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German Type 17 Clockwork Bomb Fuze

A rare WW2, German Luftwaffe, Aerial 'Clockwork' Bomb Fuze.

Type - EL A.Z. 17 A*.

Electro-mechanical long delay time fuze, without any explosive content.

Once the Luftwaffe had dropped the bomb and it had buried itself into the ground, the clockwork fuze could then run for hours, even days before exploding.
Sometimes the clock would stop, after it hit, but then the vibration from digging for the bomb could start it again.

This bomb fuze was a 'nightmare scenario' for the Bomb Disposal team sent to deal with it.
Not knowing when the fuze would run its 'time', whilst digging down to locate it, then trying to diffuse it.
It was used to a devastating effect during the Blitz, until later, when the 'Boffins' worked out a way to safely deal with it by using a large electro magnet to 'stop the clock'.

WA stamped.

Completely Inert.

In a good condition (some pitting and marks to the body, where the B/D officer has forced it out from the bomb fuze pocket).

FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY (due to postal service restrictions).