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RAF E* Oxygen Mask

An 'Original' WW2, RAF E* Oxygen Mask.

This pattern is a modified version of the E mask, which was the first all rubber oxygen mask to be produced for WW2 RAF Aircrew, and it superseded the earlier canvas D-type oxygen mask's.

Basically the same as the E type mask, the E* has an anti-suffocation valve on the left side, and Elastic straps instead of leather.

Air Ministry Ref No. 6D/624.

This example is in a very good condition, fitted with a 10A/12570 microphone and lead.

It has some cracking to the edge, on the right side (see photo's) but otherwise the wartime rubber mask is still nice and supple.

The Elastic straps are good, and Not stretched.

The inside chamois leather edging strip is still clean (with a rubber stamp still showing) and the microphone anti-condensation gauze disc is present, with it's brass retaining strip.