Code: 51292


RAF, Air Ministry Marked Mk III Flying Goggles

A scarce pair of RAF, A.M. Mk III Flying Goggles.

The leather strap is Air Ministry & Kings Crown stamped with a Ref No. 22C/69, and is dated 1936 (albeit feint).

The cellulose goggle lenses are in a good and clear condition, with some small scratches. The frames are very good, and they retain the majority of their black paintwork.
The stitching is all in place, and the front hinge lugs are present.
The large outer leather covered surround is in good condition with some minor scuffing and couple of small cuts.

The inside brown felt padding is good and clean, and the inside leather face mask is good with some minor scuffing. The internal padding is stiff in places.

The leather strap has very good working fabric covered springs at either side and the AID stamp can be seen on the inside of the strap.

A very good pair of 'Used' Air Ministry marked Mk III goggles.

Code: 51290


WW2 SOE and Special Forces Fuse Crimpers

WW2, SOE / Special Forces, Type 6 Fuse Crimpers.

These were issued to Special Forces Demolition teams as part of their kit.

They were void of any markings so as not to reveal the manufacturers.

In an Excellent condition.

Code: 51289

100.00 GBP

Shortlist item
RAF Dinghy Knife

Wartime RAF Dinghy Knife & Sheath.

Knife Stores Ref. No. 27C/2023, Sheath 27C/2024.

The knife was found in the Dinghy Equipment pack and also found attached to some dinghies.

Fitted with a floating cork grip and a curved blunt tipped safety blade, to prevent accidental damage.

In Excellent condition.

A press stud keeps the knife fixed inside the Leather Sheath, and a cord lanyard prevents knife loss.

The leather Sheath is Air Ministry stores Ref. number stamped and is found to be in excellent condition.

Overall size = 10".

Sold to the UK & EU Only, due to postal restrictions.

Code: 51287


RAF Dinghy Puncture Knife

A scarce RAF Dinghy Puncture Knife.

Air Ministry Stores Ref. No. 27C/2124.

The main purpose of this knife was to puncture the dinghy if it accidentally inflated in the cockpit, or to puncture & sink it if the pilot (or crew) was washed up on a hostile shore, but it also had other uses.

The knife has a floating wooden shaped hilt to which is riveted a double-edged, pointed stainless steel blade.
A hole in the hilt is for a lanyard and the A.M. reference number is stamped.

The length is 7".

A rare knife which is nearly always missing from dinghy kits etc....

Please confirm that you are aged 18+ when purchasing this item.

For sale to the UK & EU ONLY, due to postal restrictions.

In Excellent condition.

Code: 51288


RAF Group Captain Silk Gloves and Ephemera

RAF Group Captain J.S. Kennedy' DFC & Bar, Silk inner Gloves and Ephemera.

Grp. Capt. Kennedy had the reputation of being the lowest flier in the RAF.

With his silk gloves are photographs, from the family, of them next to his medals, log book and photos (of which they kept).

Included are an original water colour painting by him of Blenheim medium bombers, original signed letter from M.J. Bowyer (aviation author), newspaper clippings of G.C. Kennedy, a typed history of his war service, good quality copies of his photographs and pencil sketches, copy telegrams from AVM Harris etc......

Code: 51285


RAF WOP Log Book & Medal Grouping

RAF Wireless Operator Log Book & Medal Grouping including paperwork and photos.

RAF Sergeant J.E. Walden Flew with 15 & 7 (PFF) Lancaster Squadrons, flying on operations mainly from RAF Mildenhall, Warboys & Oakington.

He flew on operations to - Wesel, Gelsenkirken, Kamen, Dessau, Buer, Essen, Datteln, in Germany, also Exodus and Cooks tour.

His log book is neatly written and fully stamped and signed for by his Flt. commander and C/O, and is about a quarter full of entries (60 pages).
It also, includes the signature of 'Pathfinder' Group Captain L. Deane DSO, DFC....

With his Log book are his medal group of 4, which consists of 1939-45 star, Air Crew Europe star with France & Germany Bar, Defence & War medals mounted on a bar (all very fine).

His two medal boxes and medal slip plus the Air Ministry envelope they were delivered in (with his log book).

A fine original crew photo, His 'S' brevet, Service & release book, Identity card, two 'official ministry' signed Letters from RAF Records Office regarding his medal entitlement, newspaper clippings, etc...

Interestingly, one of the Ministry letters refers to his award of the Air Crew Europe star, which on checking his Log Book, he does not seem entitled to as he started on Operation's after 'D-Day'.
This needs further research as the medal office did not normally make mistakes of this kind, so he may have flown on earlier operations not recorded in his Log?

There is also an original Bomber Command reunion programme and the ticket for March 1949, and some squadron research.

He is demobbed in May 1947.

All of this comes in a ring binder.

Code: 51286


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