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Rare RAF/SOE Escape & Survival Kit

A Scarce RAF/SOE Escape and Survival kit and celluloid case.

Issued to RAF Pilots and Aircrew as part of their personal Escape and Evasion/Survival equipment.

The pocket size case contains lots of useful items to help evade capture including many items later found in the Beadon survival kits.

The kit looks to be remarkably complete, which includes waterproof matches and a box of fire making tablets, fire making magnifying lens, fishing line and tin of hooks, rubber water bottle and sterilising tablets tin, razor and razor blades, escape compass, heliograph, sharpening stone, flashlight bulb, rabbit/animal snare and wire, benzedrine tablets, salt tablets, etc....

The case has been opened and therefore over time the lid has slightly distorted, now needing a rubber band for it to remain closed.

Case size, 5 " x 4 " x 1 1/4".