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WW2, RAF Lancaster survival Dinghy Sails

A rare pair of Sails for the RAF 'Q-Type' Survival Dinghy, as used with the Lancaster & Halifax Bomber's.

Introduced in early 1943 by the Air Ministry, the 'Q-type' dinghy was later fitted into the RAF heavy bombers as part of the crew's survival equipment, incase of ditching into the sea.
Found in a special compartment in one of the aircraft's wings, the dinghy could be automatically inflated by a crew member upon landing on water.

The Q-Type dinghy was made to safely hold a seven man crew. Once aboard they could raise a tubular telescopic mast with the two sails attached, which fitted in the centre of the dinghy.

The two sails are made from a brown cotton material with a webbing edge binding and brass eyelets.

Both sails are clearly stamped 'Mainsail' and 'Foresail'.

The foresail has a Ref No. 27C/2068, and the mainsail, Ref No. 27C/2069 both stamped at the base.

Sizes, Mainsail = 9 ft x 60 inches, Foresail = 9' 6" x 70".
These fold up to a small compact size, for ease of stowing.

The Foresail looks to be in a perfect condition, whereas the Mainsail has three small tears (which would be quite easy to repair, see photo).