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RAF Halifax Pilot Full Tour Log Book Group

A Wartime Halifax Pilot's Log Book Group.

The group consists of Three Pilot Log Books, a fine portrait photograph, list of operational sorties, some copy pages from the Squadron operations record book.

RAF F/O, K. Harris completed some 37 Operations over France & Germany during 1943-44, as a 102 Squadron Halifax Bomber Pilot.

Log Book One consists mainly of his flying training with the EFTS in Canada, then finishing his bomber training back in the UK.
This first log book is full of entries.

Log Book Two starts with more training on Oxford & Wellington aircraft then converting on to Halifax bombers.

This then progresses on to his first Operational flight in a Halifax, flying as a second pilot.
This is on September 23rd 1943, flying to Mannheim, Germany.

On 29th december 1943 he then takes charge of his own Halifax, flying with his crew on Operation's to Berlin.

Further Op's are recorded to France & Germany, some entries state - flying on 3 engines, hit and damaged by Flak, target Flying Bomb site etc......

On June 2nd 1944 his squadron start to 'soften up' the costal defences in and around the Normandy coast.
This is prior to the D-Day Invasion.

Operation's to Cap Gris Nez, Boulogne (gun batteries), June 5th Cherbourg (commencement of the 2nd Front), June 6th (D-Day) Lorient.

June 24th the squadron go on their first Day Light Operation to target a Rocket (guns) launch site, at Pas-de-Calais.

Further day and night time operations are recorded to French coastal areas including more Rocket sites and Railway marshalling yards.

His final operation (37) is to St. Nazaire on July 9th, 1944.

After a few weeks of rest he is then transferred to 1663 C.U. as an Instructor, until being demobbed in May 1946.
This Log Book is full of entries, rubber stamps, squadron commanding officer signatures, certificates etc.....

The third Book is his civil aviation Log where he commences flying Dakota and Viking aircraft during 1952.
This Log Book is full of entries and he finishes his flying in March 1957 with over 3,600 hours of flying time.

A fine group of Log Books to a Wartime RAF Halifax Pilot.