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RAF Survival Kit GB Flag

WW2, Survival & Beadon equipment British Flag.

The Kit comprised of two flags, British & USA (see last photo of kit contents, item No.6).

This is the cotton/wool mix fabric printed GB flag.

Nicely Stamped, Ref No. 4B/598 and War Dept. arrow.

Size = 8 x 6 inches.

Used by surviving aircrew for identification when escaping from enemy territory.

In an Excellent condition.

Code: 51359


RAF Survival Kit USA Flag

WW2, Survival & Beadon equipment USA Flag.

The Kit comprised of two flags, British & USA (see last photos of kit contents, item No.7).

This is the rarer one to find, of the two flags.

It is made from cotton/wool mix fabric and printed.

Stamped, with the War Dept. arrow (Ref. No has faded).

Size = 8 x 6 inches.

Used by surviving aircrew for identification when escaping from enemy territory.

In an Excellent condition (a couple of small moth nips).

Code: 51360

95.00 GBP

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USAAF Type E-3 Survival Kit

A wartime USAAF Aircrew Survival Kit Case.

The E-3 Emergency Sustenance Kit was issued to aircrew from June 1942.

Spec No. 94-40441, stock No. 8300-559158.

Similar to the RAF Escape / Survival kit, this case was filled with essential items to sustain an airman during his period of Evasion (empty of contents).

The celluloid 2-piece case is in excellent condition with very little distortion.
Nicely marked on the top with stores references etc....

Will make a great project to find and fill with contents.

Code: 51358


RAF 1930 Pattern 'Teddy Bear' Flying Suit, named

A rare RAF 1930 Pattern 'Teddy Bear Suit' named to a Wing Commander.

Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/53.

This early item of Flying Clothing was used, mainly by Bomber aircrew, during the first few years of WW2.

Initially produced as a cold weather liner for the 1930 pattern Flying Suit.
Made from brown simulated fur fabric, which buttoned inside the 30 pattern suit, and because of it's 'furry' appearance it was nick named a 'Teddy Bear Suit'.

Bomber Pilots and aircrew found the liner, inside the flying suit cumbersome, and some adapted it by adding a zipper to the front and turning it inside out to wear as a warm Flying suit on its own over the service dress uniform (see last photo).

This particular example has had this adaption (the zip can easily be removed).

The suit has the added bonus of being named to a Wing Commander Simpson.

W/C, J.H.T. Simpson DSO, AFC flew with RAF 60 & 205 Squadrons.
In 1942 he was promoted to Group Captain.

The suit is in a very good 'used' condition with a working 'Dot' zip.
A.M and Kings Crown stamped, and unfortunately with the item being worn inside out, the 'stitched on' label has been lost.
There are a couple of 'worn' areas on the suit where the fur is missing, but otherwise a very good example of a rare flying suit.

Code: 51357

495.00 GBP

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RAF Flying Helmet Wiring Loom Switch

RAF Flying Helmet Wiring Loom Impedance Switch.

Type 110, Air Ministry Ref. No. 10A/13163.

This 4 ½" x 1 ½" metal switch fits in line of the type C, D & E Flying Helmet wiring looms (see last two A.P. photos).

This particular unit is in a very good 'used' condition and has been cut from a loom.

Code: 51356

45.00 GBP

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WW2 RAF Officer Service Dress Cap

WW2 RAF Officer Cap.

Peaked type with a nice Bullion Kings Crown Cap Badge on a black Mohair band, also a black patent leather chin strap.

Inside is a leather sweat band and a printed tailors label.

Size is approximately 22" circumference, which is a UK size 7.

Not named.

It is in a very good 'used' condition (no moth).

Code: 51355


RAF Wash Roll

Wartime RAF Air Ministry stamped Wash Roll.

Cream cotton canvas roll with pockets and central holding strip to carry the airman's personal washing kit.

A.M. and Kings crown rubber stamp on the front and dated underneath albeit feint.

In an excellent unissued condition (empty).

Code: 51354

20.00 GBP

Shortlist item
RAF Survival Kit Bag

RAF Survival Kit Bag to hold (Beadon) survival equipment and aids.

This canvas bag has numerous internal pockets to hold the various pieces of survival equipment issued to Aircrew in case of Emergencies (now empty).

The bag can be lightly stitched onto the rear of the 41 pattern Life Jacket or the parachute back pad.

There are two types of bag issued, a Tropical and the Arctic.

The bag is in a very good 'used' condition with working zips and Newey fasteners.

Code: 51353


RAF Silk Flying Gloves

Wartime pair of RAF Silk inner Flying Gloves.

Stores Ref. No. 22C/263, Large size 10.

They are in a rare, 'mint' unissued condition, and are lightly stitched together, as issued from the RAF stores.

Both gloves have good clear stores Ref. No. ink stamps inside and quality control stamps.

These gloves were often worn inside the leather Flying gauntlets.

Code: 51352


FAA Observer Log Book

A Fleet Air Arm Observer Flying Log Book.

To RNVR, E.V. Bell.

Entries range from 1945 to 1947.

He flew in a number of aircraft including - Barracuda, Albacore, Vengeance, Sea Otter, Walrus, Tiger Moth, Anson, Reliant, Goose and Firefly.

The log book is the standard wartime (1943 dated) RAF Observer type and there are some nice rubber stamps inside, including his award of the Observer's Badge, and a number of officer's signature's.

Roughly 40 pages of entries, which include official forms stuck in as well as a photo.

Code: 51351


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