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WW2 RAF Pilot Log Books

WW2, Pair of Pilot Log Books, to RAF F/Lt. R.I. Knibb.

His first Log Book commences in November 1940, where he is training on Tiger Moth aircraft at No. 13 EFTS, White Waltham (the head ATA base).

After going Solo, he is then posted to RAF College, Cranwell for further training and to qualify for his Pilot's Wings.

Once commissioned he is posted to RAF 200 Squadron, piloting first Hudson, and then onto Liberator aircraft.
Here he completes many Operations on anti-submarine sweeps and convoy patrols, escorts etc...

His log book is nicely signed by the squadron wing commander and flight commanders, and with squadron stamps.

After a long period of Operational flying, and completing a Full Tour with 200 squadron, he is then posted to a special aircraft handling squadron at RAF Hullavington, flying as a Test Pilot.

Here he flies lots of different type's of single and multi engined RAF aircraft.

His first Log Book is now full.

The second log Book starts in March 1945, with him still flying as a Test Pilot.

He carries on testing aircraft until his final entry on 16th Jan 1946, where he is flying a Lancastrian (a modified Lancaster).
This book is about 1/4 full of entries.

At the rear of the book is a large list of all the RAF airfields he has operated from, also there is a list of around 40 different types of aircraft he has flown which include -
Spitfire, Seafire, Hurricane, Tempest, Meteor, Hellcat, Mustang, Mitchell, Beaufighter, Mosquito, Dakota, Hornet, Liberator, Sunderland, Halifax, York, Stirling, Lancastrian, Lincoln and Horsa Glider, to name but a few.....

Both Log Books are well written with lots of signatures, rubber stamps etc.. Plus stuck in assessments and notices.
Included is his RAF, Air Navigator's Certificate, dated 1942.

Rare wartime Test Pilot Log Books, in need of researching.