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WW2, German Airborne Fallschirmjager Parachute Har

WW2, German Fallschirmjager RZ 20 Parachute Harness & Bag.

The RZ 20 was in service with the German Airborne Troops from early 1941 and was used by them up until 1945.

It was a completely new design, compared to the earlier RZ 1 and RZ 16 harness, with it having four quick release buckles.
This meant the soldier had a swift exit from it, allowing un-hindered combat.
They were used to great effect in the Crete operation.

This RZ 20 Harness looks to be in a 'used' condition.
The four quick release buckles work well and the parachute pack is in a good condition with it's label and markings for JU52 and He 111 clearly stamped.
The bottom two harness webbing straps have rust marks (see photo).

The parachute pack separate inner bag is present, which is complete, and has rubber stamp markings.
There is No parachute canopy with the inner bag, and a light weight padding is used to fill it out.

A Fallschirmjager canvas parachute carrying bag completes the set.