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German 1kg B1E "Tile Breaker" Incendiary Bomb (INE

An INERT German "Tile Breaker" Incendiary Bomb dropped by the Luftwaffe on the UK, during WW2.

These Magnesium fire bombs were dropped in their hundreds during the Blitz and Bombing raids on British Towns & Cities.
Most exploded and burnt fiercely on impact but some, like this one, fell dud or were rendered harmless quickly by the Civil Defence or Armed Forces.

This 1942 dated incendiary B1 E is in excellent condition.

The nicely stamped 'Steel roof tile breaker' nose fuze cap easily unscrews by hand, to reveal an empty bomb chamber.

The bomb casing is stamped and it also has its original cloth tape still intact.
Original silver paint covers the casing up to the green fins which have the added bonus of being rubber stamped on one fin.