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RAF Log Book Grouping

RAF Navigators Log Book Grouping.

The group belonged to RAF Flt/Lt, J.H. Rowland.

His group consists of -
Two RAF Flying Log Books, a Sight Log Book, Navigators Log Book Folder, Signallers Log Book Folder, Large quantity of Photo's, Two Nav Brevets & Medal Ribbons, Named Dog Tags.

P/O, Rowland flew in Lancasters during WW2, as a Flight Engineer with 195 Squadron (his log book was a previous sale).
Ater the war he was de-mobbed but later in 1952, he rejoined the RAF as a student navigator and was given a commission.
His first log book has all of his training flights, and he qualifies in 1953.
His first log book continues and he starts his operational career on Hastings dropping Paratroopers, then onto Lancaster's and onto Mk1 Shackleton's.
He flies with 37 Squadron, on Shackleton's, from Luqa in Malta.

In 1957 he goes onto Canberra's with RAF 17 Squadron, Wildenrath, Germany.

His first log book is now 'full' of entries.

Number two Log book then starts and continues during 1958 with 17 Squadron, Canberra's mostly Russian Submarine hunting etc.....On to more flights on Shackleton's & Canberra's.
This log book, again, is almost 'full' of flight sorties when he finally finishes his RAF career flying with RAF 38 Squadron in 1965, on Shackleton's.

Both log Books are ex wartime stock (print date of 1944) and they have numerous Squadron Officer Commanding & Flight Commander signatures (some of these being veterans of WW2).
Also some excellent photographs, and official slips are stuck onto various pages.
One photo in his No. 2 log book relates to the Shackleton he was a crew member of intercepting a 'Mayday' signal and finding two dinghies in the North Sea, rescuing two Javelin pilots who had earlier collided.
These Log books are in need of research.

The Navigator Log Book Folder has official papers and photo's for the Canberra PR3 & 7.

There are some very nice large aerial photo's of his Canberra plus photo reconnaisance targets.
The smaller size photo's include one of him at his Shackleton Navigator's position also aerial and ground photo's of his Shackleton aircraft.

A great, early post war, RAF Log Book grouping.