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Original Group of WW2 POW Ephemera

A group of original wartime British Prisoner of War Ephemera.

Consists of - British Red Cross Pamphlet issued to POW relatives regarding sending food parcels and letters etc, Dated Jan 1942.
Extracts of POW camp reports (Stalag 383 & Oflag V A) by visiting Red Cross Doctors.
Two POW parcel labels to a Major Russell in camps Oflag VI B & Oflag VII C.
German POW camp currency note.

All original wartime items, in a good condition.

Code: 51165Price: 55.00 GBP

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RAF C-Type Leather Flying Helmet Size 4 - Largest Size

A Fully Wired, RAF C-Type Leather Flying Helmet.

Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/880, which is a hard to find Size 4 (Largest Size).

The size number is stamped on the inside (see photo).

The outer leather is very good and supple.

All the straps and press studs are complete and working.

The elastic chin strap is in a good order, although a little tired.

Inside the chamois leather liner is in a good condition.
It is without any damage, but it has some soiling due to being used.

It is named.

The electrics consist of a tan coloured Internal wiring loom and Jack plug, both in a very good condition.

A pair of type 32 earphone receivers are housed in the helmet's very good black rubber ear cups.

Code: 51164Price: 325.00 GBP

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RAF Escape & Evasion Language Phrase List

An 'Original' wartime issue RAF Phrase List to be carried with an Escape/Survival kit or pouch.

This list has useful - French, Dutch, German and Spanish phrases - all next to their English equivalent.

The list size (unfolded) = 16 x 5".

It is printed on brown card and it comes with part of the cellophane bag it was issued in.

In an excellent 'issued' condition.

Part of the MI9 / RAF air crew issue Escape & Evasion kit.

Code: 51163Price:

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RAF Lancaster H2S Radar Unit

A scarce Lancaster Bomber H2S Radar Switch Unit.

This Switch Unit would work in conjunction with the H2S Indicator unit.
These two would be positioned side by side on a purpose made pole/stand next to the Navigators table (see last photo).

Under normal circumstances the Bomb Aimer would only use his bomb sight on the 'Bombing Run'.
However, if cloud was obscuring the target then H2S could be used to find it.
The Navigator would operate the Switch Unit to provide the 'setting up' information for the Bomb Aimer, to enable a 'Blind Run' to the target.

Not all Lancaster Bomber's were fitted with H2S, only those with the characteristic bulge (radome) underneath the fuselage had it, this was where the rotating radar scanner was housed.

Most units were scrapped after the war, and with H2S being upgraded not many survived - this being one of them.

H2S was also fitted to some RAF Halifax Bomber's.

This Air Ministry Switch Unit, type 207 B is in excellent condition with all of its internal components and external switches and dials.

It comes with a full set of connecting cable 'W' plugs, that fit in the top of the unit.

Size, Length = 14" x Width = 8" x Depth = 7".

Please be aware that the unit is heavy and it would be worth contacting us for some courier quotes.

Code: 51162Price: 975.00 GBP

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RAF Javelin Pilot Flight Reference Cards

Javelin Flight Reference Cards.

Issue No. 4, dated Feb. 1964.

These cards are a handy reminder for the pilot, to operate the aircraft safely.

Turn the cards over at the back, and here are the Emergency Drill Cards (In Red).

Named to the pilot, F/Lt. Glass of RAF 25 Squadron.

Size, 8 x 4".

In a good 'used' condition.

Code: 51160Price:

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RAF Javelin Pilots Notes

A set of RAF Pilots Notes for the Javelin Aircraft.

A.P. 4491c.

Dated, October 1959 and amended until June 1964.

This 'hard cover' manual has numerous pages of information and instructions, line drawings and some excellent b/w 'pull-out' cockpit photos, etc........

Named to pilot F/Lt. Glass of RAF 25 Squadron, who were based at RAF Waterbeach from Dec. 1958 to Oct. 1961 and then RAF Leuchars: October 1961 to November 1962.

Size, 8 x 6" x 1" thick.

In a good 'used' condition (some surface rust to the binder rings).

Code: 51159Price:

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Stalag Luft 3 POW Post Card

Original Prisoner of War post card sent from Stalag Luft III.

Posted by USAAF Navigator, 2nd Lt. Robert E. Hyatt of the 534th Bomb Squadron who were based at (RAF) Ridgewell.

Lt. Hyatt and his B17F crew were shot down by German Fighter aircraft on 17th August 1943, on a raid to Schweinfurt.

All the crew baled out safely and Lt. Hyatt and five other crewmen were captured and taken POW, whilst the Pilot and the four other crewmen managed to Evade capture.

This Kriegsgefangenenpost Postkarte is a standard printed format card which the prisoners were issued to write home on.

Lt. Hyatt has written his name and POW number in the bottom left hand box as the sender, and this is stamped Stalag Luft 3, with a US censor over stamp.

The card is hand written in pencil and is dated March 15th 1944, just nine days before the 'Great Escape' took place.

Comes with a page of research.

In a very good condition.

Code: 51161Price:

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RAF Cape Leather Pilots Flying Gloves

RAF Pilots Flying Gloves.

These soft white Cape Leather pattern gloves first appeared during the later part of WW2.

Intended mainly for Pilot use, during the summer time or in hot climates, other crew members often wore them.

These unlined gloves were more comfortable to wear and allowed the pilot/crewman more feeling when using the aircraft controls and switches.

Wartime Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/1061, these gloves have a later stamped 22C/ number (probably post war manufacture).

Size = 7 ".

In a Very Good Un-issued condition (have some storage marks).

Code: 51158Price: 40.00 GBP

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Vintage Air Training Corps Plaque

A Vintage Air Training Corps Mess Wall Plaque.

Consists of a large cast metal painted ATC emblem on a varnished wooden back, which has a rear metal hanging loop.

size = 9 x 7".

In a very good condition.

Code: 51154Price: 30.00 GBP

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RAF Other Ranks Side Cap and Badge

RAF Other Ranks Field Service Side Cap with Economy black Plastic Badge and Buttons.

Size, 7".

In a very good condition, with a few moth nips.

Code: 51157Price: 50.00 GBP

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