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RAF 1939 Pattern Flying Boots

A fine pair of the classic 'Battle of Britain type' 1939 Pattern Flying Boots.

Very similar in design to the earlier BoB boots, the 1936 pattern.
These boots are the same style except in having vulcanised canvas uppers.

This pair are Air Ministry stores Ref. No 22C/227, Size 7.

Dated 1940.

The Leather shoe parts are in a good condition with some nicks and wear & tear.
The Canvas uppers are in good condition, with some minor soiling and the usual wear & tear (see photos).
They have the webbing top straps.
With original stitched leather soles.

The inside fur is very good and odour free, and they are fitted with their insoles.
Both boots have their leather pullers, which are Air Ministry & Kings Crown stamped and have clear 1940 dates.

Overall, their condition is very good.