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RAF Escape & Evasion 'Survival' Aids Box

Wartime RAF Mk VI Aids Box.

This Escape & Evasion box differed from the earlier ones in that it is shaped to fit the contours of the body, making it more comfortable to carry in the uniform pocket.

The original contents are - malted milk tablets, liver toffee, matches, chewing gum, compass, sewing thread, halazone water purifying tablets, benzedrine tablets, rubber water bottle (supple) , razor & handle plus blade, tape, etc......

All in a very good condition.

Code: 51275


RAF K-Type Dinghy Compass

Magnetic Marching Compass.

This was issued as part of the kit supplied in the K-Type Dinghy Pack.

In a very good condition.

Code: 51276

35.00 GBP

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RCAF Cap Badge

Original Royal Canadian Air Force Other Ranks Cap Badge.

Pierced brass with two fixing lugs on the rear.

Some wear due to polishing.

Code: 51272

15.00 GBP

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SAAF Cap Badge

Original South African Air Force Cap Badge.

Cast pierced brass with two fixing lugs to the rear.

In a very good condition.

Code: 51273

15.00 GBP

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Wartime NAAFI Badge and Letter.

A good silk NAAFI embroidered badge on a cotton backing.
Probably for overalls, circa 1939-45.
Size, 4 x 3 ½".

NAAFI letter form, hand written by a soldier and sent via the Field Post Office, dated 1944.

Code: 51274

42.00 GBP

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RAF Medal Grouping KIA, Shot Down by Luftwaffe Night Fighter Ace

RAF Air Crew Europe Medal Group with Medal Condolence Slip, Photo, and Research.

On the night of 24/25th March 1944, 433 Squadron were ordered to attack Berlin flying from their base at RAF Skipton-On-Swale, York's.

RAF Flight Engineer, Sgt. O.W. Sporne was part of P/O H.W. Lossing crew.
Their aircraft was Halifax III, LV841 code letter BM-H.

Bomber Command staged one last major raid on Berlin.
811 aircraft from various squadrons took part in the raid and sadly 72 failed to return.

The Met boys managed to get the forecast wrong again, and very high winds blew the bombers off course, which afterwards became known as 'the night of the strong winds'.
The lack of an accurate forecast and failure to notify the crews resulted in a 'scattered' bomber stream near to the target.

After taking off at 18.41 hours it is believed that Captain Lossing's Halifax was shot down by Oblt. Heinz Rokker, who became the Luftwaffe 8th highest scoring Night Fighter Ace (64 'kills').
P/O, Lossing, with Sgt. Sporne and the rest of the crew were shot down, without any time for them to bail out, at Sandersleben 18km south west of Bernburg at 23.20 hours.
Sadly all of them were killed.

Halifax LV841 was Oblt. Rokker's 19th 'Kill', and he went on to claim a total of 3 bombers shot down on the night.
Rokker was later awarded the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves.

With the group are - Sgt. Sporne's Medal group consisting of 1939-45 Star, The Air Crew Europe Star, Defence & War Medals (all very fine), His Medal Condolence Slip, copy crew photo, copy death scroll, large Operational Records Book copies of all Sgt. Sporne's Operations, CWGC certificate, Air Crew Losses Report, Oblt. Heinz Rokker research.

A fine and important Air Crew Europe group connected to one of Germany's Top Night Fighter Ace's.

Code: 51270

850.00 GBP

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RAF Night Fighter Pilot Night Adaption Goggles

RAF Mk 1, Night Adaption Goggles.

These goggles were worn by night fighter pilots for about 30 minutes prior to take off on night sorties.
This helped to accustom their eyes to night vision.

Leather unlined face mask with circular blued steel frames and side vents, with an elastic strap.

Laminated circular dark glass lenses.

Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/575.

In a very good condition.

Code: 51271


Aircraft Martin Gun Turret Ammo Feed

A Martin 250ce Mid Upper Gun Turret Ammo Feed Motor (Booster).

This turret type was fitted to - Mk X Avro Lancaster, Liberator, Mitchell and Douglas A20 wartime bomber aircraft.

The 'New Old Stock' Feeder/Booster unit is in Excellent condition and was taken out of its cardboard storage box (box now missing).

It is complete with double sprockets for aligning & feeding the .50 calibre Browning bullets to the gun, and has the two screened power & control cables with plugs, still attached.

The sprockets turn nice and smoothly, so we think the unit is probably working, but cannot guarantee this.

Code: 51269

85.00 GBP

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Original RAF G-Type Mask Instructions

Original wartime issue RAF G-Type Oxygen Mask Instructions.

Found inside the Mask storage box of issue.

These instructions give the correct procedure when fitting the microphone, adjusting the mask, valve check, oxygen tube assembly, use of the mask at very low temperatures, cleaning.

Size, 10 x 7".

These instructions very rarely turn up.

In a very good 'issued' condition with some folds and a small stain.

Code: 51267


RAF B-Type Leather Flying Helmet

RAF B-Type Leather Flying Helmet as issued, without earpieces.

Stores Ref. No. 22C/65.

Has a large silk G. Waddington & Son, manufacturer label inside.
Also A.I.D. stamped.

Overall in an Excellent 'used' condition, with good working Bennetts buckles, chin strap with metal tip, rear adjustment strap, oxygen mask press studs.


Size 6 ½" - 6 3/4", dated 1941.

Code: 51266

200.00 GBP

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