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RAF Battle of Britain Pilots Signed Map

Original Battle of Britain pilots - RAF Map.

Named to RAF Sgt, Seabourne of 238 Squadron, flying Hurricane fighter's.

The map has his name, Hand Written in ink, on the cover.

Dated 1938.

Sgt, 105162, Eric, William, Seabourne had a very active Battle of Britain, with 3 confirmed 'kills', a shared 'kill' and two more damaged.
He was also bounced by three Bf 109's, and with his Hurricane shot up and 'going down' he found the canopy hood jammed and could not get out.
He managed to turn the stricken aircraft on to it's back, and then tumbling out - taking the jammed canopy with him, and parachuting into the sea !
He was later picked up by HMS Bulldog, near to the Isle of Wight, and transferred to the Naval hospital.

He spent a further seven months in hospital undergoing Plastic Surgery.

After returning to active service he was later awarded the DFC, in 1942.

He retired from the RAF as a Squadron Leader in 1960.

This item has been in my collection for many years, originally coming from the reputable aviation collectables dealer Michael Young.