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RAF Air Gunner Log Book Grouping

A late war RAF Air Gunner's Log Book & Ephemera.

The Group consists of - 1943 dated RAF Log Book - his ATC certificates, log book & pass - three Volunteer Reserve forms - his RAF welcome message, accepted air crew forms, medical form's, air crew recruiting form - his pocket compass, ATC badge, RAF cap badge (one lug missing) brass Flt Sgt crowns, etc......

This RAF air gunner was training in late 1944 on Anson and later Wellington aircraft.
He was too late for the European theatre War and was training on Lancaster's for the Tiger Force command, the continuing struggle against Japan.
He was demobbed in 1947.
His log Book is about a quarter full of entries.

In the ephemera lot there are some excellent early ATC certificates and Log/passes (see photos) complimented by some nice RAF items.