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RAF White Squadron Patch

RAF White Cotton/Silk Embroidered Squadron Badge.

To be stitched onto aircrew flying overalls.

RAF number 1 Air Navigation School.

Size, 5 x 3".

In a very good issued condition.

Code: 51261Price: 45.00 GBP

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German Luftwaffe Bomb Fuse

A German Luftwaffe Aerial Clockwork Bomb Fuse.

The Fuse is a type, Zt Z 89B Clockwork Aerial Burst fuse, which is marked on the top.

Completely INERT.

In a good condition (pitting to the fuse casing, see photos).

FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY (due to postal service restrictions).

Code: 51259Price: 65.00 GBP

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WW2, RAF Captain of Aircraft Armband

Wartime issue RAF Captain of Aircraft Armband.

Air Ministry Stores Ref. No. 22H/751, circa 1944.

The RAF has always maintained that the pilot, regardless of rank, is at all times in command of the aircraft.
Sometimes this caused un-necessary friction with a senior officer crew member.
To counter this the Air Ministry ordered a special 'Captain of Aircraft' armband be issued, mainly to Sergeant pilots who could cover their stripes with it.
This clearly identified who was 'in charge' of the aircraft.

Constructed of RAF blue serge, with a light blue barathea panel which has a gilt metal eagle and crown over an embroidered 'C'.
The inside is heavy cotton fabric lined with Newey Fasteners and a central hook to hold the armband over the Sgt. stripe.

In a very good condition, with some light wear to the light blue panel (see photos).

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WW2 German Luftwaffe Bomb Fuse with Cap and Case.

A German Luftwaffe Aerial Clockwork Bomb Fuse.

The Fuse is a type, El. A Z 35 Clockwork Impact fuse, which is marked on the top, and dated 1940.

Type often used by Stuka Dive Bombers.

Comes with its metal safety cap and contained in a Bakelite Case (dated 1941).

Completely INERT.

In a good condition (some pitting to the top and fuse casing, see photos).

FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY (due to postal service restrictions)

Code: 51257Price:

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Khaki Shirt, Collar & Tie

WW2, Khaki cotton Shirt, Collar & Tie.

Three button part opening front (overhead type).

Single cuff with buttons, also can be used with cuff links.

Size = 40" chest, 24" arm, 32" back length, 14 " neck.

Private purchase type with tailors label.

Comes with a separate off colour, Van Heusen collar which is maker stamped and with the size 14 ".

Also, a Khaki cotton tie (unmarked).

Mainly worn by the Army but also by some RAF Tactical Air Force and RAF Middle and Far East personnel.

All in a very good 'issued' condition.

Code: 51258Price: 110.00 GBP

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RAF Helmet/Mask Face Protectors

Excellent pair of RAF B-Type Helmet Face Protectors/Defender pads.

Two original RAF Chamois Face Protectors for the use with the B-Type Flying Helmet.

Also, used for fixing the D-Type Oxygen Mask.

Made of cotton webbing strips with chamois backing and each with two 'Newey' type male press stud fasteners.

Air Ministry rubber stamped with Ref. No. 22C/68.

In a 'mint' unissued condition.

Code: 51253Price:

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WW2 RAF Spitfire Pilot Control Grip R/T Button

An Original RAF, Pilot's Control column Grip - Radio Transmitter Push Button.

Fitted in RAF Spitfire, Hurricane, Typhoon Fighters also Lancaster, Halifax Bombers etc......(see last 3 photos).

The top of the button is Air Ministry marked, with a Ref No. 5C/844.

It comes in it's Original wartime packaging, which is labelled A.M. push button type 'C'.

This 'Press to Transmit' push button, is used by the pilot when communicating over the R/T.

This button is 'New Old Stock'.

In 'mint' un-issued condition.

We have a limited amount of these.

Code: 51255Price: 28.00 GBP

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RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles Boxed

WW2, RAF 'Boxed' Mk VIII Flying Goggles and accessories.

Air Ministry stamped on the leather nose bridge, 22C/930.

Original box with a pair of clear lenses (some delimitation) and a good tin of Anti-Dim.

Fitted with a nice pair of tinted lenses.

The goggles are in an Excellent 'slightly used' condition, with some slight rubbing of the grey frame paint and some minor surface rust marks on the strap (see photos).

Code: 51254Price:

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RAF Beadon Survival Flying Suit

RAF Beadon Lightweight, Survival Flying Suit.

The Beadon Suit is a lightweight blue-grey gabardine flight suit introduced by the RAF towards the end of the Second World War.
This suit was designed with a number of pockets to hold various pieces of survival equipment.

As a rough guide the following list gives an idea of the survival kit contained within the flying suit pockets -

Large Back (inside) pocket = Hat, Socks, Gloves, Flags, Water container.
Right Chest = plastic Survival Kit.
Left chest = Survival Tins No.5.
Right Armpit = Field Dressing.
Left Armpit = Medical Pack.
Right Thigh = Two Flying Ration Tins (emergency).
Left Thigh = Medical Survival Pack.
Right Leg = Waterproof Torch, Matches.
Left Leg = Machete, Knife.

The suit is in near to 'mint' condition, having never been worn.

All the pocket flaps have brass 'Newey' press studs which are working, and the zip pullers are War Dept Arrow marked.
The zips are all in an excellent working condition.

The suit grey gabardine fabric is in excellent condition and only has a couple of storage marks.

The woollen collar is in a very good condition with a couple of moth nips.
The cuffs are excellent.

Air Ministry Stores Ref No. 22C/1047.

An excellent Beadon flying suit in superb condition and hard to 'better'.
These suits are becoming increasingly harder to find, especially in this condition.

Code: 51252Price:

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ATA Wartime Maps Named

Two scarce wartime Air Transport Auxiliary stamped Air Maps which are named to an ATA First Officer.

The air maps are of South Wales and of The Irish Sea.
Both are dated 1942.

Each map has two (Map Section) HQ, ATA White Waltham rubber stamps, and these are individually numbered.

Hand signed in ink in the top right corner, Stringer H.C. which refers to ATA First Officer, Henry Clarence Stringer (see ATA Air Crew list photo).

During the period 1939-1945 the ATA ferried more than 308,000 Aircraft from the production factories to the RAF, and these two maps would have been used for navigating to the RAF bases.

The large maps are in a good 'used' condition with some wear & tear.

These maps are rare to find with ATA stamps, and especially with named authenticity.

Code: 51248Price: 95.00 GBP

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