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ex RAF, Mercenary Fighter Pilot Flying Helmet

This Czech made Summer issue, Mig Fighter Pilot Helmet was issued to a former RAF pilot then flying as a Mercenary with the Nigerian Air Force.

Pilot Officer, M.W. Thompsett flew Canberra and Jet Provost aircraft for the RAF during the 1960's.

After leaving the RAF he 'teamed up' with other European pilots flying for the Nigerian Air Force, as a Mercenary, during the 1969-73 Civil war.
Later in 1969, he was shot down and killed in action whilst flying a Mig 17.

This Flying Helmet was one issued and worn by Thompsett, and it was later returned with his other spare flying gear, his flying log book, documents & maps to his family after he was killed.

Made of green canvas with an adjustable crown which laces together.
Elastic & canvas straps with metal clips (some surface rust here) for attaching the oxygen mask and goggles.
It has a leather chin strap and a leather and chamois adjustable neck strap which holds two throat microphones (similar in design to the WW2 Luftwaffe throat mic's & jack plug).

Inside it has a cotton fabric and chamois lining, with integral earphones within chamois doughnuts.
A size label and rubber stamp markings are also found.

A photocopy of the letter from his family will be included in the sale (see last photo).

A good 'used' condition, rare flying helmet with a very unusual history attached to it.