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RAF Spitfire Rotol Propeller Manual, Battle of Bri

Early Wartime issue, Rotol Propeller Manual for the Hydraulic Variable Pitch Airscrews, type RX5/RXF5.

This impressive manual covers the Battle of Britain Mk1 Spitfire & Hurricane fighters, and early RAF Bomber Aircraft, which were fitted with Rotol made propeller assemblies.

Dated, August 1940.

It has informative Text including all reference & part numbers, b/w Photographs, pull out Drawings etc......

Part 1 of the manual deals with Propellers and Hubs.
Part 2 is Governor units and Spinners.
Part 3 Equipment & Controls.
Part 4 Installation & Operation.
Part 5 Tools.

Manual size, 9 " x 6 " x 1" thick.

In an Excellent condition.