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RAF Beadon Flying Suit

RAF Beadon Lightweight Flying Suit.

The Beadon Suit is a lightweight blue-grey gabardine flight suit introduced by the RAF towards the end of the Second World War.
This suit was designed with a number of pockets to hold various pieces of survival equipment.

Air Ministry Stores Ref No. 22C/1049, size 3.

As a rough guide the following list gives an idea of the survival kit contained within the flying suit pockets -

Large Back (inside) pocket = Hat, Socks, Gloves, Flags, Water container.
Right Chest = plastic Survival Kit.
Left chest = Survival Tins No.5.
Right Armpit = Field Dressing.
Left Armpit = Medical Pack.
Right Thigh = Two Flying Ration Tins (emergency).
Left Thigh = Medical Survival Pack.
Right Leg = Waterproof Torch, Matches.
Left Leg = Machete, Knife.

The suit is named to F/Lt Bell, who was a wireless operator and his wartime padded 'S' brevet is stitched to the suit.
F/Lt rank tapes are on the epaulettes.

All the pocket flaps have brass 'Newey' press studs which are working, and the zip pullers are War Dept Arrow marked.
The zips are all in a good working condition.

The suit grey gabardine fabric is in a very good condition and only has a few wear spots on the rear of the left sleeve (see photo).

The woollen collar is in a good condition.

A very good 'used' Beadon flying suit, which are becoming increasingly harder to find.