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Spitfire & Hurricane Brake Relay Battle Of Britain

This is a scarce Dunlop 'V' Brake Relay which was fitted to the early marks of Spitfire & Hurricane that flew during 1940 in the Battle of Britain.

Situated on the cockpit floor, forward of the rudder pedals and linked to them via a control rod.

The relay has twin pneumatic valves which can work solo, allowing each main wheel to brake individually during a ground turn, or to work together in unison during a landing.
A Bowden cable running from the unit to the pilot's control column brake lever activates the relay.

This unit has the rare Bakelite removable cover, which is nearly always missing from these relays, and the overall condition is very good.

It is complete with it's Dunlop reference number plate.

We are selling this brake relay as a 'collectable' item.