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WW2 Women's Junior Air Corps Cap

Women's Junior Air Corps Forage Cap.

The WJAC provided training and activities, including drill, morse code, marksmanship, physical training, first aid, motor maintenance, and aircraft recognition.

But in 1939, the Air Ministry initially disapproved of the forming of the Women's Junior Air Corps, although it later softened its approach and provided support on ranks, badges, and uniform guidance, with these mainly copying those of the RAF.

Other optional training was available to the cadets and this was used to prepare the girls for wartime service in the Women's Auxiliary Air Force and the Air Transport Auxiliary.

This is an original WJAC grey Forage Cap and Badge.

Made of a smooth grey serge cloth and black cotton fabric lining.
Two white metal WJAC buttons are at the front and a silk thread on felt, embroidered badge is sewn on to the side.

Size approx, 21 1/4" (6 5/8").

The cap is in excellent condition free of moth or other damage.