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Hawker Hurricane Mk1 Instrument Panel - Original &

A very rare Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (Battle of Britain) Original and Complete Instrument Panel.

This is one of only a handful of original undamaged Hurricane panels to survive today.

The panel was expertly removed from the Hurricane without damaging it.
All the instruments are dated 1940 (or earlier) and these are in near perfect condition.
All the panels have their Air Ministry or Hawker part numbers and Factory Quality Control Stamps (these can be seen in the photo's).

The Left side panel has a rare Mk 8 'A' Oxygen Regulator, Time of Trip Flight Clock, and the scarce 'two across & two down' Undercarriage Indicator and the even scarcer, engine Emergency Boost Control.

The right hand panel has all the correct instruments for the Mk1.
These are, +40 R.P.M, +8 Boost Pressure, Edgeways Oil & Fuel Pressure, 33 Gallons Fuel gauge, Round Oil & Rad Temperature gauges.

The Blind Flying Panel has a Full set of Instruments, and these are all dated 1940 or earlier.
There are three very good condition rubber anti-vibration mountings with their original castings, and all of the correct instrumentation, rear air pipework (see photo's).

This Hurricane Instrument Panel is being sold as a Collectable.

Sorry, but Only Collection in person is available, No postage on this item.

For price and further details please E-mail me, using the contact details on the home page.

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