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RAF Lancaster H2S Radar Unit

A scarce Lancaster Bomber H2S Radar Switch Unit.

This Switch Unit would work in conjunction with the H2S Indicator unit.
These two would be positioned side by side on a purpose made pole/stand next to the Navigators table (see last photo).

Under normal circumstances the Bomb Aimer would only use his bomb sight on the 'Bombing Run'.
However, if cloud was obscuring the target then H2S could be used to find it.
The Navigator would operate the Switch Unit to provide the 'setting up' information for the Bomb Aimer, to enable a 'Blind Run' to the target.

Not all Lancaster Bomber's were fitted with H2S, only those with the characteristic bulge (radome) underneath the fuselage had it, this was where the rotating radar scanner was housed.

Most units were scrapped after the war, and with H2S being upgraded not many survived - this being one of them.

H2S was also fitted to some RAF Halifax Bomber's.

This Air Ministry Switch Unit, type 207 B is in excellent condition with all of its internal components and external switches and dials.

It comes with a full set of connecting cable 'W' plugs, that fit in the top of the unit.

Size, Length = 14" x Width = 8" x Depth = 7".

Please be aware that the unit is heavy and it would be worth contacting us for some courier quotes.