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WW2, RAF Observer Brevet

Original wartime made, silk embroidered RAF Observer Brevet.

Full size, Flat type.

Shows signs of being removed from a tunic.

In a very good condition.

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Rolls Royce Derwent Engine Manual, Meteor Jet

A Rolls Royce issued, Technical Instruction Manual for the RAF Derwent jet engine which was fitted to the Meteor Aircraft.

This is dated 1945 up to 1952.

Numerous pages of Text, Sectional Drawings (some in colour), photo's and Pull-Outs.

Manual size = 14 x 9 ".

An Original and 'used' manual in a very good condition.

Code: 51030Price: 45.00 GBP

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RAF E-Type Flying Helmet, wired

WW2, RAF E-Type wired, Airtex Flying Helmet.

This is a late wartime pattern E-type, which has an internal wiring loom.

It is fitted with a very good original purple colour braided wiring loom and 'Sefton' made resin receivers with a Air Ministry jack plug.

Helmet Ref No. 22C/974, Size 2.

Rubber stamped on the lower side position and also inside.

It has leather goggle retaining straps, elastic chin strap, rubber receiver cups and internal chamois leather covered ear 'doughnuts'.

It is in an Excellent Unissued condition.

Code: 51029Price: 245.00 GBP

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RAF Mk IIIa Flying Goggles, near mint condition

A Super pair of RAF Mk IIIa Flying Goggles.

Widely favoured by Fighter Pilots and Aircrew during the Battle of Britain.

These goggles are in a near to 'mint' condition.

The leather strap is Air Ministry stamped with a Ref No. 22C/62, and is dated 1939, also with an A.I.D. inspectors rubber stamp on the inside.

The cellulose goggle lenses are excellent and clear with only some minor storage scratches.

All of the frame stitching is in place and the black paint finish, also the two front lugs are present, which are often missing on this type of goggle.

The inside brown felt padding is excellent and clean, although the internal padding has now gone a bit stiff.

The leather strap has great working fabric covered springs either side.

A hard to 'beat' condition wise (probably unworn), pair of early Goggles.

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RAF Inspection Lamp

Wartime RAF Inspection Lamp.

Stamped with Air Ministry Ref. No. 5C/369 and A.M. and Crown.

Made from pressed steel plate with a reel of electrical 2 core cable and a bakelite plug, which has a A.M. Ref No. 5C/1104.

Original Air ministry marked bulb.

Used by Bomber Flight Engineers for work in the aircraft during flights, also ground crew for maintenance work.

In a good condition (not sure if it still works, top cowl missing).

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WW2 Armed Forces Boiled Sweets Ration Tin

Original wartime issue British Armed Forces Boiled Sweets Ration tin.

It would have contained 5 ounces of boiled sweets (now empty) and manufactured by T.R. Ltd, and packed August 1943.

Size, 4 1/4 x 3 1/8 x 1 inches.

In a good condition with some surface wear and scratches.

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RAF Other Ranks Tunic Belt

RAF Blue Serge Other Ranks Tunic Waist Belt.

With 2 prong brass buckle.

Size, 38" in length x 2" wide.

An item often found to be missing.

In a very good condition, with a couple of small moth nips.

Code: 51025Price: 25.00 GBP

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RAF Log Book Group KIA

RAF Log Book & Folder to a Lancaster Bomb Aimer who was Killed In Action.

RAF Flight Sergeant J.M. Turnbull flew with RAF 49 and 630 Squadron's.

He began Navigation Training in March 1942 in Miami USA, as part of the American, British & Canadian Flying Training Scheme.

On returning to the UK he began further navigation training at RAF Bobbington then to RAF Kinloss on Whitley Bombers, but interestingly now training as a Bomb Aimer and eventually gaining his B/A Brevet.
Finally, he goes to RAF Winthorpe, converting onto Manchester & Lancaster Bomber's.

His Operational service began on 1st June 1943 at RAF Fiskerton with 49 Squadron flying Lancaster aircraft.

Flying as bomb aimer with Sgt Oglesby crew, their fist 'Op' was a night raid to Bochum.
Further 'Op's' then came to Cologne, Krefeld, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Essen and more....

On 14th June 1943, he was flying as part of Sgt Robinson's crew to Oberhausen when on the return trip they were attacked by two JU 88 night fighters over Holland, they managed to evade these and land back at base safely.

Later that month, now flying again as part of his regular crew, they were on 'Ops' to Essen when the port inner engine caught fire making it impossible to maintain a sufficient altitude and so causing a return to base.

In August 1943 they Bombed Milan, Italy, taking nearly 9 hours flying time to complete the 'Op'.

On 18th August 1943 they took part in the first raid on the German secret research centre at Peenemunde, in operation Hydra.

Further raids then followed to Berlin, Mannheim and Munich.

Then, for some yet unknown fateful reason Sgt. Turnbull leaves his crew and Squadron, and transfer's to RAF 630 Squadron at East Kirkby.

On his first operational flight (20th 'Op') with his new crew, to Berlin, the Lancaster is hit by Flak on the return journey which blew one engine clean from its mounting frame, causing the bomber to dive steeply into the ground, giving the crew no chance of escape.

Unfortunately, all of the eight airmen on board were killed.

This Log book is well written and in very good condition.
It comes in a ring binder with some research.
This includes copies of all his operational flights from the Squadron ORB's.
Copy photos of RAF Fiskerton, photo of his CWGC headstone and certificate and a very good copy? of his death scroll.

A fine Log Book to a brave RAF airman, in need of further research.

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RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots

A Superb pair of RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots.

Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/80.

Both pullers are Air Ministry stamped, size 8, and dated 1937.

The inside fur is lovely and clean, without any missing patches or damage and is odour free.

The outside black leather is in superb condition, as are both adjustment straps.

They look to have been resoled and heeled at some time, which is surprising as both boot uppers seem to have had little wear.
The leather soles seem to be an old repair using expensive best quality leather, and the re-stitching matching perfectly with the original.

These are probably the best pair of 36 pattern boots that we have had.

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RAF Observer Parachute Harness

WW2, RAF Observer / Chest Type Parachute Harness.

Made by GQ Co.

Air Ministry Ref No. 15A/144, stamped on rear straps.

Has a Mk 1 Irvin Back Pad, A.M. Ref No. 15A/191, this is A.M. and crown stamped, albeit feint (has a small wear hole on the inside, see photo).

The harness is fitted with a wartime round front Quick Release Box.

Has rear metal loops for attaching a dinghy pack.

Harness has a feint stamped 1943 date.

In a very good 'used' condition, slightly soiled.

Sold Only as a collectable.

Note: Heavy item so please ask for a shipping quote.

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