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RAF Aircraft Gun Turret Reflector Sight.

A Reflector Gun Sight for RAF Aircraft Gun Turrets.

Marked Reflector Sight Mk IIIA, Air Ministry Ref. No. 8B/1588 and dated 1940.

Usually found mounted between the Browning 303 Machine guns, the air gunner used the sight angled glass screen to take aim.
This screen has a separate 'flip-down' tinted glass sun blind (this has a crack, see photo).

The sight's main internal working's consists of a illuminated bulb which projects an orange aiming graticule up onto the glass screen.

This sight has it's original wartime A.M. stamped bulb, still in place.

Fitted to most wartime RAF Bomber aircraft gun turrets.

In a good condition (not sure if it still works).