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RAF E-Type Oxygen Mask

A very rare RAF E-Type Oxygen Mask with a Type 28 Carbon Microphone.

It comes complete with an early pattern Thin diameter Oxygen Hose, External Wiring Loom & Jack Plug and with Type 16 Receivers.

The Type E Oxygen Mask, Air Ministry Ref No. 6D/473, was the first type of rubber oxygen mask introduced to aircrew.

It has a suspension harness consisting of two leather straps fixed to the microphone anchor ring, which has a press-stud fit to the flying Helmet.

The Microphone is a Carbon Type 28, Ref No. 10A/12572.

The mask is fitted with the scarce 'Thin diameter' Oxygen Hose with a brass A.M. marked bayonet fitting and clip, and the hose is in excellent condition.

This E-Type mask's rubber is in excellent original condition and is still nice and supple, without any major damage.

It is A.M. 6D/473 rubber stamped under the chin piece.

Ex WW2 RAF S/Leader, N.T. Harris Mask (His early C-Type Flying Helmet is also for sale).