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WW2 RAF CAM Ship Badges

A set of RAF Aircraft man's CAM ship tunic sleeve Badges.

In 1941 the Air Ministry fitted some wartime Merchant Ships with Hurricane fighters mounted on a catapult, to help to protect the convoys from increasing submarine attacks.
These ships were named 'Catapult Aircraft Merchantman' or 'CAM' ships.

The RAF crews that serviced and flew these aircraft had a distinctive tunic shoulder title badge.
This helped to prove at a glance, to the Military Police at visiting ports, that the RAF serviceman was in fact part of the ships crew and not a deserter !

The set of three badges were worn on the Service Dress Tunic, as normal, with the 'rare' shoulder title at the top.

The badge's are in a very good 'issued' condition, and show some signs of soiling.