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Unissued WW2, G-Type Oxygen Mask & Microphone

Wartime RAF Boxed G-Type Oxygen Mask and a boxed Microphone.

Original wartime card box marked - 6D/644, Masks.
Original wartime card box marked - Mic assembly, Type 48.

Upon opening the Mask box, it reveals an Original Wartime manufactured G-Type Oxygen mask wrapped in grease proof paper and a paper fitting instruction sheet.

The G-Type mask is in a Unissued condition.

It retains a 'wooden' blanking disc with paper label, an elastic harness with the three retaining rubber bands and a helmet/mask fixing clip (tied to the harness clip).
The mask is in great condition, and has a pronounced rough area on the nose part (to prevent icing when worn at altitude).
Under the chin area are A.M. and size Medium marking's and a screw fixing for the oxygen tube, inside there is brown chamois leather.

Opening the Microphone card box reveals an unissued G-Type mask Microphone with lead and plug.
Air Ministry marked microphone with a Ref. No. 10A/12570.
It is also fitted with a detachable anti-freezing gauze disc cover and clip.

Very rare wartime boxed items.