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WW2 Goldfish Badge Group

A scarce Goldfish Badge Group.

Presented to RAAF Sgt, C.D. Curnow, 462 Squadron.

Flt/Eng, Sgt. Curnow and his crew were flying in their Halifax bomber of 462 Squadron, on Operations, during the night of 6/7th May 1943.
During the flight a starboard engine failed, and the pilot (f/o, Tempest) altered his course and flew out to sea where the bomb load was jettisoned. Soon after, one of the port engines failed and as the aircraft was gradually losing height, all moveable equipment was thrown overboard by the crew. Losing power and battling against strong winds, the bomber was soon forced down to 1000ft and then a third engine failed.
Faced with a perilous situation the crew remained calm and assisted the pilot in skilfully landing the Halifax on to a rough sea.
This caused no crew injury, and they all succeeded in boarding the aircraft escape dinghy.
After 10 days adrift at sea, the dinghy finally drifted safely to shore.

During this time the crew were all listed as 'missing on air ops'.

For his efforts in helping the crew, in the air and during their long time adrift at sea, Sgt. Curnow was awarded the DFM.

In the group are - Glass frame with one of Sgt Curnow's (two) 'theatre made' printed Goldfish badges and the official envelope they were held in, a copy photo of him and a ship's printed souvenir programme.
Also, a copy group of Sgt. Curnow's RAAF Documents which are now held in the Australian National Archives.

His other Goldfish badge is held in a UK collection.

An unusual and hard to find badge with the added bonus of having it's wartime history.