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1941, German Weapons and Equipment Manual

A very comprehensive wartime German Weapons and Equipment Manual.

This is a very good 'Original' example of the 1941 dated soft cover edition.

Written by SS-Obersturmbannführer Karl Fischer.

This 5 ½ x 8 inch, 488 page, superbly illustrated manual is the police weapon and instruction manual for all sorts of equipment used by the German police during the war.

There are some excellent pull-out illustrations (some in colour) of all types of machine guns, rifles and pistols issued to the German armed forces.

The manual even has b/w photos and instructions for using gun sights as well as such things as dog handling equipment, horse saddles and equipment, types of gas mask, spotlights, bicycle, field kitchen, ammunition, field compass, hand grenade, telescope sight, PAK gun, sword, bayonet, flare gun, line thrower, binocular, etc...

This example has an original Nazi rubber stamp on the inside cover, which is also numbered and signed for (see photo).

The outer cover is worn, as is the spline, but the content pages are in a very good condition.