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RAF Spitfire Ground Crew Ephemera

A folder of original WW2, RAF ephemera to a Spitfire & Typhoon airframe mechanic.

This Leading Air Craftsman enlisted into the RAF in 1943 and was later assigned to 287 Squadron which was stationed at RAF Redhill.
At the end of the war he was transferred to the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm.

In the folder are all of his saved ephemera items, from his time in service with the RAF & FAA.
The 40 page folder is full of related items with some research at the end.
There is a good original RAF Squadron photo at the front, plus - passes, ration slips, Naafi cards, room roll, Squadron printed Redhill Review booklet, RAF discharge certificate, Air ministry letter, his FAA cap tally & badge, various passes & official letters, his FAA certificate of service, etc...........

A good original lot.