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RAF Prisoner Of War Book

RAF POW 'Kriege Edition' of the Yorkshire Post.

This rare 'in camp book' was produced by inmates and edited by RAF Sgt. Richard Pape (author of the famous POW book, 'Boldness be my friend') whilst they were held in the German prison camp - Stalag Luft VI.

Written in 1944 by a group of Yorkshire POW airmen, over a period of about five weeks.

It was produced in secret and then smuggled back, against all the odds, to England and to finish up at the Yorkshire post news paper offices in Leeds.

After the war only 300 copies of this book were produced and distributed to all the Yorkshire airmen released from Stalag Luft VI, in 1945.
Their names and addresses are printed in the back of the book.

This book is one of the 300.

It has a 11 " x 9" hard cover, and 84 pages.

The contents are both informative and 'witty' with lots of Kriegie humour and sketches plus cartoons.

In a good 'used' condition.