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Hawker Hurricane Mk1 Control Column

Original and rare Complete Hawker Hurricane Mk1 (Battle of Britain) Control Column.

This Pilot's Control Column is in full working condition.

It has the rare AH 2040, Dunlop Patent control grip, which although has seen service, is in near perfect condition.
It has the correct Bowden Brake cable (in working order) which is connected to the stick top Brake Lever and early type stainless steel brake Locking Catch.
The brass Gun Button works correctly in the 'Safe & Fire' positions.
The two rubber Gun button air hoses, with their proper connectors, finish off the additions to the control stick top.

Two Stainless control rods are attached to the top and bottom Control chains, which have their correct chain guards.

The column is mounted on the cranked control column castings, which pivot in mounting brackets supported on tubes.

The whole column is nicely finished off by a mahogany stand.

All the component parts are individually stamped with Hawker Hurricane part numbers and factory quality control stamps.

The column has full left to right and forwards and backwards movement.

This Hurricane Column is being sold as a Collectable.

Sorry, but Only Collection in person is available, No postage on this item.

For price and further details please E-mail me, using the contact details on the home page.

OC 1.