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RAF Two Pre-War Enamel Sports Badges

Two, Pre-War RAF Enamel 'pin back' Sports Badges.

These rare badges are made of metal & enamel and have a clip pin back fastening.

Size, 25 x 30 mm.

Birmingham manufacturer stamp on the reverse side.

Both badges are in excellent condition.

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RAF Flying Helmet / Oxygen Mask Clip

RAF Flying Helmet hook / clip.

Fitted with two press stud fasteners to clip onto the helmet to fix an oxygen mask in place.

It comes with its original two fixing screws and nuts, which fixes the clip permanently into place, on the helmet (see example photos).

The clip will fit the early pattern helmet types C, D & E to allow fixing of the E*, G & H type oxygen masks.

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RAF Mk IVb Flying Goggles with Sun Visor

RAF Mk IVb Flying Goggles with Sun Visor Flip Shield.

Stores Ref No. 22C/167.

This pair of the classic Battle of Britain era goggles are in excellent condition.

The frames retain nearly all of their original paint.
The glass lenses are very good and clear and the original rubber face pads are present (although these are now hard).

The two large loops are very good and the leather strap is in excellent condition and nicely stamped.

These goggles have the added bonus of retaining their sun visor flip shield, which is nearly always missing.
It is in excellent condition and 'clicks' into its various positions.

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RAF Survival Dinghy Leak Stoppers

RAF Dinghy Leak Stoppers (Bungs) for the Larger Q Type Dinghy.

Q Type Dinghies were part of the survival kit found in Lancaster Bombers.

These 3 rubber stoppers would have been issued as part of the dinghy equipment.

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RAF Escape & Evasion Cigarette Compass

Possibly the smallest wartime Escape Compass produced by Clayton Hutton's team at MI9.

This miniature compass is only 5mm in diameter !
Compare this with the 'standard' size 15mm Escape Compass (see photos).

This compass could be hidden in most every day items, including a Cigarette (as can be seen in the display).

The compass body is made of brass and has a very small circular disc with a 'dot' for North.
This is covered by a clear celluloid screen.

The compass is mounted on card with a wartime Players Cigarette and comes in a small black display case.

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RAF Blue woollen Ankle Socks / Beadon Kit

A rare pair of RAF Blue woollen ankle socks.

Type found in the Aircrew Beadon survival pack, see photo item No. 17 at the top.

Fine gauge blue woollen socks in an 'un-issued' and a very good condition (with a couple of slight repairs).

Each sock has a white cotton stitched-in label, dated 1944, with Crows Foot mark, size and manufacturer.

Stores Ref No. 22B/154.

Rare items.

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RAF 1st Pattern C-Type Flying Helmet

First Pattern RAF C-Type Leather Flying helmet.

Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/451, size 3.

The Bennett's buckle and goggle straps are in an excellent condition.

The leather chin strap retains its metal end tip.

The outside leather is in very good condition, and the rubber ear cups are still very supple and good.

The inside chamois leather lining is clean, although it is in a 'used' condition and may have been cleaned.

Overall condition is very good 'used'.

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RAF Air Crew Parachute Bag

WW2, RAF Air Crew Canvas Parachute Bag.

Intended use was for storing and collecting the parachute once used, but in reality it was mainly used as an air crew kit bag.

This example is in a good used condition.

It has feint remains of rubber stamps for the WD Crows foot and quality control, on either side.

The original metal zip is in good working order.

The bag is named to a RAF Flying Officer.

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RAF Flying Helmet Wiring Loom, External Type

RAF External Wiring Loom for early pattern Flying Helmets.

The External wiring Loom was used with first pattern helmet Types C & D, until becoming obsolete in 1944, once the new pattern C & D Type Flying Helmets with an internal wiring loom were introduced.

This loom is in an excellent condition and is fitted with an early 10A/12570 Microphone with A.M. and Kings Crown markings plus a very good original rubber gaiter.

An excellent pair of type 16 earphone Receivers, plus an early Brown bakelite, 10H/735 (10991) Jack Plug.

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RAF O/R Tunic Belt

RAF Blue Serge Other Ranks Tunic Waist Belt.

With 2 prong brass buckle.

Size, 38-40" in length x 2" wide.

An item often found to be missing.

In a very good condition

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