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RFC/RAF Ace Pilot Uniform

This uniform belonged to a RFC/RAF Pilot who had a combat score of 12 'kills' during WW1.

Lt. Norman William Reginald Mawle was an SE 5a pilot with 84 Squadron in France during early 1918.
He shot down 8 German aircraft plus 4 German Balloons, all within a three week period.
He was then awarded the DFC before being wounded in action in August 1918.

Continued service in the RAF later awarded him the rank of Group Captain.

This is his WW2 RAF, Group Captains Mess Dress Uniform, named and dated 1939.

It is in a very good condition, with nice bullion size pilots wings and a complete set of 3-piece construction gilt Kings Crown buttons.

The uniform consists of - his wartime dated tunic & waistcoat plus trousers, a post war shirt and bow tie (these two are for display).

A copied brief history of his RFC service is included.