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RAF Beadon Survival Kit Flag

WW2, Beadon Survival equipment British Flag.

The Kit comprised of two flags, British & USA (see last photo of kit contents, item No.6).

This is the cotton/wool mix fabric printed GB flag.

Nicely Stamped, Ref No. 4B/598 and war dept. arrow.

Size = 8 x 6 inches.

Used by surviving aircrew for identification when escaping from enemy territory.

In an Excellent condition (slightly soiled).

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RAF Size 4 C-Type Leather Flying Helmet - Largest Size

RAF C-Type Leather Flying Helmet.

Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/880, which is the hardest to find and the Largest Size 4, stamped on the inside (see photo).

The outer leather is very good and supple.

All the straps and press studs are complete and working.

The elastic chin strap is in a good order, although a little tired.

Inside the chamois leather liner is in a good condition.
It is without any damage, but it has some soiling due to being worn.

It is named.

The helmet is 'Fully' wired which consists of a tan coloured Internal wiring loom and Jack plug, both are in a very good condition.

An original pair of type 32 earphone receivers are housed in the helmet's very good black rubber ear cups.

A very good wartime RAF flying helmet.

Code: 51211Price: 265.00 GBP

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RAF Mk VIII Goggles

RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles.

Retaining nearly all of the original grey frame paint.

The outer leather face pad is in a very good condition, as is the inside chamois leather.

These RAF issue Mk VIII's are of Post war manufacture.

The clear glass lenses are in very good condition.

The original goggle strap is good and complete, with some wear to the elastic.

These goggles are in a very good, hardly used condition.

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WAAF Operations Plotter Chest Microphone & Headset

RAF Operations Room, WAAF Plotter type headset & chest microphone.

Adjustable headband with Sterling marked earphone's wired to the bakelite chest microphone assembly.

The speaking trumpet rotates forwards or backwards to obtain the best speaking position.
The trumpet can be removed for storage/replacing.

The chest plate is fixed in situ by a cotton strap which goes around the operators neck.

There is a cotton braid covered wiring loom with a jack plug.

Also used by the wartime Observer Corps.

In very good condition.

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WW2 RAF Officer Service Dress Cap

WW2 RAF Officer Peak Cap.

Peak type with a nice Bullion Kings Crown Cap Badge on a black Mohair band, with a black patent leather chin strap.

Inside is a leather sweat band and a tailors label.

Size is approximately 22 " circum, which is a size 7.

Not named.

It is in a very good 'used' condition (a couple of moth nips under the peak).

Code: 51201Price: 135.00 GBP

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RAF 6D/101 Oxygen Conector

Early RAF Brass Oxygen Hose Connector, 6D/101.

Used by fighter pilots during the Battle of Britain, for the D-Type cloth Oxygen mask.

This example is in a 'relic' condition.

This type of oxygen connector is becoming increasingly harder to find in any condition.

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WW2 RCAF Navigator Brevet, English Made

A fine wartime 'English' made, Royal Canadian Air Force Navigator Half Wing Brevet.

Double twist silk thread on a black felt back ground.

Padded type.

In an Excellent condition.

Code: 51203Price: 45.00 GBP

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RAF Navigational Height & Speed Computor

An early wartime RAF Height & Air Speed Computor Mk IIA.

Air Ministry Ref. No. 6B/166.

Used for Navigating whilst flying Fighters & Bombers.

This example is in a 'mint & boxed' un-issued condition.

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RAF Escape & Evasion 'Survival' Aids Box

Wartime RAF Mk VI Aids Box.

This E/E box differed from the earlier ones in that it is shaped to fit the contours of the body, making it more comfortable to carry in the uniform pocket.

The contents are - malted milk tablets, liver toffee, matches, chewing gum, compass, sewing thread, halazone tablets, benzedrine tablets, rubber water bottle, razor, tape, etc......

In a very good condition.

These boxes are now getting very hard to find.

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WW1 Death Plaque

Original WW1 British Forces Death Plaque.

Given to the family of -
Private Joseph Osborne, 5th Battalion, King's Shropshire Light Infantry.

He died on 18th November 1916.

His plaque is still retained in it's waxed card envelope and is in an 'excellent' condition.

Comes with a copy of the CWGC commemorative certificate.

Code: 51193Price: 75.00 GBP

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