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RAF Lancaster A/G Air Crew Europe Medal Group

RAF Lancaster Air Gunner - Air Crew Europe Medal Group, Personal Effects and Paperwork, with some research.

RAF Sgt. J.M. Lehrle Flew as a Mid Upper A/G on Operations with 625 and 170 Lancaster Squadron's.

Based at RAF Kelstern & RAF Hemswell, Lincolnshire.
He flew on a 'Full Tour' of Operations over France and Germany, with each flight photocopied from the Squadron Operational Record Books.
Major targets like - Le Havre, Calais, Essen, Cologne, Nuremberg, Gelsenkirchen, were all attacked and over some targets they were 'Hit' by Flak.
There is a copy press photograph of their Lancaster in flight, on towards the target of Coblenz, in December 1944.

With his Medal Group of three, are His -
Aircrew Whistle & Pen Knife, Air Gunner Brevet, a B/D Sergeant Stripe, his 'Escape photo', RAF Kelstern Sgt's Mess Card, RAF Kelstern 'Subs' card, RAF Flying Clothing Card, RAF Service & Release Book, RAF A/G course books.

After the war he stayed with the RAF as a Motor Cyclist Despatch Rider and with the group are associated papers & a signed MTC menu card.

The Medal group are all 'Original' and their condition is fine.