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WW1, RNAS Officer Service Dress Peak Cap

A scarce WW1 Royal Naval Air Service Officer Peak Cap.
As worn by the Flying Section of the Royal Navy during WW1.

To find a RNAS officer cap in any condition is difficult, but to find one in such wonderful condition as this example, is extremely rare.
I can find No moth, or damage of any kind to it, other than the normal wear that you would expect to see.
The rare gold bullion and metal eagle Badge is in excellent condition, as is the small patent leather peak & chin strap, which are free of blistering and have only light crazing.

This cap has been stored very well over the last 100 years.

Inside it has a size written in black ink of, 7 1/8".
There is a gold printed tailors stamp upon a navy blue silk lining with a spiral pattern stitching over it (some slight wear here).
I can find no name, but there is a numbered paper label under the leather sweat band.