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RAF Battle of Britain Pilot Headset

Classic all 'original wartime' RAF Battle of Britain period Pilots Headset.

Consisting of RAF, B-Type Flying Helmet, D-Type Oxygen Mask, Mk IIIa Flying Goggles.

The D-Type green fabric Oxygen Mask (Ref No. 6D/105) is always associated with the Battle of Britain.
This example has the early 1935 pattern type 'E' carbon microphone and wiring loom (Ref No. 10A/9003).
It is chamois leather covered with a top 'on - off' switch.
Fitted with a superb early wiring loom, which still retains its reference number label (10H/10353) early brown jack plug and a pair of early earphone receivers (10A/7063).
The mask inner chamois leather lining is still clean and damage free, and is also Named.
The microphone mounting ring is in a very good working condition and is stamped 6D/117.
The mask outside Melton Wool fabric is in a very good condition with some minor moth damage (see photos).

The popular B-Type leather Flying Helmet (Ref No. 22C/65) is in a very good 'issued' condition.
It has zip ear 'working' zips and foam rubber inserts.
The Bennetts buckle fasteners are complete and working, and the leather straps are complete.
The chin strap retains it's metal 'V' tip.
Inside the chamois lining is soiled with use, but complete, and it has a very nice 'Large' silk makers label found in the crown.
This is dated 1939, and show's the helmet is the rare ''Largest Size' issued, Size 4.
The overall condition of the helmet is very good 'used'.
One earpiece has some leather cracking although this is stable after treatment and the leather zip puller is missing.

The Helmet & Mask come with a pair of Mk IIIa Flying Goggles.
The leather strap is Air Ministry stamped with a Ref No. 22C/62, albeit feint.
It has good working fabric covered springs either side.
The cellulose goggle lenses are good and clear with some minor scratching.
All of the frame stitching is in place and the two front lugs are present.
The inside brown felt padding is in a good condition.