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Welcome to Air Ministry Militaria.

Here you will find I offer a wide range of WW2 and WW1 Aviation and Military Collectables.

In the shop you will see a variety of WW2 RAF and Luftwaffe Flying gear and equipment. There are also WW1 RFC and Pre War RAF items to be found. To compliment these are a range of Wartime Military collectables.

I endeavour to accurately describe and photograph the items for sale. All of the items are original 'period' pieces and you can shop with confidence in the knowledge that each item comes with a money back guarantee.

There will be regular updates of new stock, so please keep watching.

I am always looking to buy genuine items, from a single item to a full collection and will also consider part exchange and swaps.

Please take the time to browse through the items in our on-line shop; I am sure you will not be disappointed and I look forward to dealing with you.

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The items of militaria shown below can be viewed in our on-line shop complete with full descriptions, photographs and prices.

1940, Free French Badge Wartime British and the Free French Enamel Badge. Membership badge to for "Les Français de Grand Bretagne", a British civilian organisation created in 1940 to support the Free French. There appears to be two versions of the membership badge, this being the earlier one. Made of Enamel on a gilt metal backing. By H. W. Miller of Birmingham, which is marked on the rear. Size, 25 x 20mm. In Excellent condition.
1941, Picture Post - RAF Air Gunner Wartime Picture Post. Dated, March 1st 1941. An issue of the famous British Wartime magazine. It has a classic large photograph of an RAF Air Gunner, on the front cover, wearing his full (early type) flying kit. Inside are various wartime articles and advertisements plus an interesting piece on RAF Air Gunner's with some nice accompanying photographs. In a very good condition with some slight creasing and staple rust.
1942 RAF Pilots Flying Log Book RAF Pilots Flying Log Book, form 414. Dated 1942 on the inside cover. Completely blank and in an unissued condition (some marks to the cover).
Air Ministry Ganged Starting Switch Type 49 RAF, Air Ministry Ganged Motor/Generator Starting Switch. A.M. Ref No. 10A/7540. Type 49. Circa, 1935. Bakelite base with enclosed wire terminals. Brass and Ceramic switches linked by a turned wooden bar. In a very good working condition (one switch has two hairline cracks in the base).
Air Ministry Women's Fire Guard Ephemera A group of ephemera to a member of a wartime Air Ministry Women's fire Guard. This group of official A.M. papers was issued, over a period of time, to a lady who was in charge of a group of women who formed an office Fire Guard (Squad No.9). The location is Henwick Grove in Worcester, and this City was chosen to be the seat of an evacuated government in case of a mass German invasion. An interesting lot of approximately 22 items.
Allied Air Drop Leaflet for Italy A rare Allied Air Drop Propaganda Leaflet for Italy. This simple format, double sided paper leaflet is 8 x 6" in size. It is in remarkably good condition for its age. Has been folded.
Allied Air Drop Propaganda Leaflet for Japan A rare Allied Air Drop Propaganda Leaflet for the Japanese Forces. Dated, 21st October 1944. The 9 x 6 ½" four page paper leaflet has photographs and text. In a good condition, with some minor soiling.
Army Norfolk Regt. FS Cap & Badge Army Norfolk Regiment Field Service Cap & Badge. Manufacturer stamp and dated 1941. Size, 6 7/8". Brass Norfolk Badge with slider fixing, Brass GS buttons to the front. The cap looks to be in an unworn condition and is excellent.
ATA Halifax Pilots notes A rare set of Air Transport Auxiliary Pilots / Handling notes for the RAF Halifax bomber. The soft cover front opens to reveal three parts to the notes which give detailed instructions for a pilot taking delivery of a Halifax. These 3 parts cover a total of 40 pages. There is another section of 14 pages, printed on pink paper, for the Flight Engineers Supplement. Finally, the last two pages are amendment instructions which have the ATA officer's original signature on both. Size, 8 x 6 ½". In a very good 'issued' condition, with some slight staple rust on the rear cover.
ATA Veterans Grouping Wartime ATA Veterans Ephemera Grouping. Consisting of a Ring Binder of Certificates, photos, letters and research. Including his ATA Veterans Badge and Certificate & pass, presented to him at No.10 Downing Street. Sergeant John W. Molineux flew with the RAF, then in July 1944 he was transferred to the Air Transport Auxiliary service, White Waltham. Here he ferried various types of aircraft to RAF air bases around the country, flying as a Pilot 3rd Officer. He is listed in the ATA veterans list (included). The ring binder has his rare Original signed Wartime dated agreement of service with the ATA. His numbered ATA veterans badge in box of issue with his certificate and accompanying photographs. There are various letters and research plus a CD. Needs further research.
Avro Lancaster Manual - Original An early 'Original' Avro Lancaster Instructional Handbook / Manual. Dated, November 1941 and produced by A.V. Roe & Co. Ltd, Manchester. This manual was for the Avro type 683 'Lancaster' Mk I & II. Issued to RAF Sgt. Graham of 57 Squadron, RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire, on the 29/09/1942. This 9 x 6" size manual has an individual issue number of = 1222. There are 55 pages of instructional text, plus 16 large pull-outs at the rear. These are line drawings and General Arrangement drawings covering the Lancaster in detail. This is a rare early Lancaster production edition of this manual, issued to an RAF Squadron based at the Famous 617 Squadron "Dam Buster" Air Base. In a good 'used' condition.
Browning Heavy Machine Gun Manual WW2, Browning heavy machine gun manual/booklet. This 32 page, 7 ½" x 5" manual has some excellent b/w photographs showing the gun & tripod. Instructing on how to 'field strip' the gun, how to make adjustments, fix stoppages etc........ In a 'used' condition, cover marked, loose centre page.
De Havilland Vampire Technical Manual A De Havilland issued, Technical Instruction Manual for the RAF Vampire Jet Aircraft. This is a First Edition, and numbered 19. Some 115 pages of Text, Airframe Sectional Drawings and Pull-Outs. Manual size = 11 x 8 inches. Original and used Manual in a very good condition.
Early Pilots Civil Air Guard Log book A CAG Pilot's Log Book. He was Instructing CAG cadet pilots to fly at Rearsby Aerodrome, Leicester in 1938. Many of these pilot's later went on to Fly with the RAF during WW2. There are 16 pages of entries right up to a few days before the start of the war. Included is a copy of his Royal Aero Club Aviator's certificate.
Early Wartime RAF Officer Cap WW2 RAF Officer Peak Cap. Green under the peak, which show's it's an early Wartime pattern. There is a good Kings Crown Bullion Badge stitched onto a mohair band. It has a black patent leather chin strap and internal leather sweat band. Inside is a Regent Street, London, Tailors label. Size is approximately 22" circum, which is a size 6 7/8. it is in an Excellent overall used condition, without any moth or other damage.
Escape & Evasion Fly Button Compass Escape & Evasion two part Fly Button Compass. Originally stitched to the Battle Dress, these two buttons look exactly like the other buttons next to them. When needed they could be easily removed from the B/D. The top part has a magnetised North position with a single luminous dot to point the direction. This button part has a small central indentation and the other, bottom part, a tiny central spike. When put together the top half rotates freely on the spike acting as a simple, but effective compass. In a excellent original condition.
Father & Son (RAF) KIA Scrolls Two Original official memorial Scrolls to a Father & Son killed in both World War's. WW2, RAF, Sergeant H.E. Masters of 142 Squadron was an Air Gunner and he was killed on 4th August 1940. WW1, Private W.H. Masters was with the York & Lancaster Regiment and he was killed on 15th December 1917. The WW1 Army scroll is mounted on card and has the hand written name in red ink. It has been removed from a damaged frame, and there is some slight 'foxing' to it. His sons, a larger WW2 RAF scroll is slightly faded, although it shows signs of once being in a frame. There is the official, discoloured, accompanying label with it. Both scrolls also have CWGC certificates. A sad reminder of how some families paid the ultimate price during Wartime conflicts, and who gave so much for their country. In need of research.
German B2 EZ Incendiary Bomb (INERT) An INERT German Incendiary Practice Bomb. Dropped by the Luftwaffe during WW2, Incendiary fire bombs were dropped in their hundreds during the Blitz and on Bombing raids on British Towns & Cities. They burnt fiercely upon impact and caused devastating damage to buildings and property. This ICB is a Practice type B2 EZ. Longer than the normal B1 E, it also had an extended fin length and was twice the weight. Total Length = 525mm. This bomb has a 'steel' body and fins, which are painted red to distinguish that it is intended for practice use only. In a good condition with some rust 'pitting' to the body and fins, and with some of the original red paint still showing. FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY
Kings Crown RAF Bullion Pilot Wings KC, RAF Pilot Wings. Made of gold and silver bullion thread these padded full size pilot wings are in a very good 'issued' condition. They would have been worn on the 1930's pattern Parade Tunic. Size, 4" span x 1 3/4".
Lewis Machine Gun Manual An early Lewis Machine Gun Manual / Hand Book, for the .30 caliber gun. It has some excellent B/W photo's and a coloured pull-out diagram at the rear of the book. Size, 105mm x 150mm, 63 pages. In a good 'Used' condition.
Original RAF Meteor 4 Pilots Notes An 'Original' set of RAF Pilots Notes for the Meteor 4 Fighter. A.P. 2210 D, dated January 1950 and amended twice. 48 pages of text and drawings and two 'double sided' pull-outs of black & white cockpit photographs. In a 'used' condition with some wear to the cover and back page.
Original RAF Meteor 8 & 9 Pilots Notes A good 'Original' set of RAF Pilots Notes for the Meteor 8 & 9 Fighter. A.P. 2210 H & J, dated July 1950 and twice amended in 1952. 48 pages of text and drawings and three 'double sided' pull-outs of black & white cockpit photographs. In a 'used' condition.
Original RAF Meteor N.F. 11 Pilots Notes A good 'Original' set of RAF Pilots Notes for the Meteor 11 Night Fighter. A.P. 2210 L, dated July 1951 and twice amended in 1952 & 53. 44 pages of text and drawings and two 'double sided' pull-outs of black & white cockpit photographs. In a good 'used' condition.
RAAF Pilot Wings WW2, Royal Australian Air Force Pilot Wings. Silk embroidered thread on a black felt back ground. They look to have been removed from a tunic. in a very good used condition.
RAAF Sergeant Field Service / Side Cap WW2, Royal Australian Air Force Sergeant's Side Cap & Badge. This large size cap is in excellent condition without any damage. It has a Bronze RAAF badge and black plastic kings Crown economy buttons on the front. Clean inside, but the rubber stamped label has faded. It is a very large size = 7 3/4" (63 cm).
RAF 1933 Pattern Flying Gauntlets RAF 1933 Pattern Flying Gauntlets. Air Ministry Stores Ref. No. 22C/264 & 269, size 8. Chestnut brown leather, with working zips and inner A.M. & Crown plus AID stamps, with a 1941 date. Named. Both zips work fine although one has a missing tooth. These gauntlets have a good outside leather colour match.
RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots A Superb pair of RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots. Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/80. Both pullers are Air Ministry stamped, size 8, and dated 1937. The inside fur is lovely and clean, without any missing patches or damage and is odour free. The outside black leather is in superb condition, as are both adjustment straps. They look to have been resoled and heeled at some time, which is surprising as both boot uppers seem to have had little wear. The leather soles seem to be an old repair using expensive best quality leather, and the re-stitching matching perfectly with the original. These are probably the best pair of 36 pattern boots that we have had.
RAF 1939 Pattern Flying Boots A pair of the classic 'Battle of Britain type' RAF 1939 Pattern Flying Boots. Similar in design to the earlier BoB boots, the 1936 pattern, these boots are the same style except they have vulcanised canvas uppers. This pair are Air Ministry stores Ref. No 22C/229. Size 9. Dated 1940. The Leather shoe parts are in a good 'used' condition with some wear & tear. With leather soles and heels. The Canvas uppers are in good condition, with some soiling and wear spots to the insides (see photos). They have the webbing type top straps. The inside fur is good and odour free, and they are fitted with their insoles. Both boots have their leather pullers, which are Air Ministry & Kings Crown stamped and have clear 1940 dates. Good ‘used’ condition boots.
RAF 1940 Pattern Flying Boots A pair of RAF 1940 Pattern Flying Boots. Ref No. 22C/439, size, 9. In a good 'used' condition. Air Ministry marked Zips are in working order. The Boot outer brown suede is in good condition and the bottom rubber golosh is also good, although there is some cracking and minor damage to it. The soles and heels look to be original but worn. The Boot inside fur is still clean and odour free.
RAF 1941 Pattern 'Flap Type' Mae West - Reproduction RAF 41 pattern 'Flap Type' Mae West. An excellent copy of the very rare RAF 'Flap Type' Mae West. This early pattern of Mae West has a large triangular flap attached to the back of the neck and clipped onto the waist. When floating in the water it could be easily unclipped and then it would extend and float behind the wearer's head for greater visibility from the air during an Air Sea Rescue. The flap was later found to be a nuisance, getting the wearer caught up on equipment when moving around or having to leave an aircraft, and was later cut from the Mae West and finally being removed altogether in later patterns. Flap Type's which still retain the 'Flap' are now very scarce to find and are probably as rare as the 32 pattern green Mae West. When one is found it can cost the collector a 'princely sum' to obtain. This excellent 'Pegasus' military clothing example can be bought at a fraction of that cost, and will help the collector fill 'a gap' in their collection.
RAF 1941 Pattern Floatation Lamp, Boxed. Boxed 41 Pattern Mae West Floatation Lamp. Air Ministry Ref No. 5A/2728. Ref No. stamped on the battery container, with WD arrow. This 'new old stock' Lamp is in near mint condition. The black & red cable is perfect, which in nearly all cases is cracked and brittle. The lamp would fit securely in the Mae West side pocket, and when removed and switched on, helps to attract searching rescue teams. Overall, in Excellent condition, and comes with the original packaging.
RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots - Large Size A pair of RAF 1941 Pattern Flying Boots. Ref No. 22C/754. Size, 11. Lightning WD marked Zips. These are in working order (one zip has a tooth missing, but this doesn't effect it from working). The Boot outer brown suede is in very good condition and the bottom rubber golosh is excellent (see photos). The soles and heels are original, with only minor wear. Inside the boots, the fur is nice and clean and odour free. In a Excellent 'Used' condition.
RAF 1941 Pattern Mae West Bladder WW2, RAF 41 Pattern Mae West Bladder (stole). Stores Ref. No. 22C/72. Manufacture date stamp, April 1945 and then re-tested dates, post war. Made from grey rubberised material which is in excellent condition. The inflation tube is in a good supple condition and works very well. The bladder still inflates and will hold air when blown up (see photos). In overall Excellent condition.
RAF 1941 Pattern Mae West Heliograph RAF 41 pattern Mae West & K-type Dinghy Heliograph. Air Ministry Stores Ref. 27H/2107. Consists of a steel signalling mirror, complete with attached metal foresight. Found in a marked white calico bag, size - 70 x 60 mm. Some storage soiling and a small amount of surface rust.
RAF 1941 Pattern Mae West Skull Cap WW2 RAF 1941 Pattern, Mae West Skull Cap. Made from Bright Yellow cotton fabric with two cotton tying tapes. Kept in the Mae West pocket. In a good condition (some soiling/slight staining). Original skull caps are now getting harder to find.
RAF 1941 Pattern Sidcot Flying suit 1941 Pattern RAF Flying Suit (Electrically Heated). Similar to the RAF 1940 pattern Sidcot suit, except for press stud connectors on the cuffs and leg for plugging into the electrically heated gloves and flying boot liners. Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/776, Size 4. This example is in an Excellent Un-issued condition. It has some minor storage stains but otherwise the green gabardine type material is in a great condition. All the original zips work, albeit a little bit stiff, and the inside has a clear printed cloth label and also some black rubber stampings. The suit comes with the addition of a correct size removable fur collar, in a similar Excellent condition.
RAF 1943 Pattern Escape Boot Knife A very rare RAF 1943 pattern Escape Boot Knife. This is a simple folding penknife slips into a pocket inside the 1943 pattern Flying Boot (see in example photo's). Used to cut away the top suede leg part of the flying boot to leave an ordinary looking civilian shoe. This is the second version of the knife, which has a larger more robust blade part, and was less likely to break when using. There are no manufacturer or Air Ministry Ref. numbers on any Escape kit, for obvious reasons, so this knife is completely void of any markings. Probably manufactured for the Air Ministry by George Ibberson, but this is only an assumption as they were known to produce similar types of knives during the war. A rare knife which always seem to be missing from the flying boots. In a very good condition. FOR SALE TO THE UK & EU ONLY (due to postal restrictions).
RAF 1943 Pattern Escape Boots A pair of RAF 1943 pattern 'Escape' Flying Boots. These are in excellent condition, with the added bonus of having very clean inner fur and being odour free. The boots look to have no damage to the suede uppers, or to the leather soles and heels. Both zips are working, but one zip has a couple of teeth missing at the bottom although this does not effect it (see photo). Approximately a size 8.
RAF 211 Squadron Crest A framed silk and embroidered 211 squadron crest. This large Squadron crest, size, 130 x 150mm, is superb quality. It may have originated from the squadron Padre's scarf. Although, the spelling of 'Squadron' is incorrect, so it also might be a unused sample piece. 211 Squadron flew Blenheim, Beaufighter & Mosquito aircraft. Frame size, 330 x 280mm.
RAF 41 Pattern Mae West Kapok Pads A set of three RAF, 41 pattern Mae West Kapok floatation Pads. Water proof cotton buoyancy pads filled with Kapok. These were fitted inside the Mae West, around the bladder, helping to keep afloat until the bladder is inflated with air. All three pads are Air Ministry stamped. Ref No. 22C/93. In a good original condition with some slight soiling/staining.
RAF 41 Pattern Mae West Kapok Pads A set of three 'Original' RAF, 1941 pattern Mae West Kapok floatation Pads. Water proof cotton buoyancy pads filled with Kapok. These were fitted inside the Mae West, around the bladder, helping to keep afloat until the bladder is inflated with air. All three pads are Air Ministry Ref. No. stamped, 22C/93. In a good original condition with some soiling/staining.
RAF Air Crew First Aid Outfit A WW2, RAF Air Crew First Aid Outfit. Air Ministry type, Mk 4. This kit is complete and in an Un-Opened condition. It has medical contents to help injured crew members with burns or wounds. The contents are - Burn Gloves, Burn Cream (in tin), Ampoules Syringe (in tin), Large Wound Dressing, Safety Pins. The pack is made to fit snuggly inside a Flying Suit or Battle Dress pocket. In a excellent condition. For sale to the UK & EU Only.
RAF Air Crew Harness Anchor Ring RAF Air Crew Observer Parachute Harness Anchor Strap Ring. Fitted to the early pattern observer harness and the harness suit and parasuits. The anchor strap was fitted to secure the Air Gunner to his position in the turret/aircraft. This was to help him stay at his guns during any aircraft violent manoeuvres. Most gunners did not use the anchor strap for fear of being trapped in the aircraft if it were shot down. The stainless ring is in Excellent condition.
RAF Air Crew Oxygen Connector A wartime RAF aircrew oxygen hose connector. Air Ministry stamped with Ref. No. 6D/482, Mk IVA. Brass spring loaded top bayonet fitting for the 'walk around' oxygen bottle extension hose (see last photo). In a good condition.
RAF Air Gunner 'Everhot' Heated Belt RAF Air Gunner "Everhot' Chemically Heated Belt. This rare accessory was issued to RAF Air Crews, primarily Bomber Command Air Gunners. Two small pouches, made from khaki rubberized cotton, are sewn to a white cotton belt with brass fixings. The pouches held small packets of chemicals which, when activated, gave off heat for several hours. Both are Air Ministry and King Crown stamped with the stores Ref. No. 22C/454. These pouches were issued separately, and they could be used in all matter of different ways to keep warm. Maximum size for the belt is 38" waist. Both pouches and the belt are in a good condition.
RAF Air Gunner Brevet Flat silk embroidered RAF Air Gunner Brevet. This full size brevet is in an excellent condition.
RAF Air Officer FS Cap Badge RAF Early Queens Crown Air Officer, Field Service side cap badge. Gold wire embroidered laurel wreath, crown and lion. Central metal gilt eagle. size, 50 x 40 mm. In an excellent 'issued' condition.
RAF Air Publication for Engine Mechanics A large Air Ministry A.P. for Engine Mechanics. This includes Rolls Royce Merlin & Bristol Hercules Engines. Also sections on Propellors, Instruments and Marshalling. The 11 x 7 x 2" Manual has numerous pages of Text, Photo's, Drawings, Pull-outs (some in colour) etc........ Stamped Jan 52, and Restricted. A good interesting manual in a 'used' condition that has some loose pages.
RAF Air Publication for Jupiter VI Aero Engines RAF Interwar period Aero Engine Manual for Jupiter VI series aero engines. Air Ministry A.P. 1278, dated 1927. Size, 8 ½" x 5 ½" with some 160 pages. The manual is full of informative text, drawings, photographs and some excellent pull-outs. In a very good condition.
RAF Air Sea Rescue Badge RAF Air Sea Rescue tunic sleeve Badge. Silk embroidered badge on a felt background. Size, 2 ½" x 1 ½". This 'used' badge is in a good condition with some wear to the felt backing.
RAF Aircraft Cockpit Lamp RAF Aircraft Cockpit Lamp Mk 2, early brass type. Air Ministry marked with Ref No. 5C/366. Made from Brass with a black paint finish, all metal fittings and a red glass lens with adjustable shade. Complete with braided wiring and original bulb. Found in most wartime RAF aircraft. In a very good 'used' condition.
RAF Aircraft Dimmer Switches, Boxed WW2, Aircraft Cockpit Dimmer Switches. Two dimmer switches found in their original wartime issue boxes. Boxes marked Air Ministry, switch dimmer, type 'E', Ref. No. 5C/724. Both switches are in pristine condition, as have never been fitted.
RAF Aircraft Engine Data Plate RAF Aircraft Engine Brass Data Plate. First built in 1935 by Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd., for the Royal Air Force , this plate is for the Cheetah Aero Engine. This is a Seven cylinder, radial piston engine, air cooled with supercharger. Manufactured during the period 1935 - 1948, with 37,000 engines of different marks being built. The Cheetah was found to be so reliable, that it was the first aero engine rated by the RAF to last up to 1,200 hours of running time between major overhauls. Fitted to many aircraft types, including - Airspeed Oxford, Avro Anson, Avro 626 (see photo) and 652 & De Havilland Hawk Moth. This original 4 x 3" brass plate would have been fixed to one of these engine's. It gives the individual 'stamped' engine number, and further engine specification's. In a very good condition.
RAF Aircrew 'Everhot' Heating Pouches (2) RAF Aircrew "Everhot' Chemically Heated Pouches (2). This rare accessory was issued to RAF pilots and crews, primarily Bomber Command Air Gunners. These small pouches, made from khaki rubberized cotton, were worn inside flying boots, around the ankles, and Battle Dress / Flying Suit pockets etc... They held small packets of chemicals which, when activated, gave off heat for several hours. Both are Air Ministry and King Crown stamped with the stores Ref. No. 22C/454. Pouches worn inside boots would have had elastic holding them together around the ankle (this is easily replaced). Both pouches are in a good condition, one has a loose press stud.
RAF Aircrew Battle Dress Trousers Un-Issued RAF Third Pattern Aircrew Battle Dress Trousers. These trousers were found still baled up in their wartime storage package, from when they were delivered to the RAF stores. Cotton label at the rear, dated 1943. W.D. rubber stamped inside, with code letter 'N' for 1943 issue. Front dressing pocket, side pockets and one rear flap pocket. Unlike the first two pattern's these have no front flap pocket or belt loops/ankle straps. Early black plastic buttons. Trousers are in a 'pristine' condition.
RAF Aircrew Clothing Lead & Canvas Pouch RAF Aircrew Extension Lead for connecting electrically heated flying clothing to the aircraft's electrical system. Stored in a canvas and leather pouch. Pouch, Air Ministry stamped with Ref No. 5c/370. In excellent condition. We have a limited stock of these.
RAF Aircrew Emergency Flying Ration Tin WW2, RAF Aircrew Emergency Flying Ration Tin. Air Ministry Ref No. 27P/7. Contents: Barley sugar, chewing gum, malted milk tablets, energy tablets. This pocket size tin (4 x 3 x 1") was often found amongst the emergency items in the dinghy survival kit. Looks to be dated 1944. In a good condition with some surface marks (see images). The tin is empty of contents.
RAF Aircrew Whistle Original WW2, RAF Aircrew 'ditching' whistle. This classic 'snail' type whistle is often seen in wartime photo's hanging from the RAF Aircrew Battle Dress blouse. Made from chrome plated brass and reference stamped either side. Air Ministry kings crown markings on one side and stores reference numbers on the other. This good 'used' example is in working order.
RAF Autograph Album An RAF Autograph Album with approximately 50 signatures. Compiled in the early 1990's, the original signatures are of WW2, RAF Pilots and Aircrew, with some FAA Aircrew, also Polish 300 squadron. Sadly, most of these names are no longer with us. Album size = 160 x 110mm.
RAF Avro York Pilots Notes - Original Original wartime issue RAF Pilots notes for the Avro York. A.P. 2484A, dated 1945. Approximately 44 pages of - text, b/w photographs, line drawings and some good cockpit photo pull-outs. In a very good condition (staples slightly rusty, and a couple of holes in the pullouts, check photos).
RAF B-Type Flying Helmet, 1939 dated RAF B-Type Leather Flying Helmet. This classic RAF flying helmet is famous for being the type worn by Fighter Pilots during the Battle of Britain. Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/65. The helmet outside chrome leather is in a very good condition. The Bennett's buckle fastener's are complete, and the chin strap retains it's metal end-piece. A slight impressed Air Ministry reference number can be seen on one side. With Zip Ear receiver coverings and a pair of black rubber cushions inside. Both zips work perfectly and their leather pullers are present. The inside chamois leather is complete, but with some soiling. A large 'Wareings' label is stitched to the crown, with the size and a 1939 date (see photo). This helmet is in a very good 'used' condition.
RAF B-Type Helmet Rubber Pads RAF/RCAF B-Type Helmet Zip Ear Rubber cushion Pads. Intended for extra sound proofing, these soft sponge rubber pads were fitted in Flying Helmets with Zip Ear pieces. Ref. No. 22C/16. Stamped with RCAF markings, although these are identical to the RAF ones. In an Excellent un-issued condition.
RAF B-Type Helmet Silk Makers Label, 1940 Genuine Battle of Britain 1940 Dated, B-Type Flying Helmet Silk Manufacturer's Label. This large label was removed from the inside of a scrapped B-Type flying helmet. It is roughly 2 ½" square (65mm). This type of label is shown on page 53 of Mick Prodger's Excellent reference book "Vintage Flying Helmets".
RAF Badge WW2, RAF lapel badge with button hole fixing. On the reverse side are the makers mark for J.R. Gaunt, London. Worn by civilian's working on RAF bases. Made of Brass, the badge has an RAF eagle and Kings Crown above the employees identification number in the centre, with an outer border bearing Royal Air Force. In a good condition.
RAF Battle of Britain Pilot, Bob Doe Signed Print RAF Battle Of Britain Hurricane Pilot signed Print. This is of 238 Squadron, Pilot Officer, Bob Doe (DSO, DFC & Bar). The 20 x 16", Limited Edition, David Pritchard print is hand signed by Bob Doe in pencil. Sadly, Bob Doe died in 2010 at the age of 89. Print in a good condition.
RAF Battle of Britain, Mk 1 Spitfire Engine Starting Magneto A rare Mk 1, Battle of Britain period type, Supermarine Spitfire Mk 1 Engine starting magneto. Made by B.T.H. Co, this magneto was fixed to the starboard side of the engine bay Firewall. It was linked by a chain to the 'hand cranking' sprocket, situated just in front. This allowed the ground crew to Hand Start the Spitfire's Merlin Engine without the need of a separate 'Trolley Acc.' Battery starter, albeit by very hard work. Later Marks of Spitfire removed this method of hand starting, relying on the Battery Trolley Accumulator instead. The magneto looks to be of pre-war manufacture, as it has had the 'made in' place wording removed via wartime censorship, on the side casing (see photo). Air Ministry and A.I.D. stamps are also found on the side casing, plus 37A/ reference numbers. Removing the end Bakelite points cap reveals the ignition points, which are in a remarkably good condition, which can also be said of the cap. When tried, the Magneto turned over very easily so it may still be working. This item is sold as a 'collectable' only.
RAF Beadon Flight Suit Backpack RAF Backpack to accompany the Beadon Flying Suit. The Beadon Suit was a lightweight blue-grey gabardine flight suit introduced by the RAF towards the end of the Second World War. This suit was designed with a number of pockets to hold various pieces of survival equipment. Pilots/Aircrew wearing this flight-suit were also equipped with this small bag, which could be worn as a back pack to carry the survival kit in. The bag is made of the same material as the suit and has two adjustable webbing shoulder straps. It has various pockets, and a large 'working' zipped pocket. A row of bottom pockets with brass 'Newey' press stud fasteners. On the side facing the back are two loops to fix around the Beadon suit belt, to stop the bag 'bouncing about' when being worn. Inside the largest pocket is a white cotton printed label with the Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/1070. In the RAF equipment stores catalogue this is listed as 'Overalls Flying, Lightweight, Packs, Back'. Size, 45 x 45 cm. In a very good condition, with some light soiling.
RAF Beadon Flying Suit RAF Beadon Lightweight Flying Suit. The Beadon Suit is a lightweight blue-grey gabardine flight suit introduced by the RAF towards the end of the Second World War. This suit was designed with a number of pockets to hold various pieces of survival equipment. Air Ministry Stores Ref No. 22C/1049, size 3. As a rough guide the following list gives an idea of the survival kit contained within the flying suit pockets - Large Back (inside) pocket = Hat, Socks, Gloves, Flags, Water container. Right Chest = plastic Survival Kit. Left chest = Survival Tins No.5. Right Armpit = Field Dressing. Left Armpit = Medical Pack. Right Thigh = Two Flying Ration Tins (emergency). Left Thigh = Medical Survival Pack. Right Leg = Waterproof Torch, Matches. Left Leg = Machete, Knife. The suit is named to F/Lt Bell, who was a wireless operator and his wartime padded 'S' brevet is stitched to the suit. F/Lt rank tapes are on the epaulettes. All the pocket flaps have brass 'Newey' press studs which are working, and the zip pullers are War Dept Arrow marked. The zips are all in a good working condition. The suit grey gabardine fabric is in a very good condition and only has a few wear spots on the rear of the left sleeve (see photo). The woollen collar is in a good condition. A very good 'used' Beadon flying suit, which are becoming increasingly harder to find.
RAF Beadon Flying Suit Waterproof Match Container A RAF Beadon Flying Suit Survival Match Container. This aluminium screw top container is fully waterproof. It contains the special large-head, long burning type of matches, inside the inner pull-off cylinder. The inside of the outer container holds the match striker. Air ministry transfer type label on the outside, with Air Ministry Ref. No. 12D/460. The container Size = 2 ½ x 1 ½ inch. In excellent condition.
RAF Beadon Survival Fishing Kit This is a Fishing line and a tin of hooks found in the RAF survival & tropical Beadon kits. Ref No. 22P/8. Small hinged lid tin containing a quantity of fishing hooks, with printed instructions in the lid. Comes with a length of corded fishing line and some wire line/hook attachments. Showing as number 5 in the items list (see photos). In a very good condition.
RAF Beadon Survival Kit Flag WW2, Beadon Survival equipment British Flag. The Kit comprised of two flags, British & USA (see last photo of kit contents, item No.6). This is the cotton/wool mix fabric printed GB flag. Nicely Stamped, Ref No. 4B/598 and war dept. arrow. Size = 8 x 6 inches. Used by surviving aircrew for identification when escaping from enemy territory. In an Excellent condition.
RAF Beadon Survival Kit Leather Gloves A rare pair of Leather reinforced Gloves from the Beadon Survival Kit. Issued in the Tropical Survival Kit these gloves were used for protection, when using the Machete. They are shown as item No. 8, in the complete reference list (see photo's). Described as - Gloves, soft leather wrist protecting reinforced thumb and forefinger. Stores Ref No. 22P/10. This pair are in a good condition with working fasteners.
RAF Beret and Badge RAF Other Ranks Beret and Kings Crown brass RAF badge. Post War issue, woollen beret with cotton liner and a leather sweatband. Made by - Beret Industries Ltd, Air Ministry Ref No. 22F/996. Size, 7 1/8. In a good 'used' condition, has some moth marks (see photo's).
RAF Binoculars in Air Ministry Leather Case A pair of WW2, Air Ministry Binoculars in Leather Case. Leather case marked 'Wray' 6E/293 London, and a nice A.M. and Kings Crown. The Binoculars are also marked with Ref. No. 6E/293, A.M. and crown. They look to be in a very good condition, but with some external paint wear. Each eyepiece is adjustable for focusing, and the lenses are good and clear. They have a black leather neck strap.
RAF C-Type Flying Helmet, First pattern First Pattern RAF C-Type Leather Flying helmet. Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/450, size 2. This reference number is stamped into the leather (see photo). The Bennett's buckle and chin strap are in an excellent condition. The outside leather is still nice and supple. The inside chamois leather lining is clean, although it is in a 'used' condition. In a very good condition.
RAF C-Type Leather Flying Helmet A Fully Wired, RAF C-Type Leather Flying Helmet. Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/879, size 3. Ref. No. stamped on the side (see photo). The outer leather is good and supple (with some cracks to one side, see photos). The straps and press studs are complete and working. The elastic chin strap is in a good order. Inside the chamois leather liner is very clean and looks to have been hardly worn. The electrics consist of a brown coloured Internal wiring loom and Jack plug, both in a very good condition. An original pair of type 32 earphone receivers are housed in the helmet's excellent black rubber ear cups.
RAF C-Type Leather Flying Helmet - Largest Size A Fully Wired, RAF C-Type Leather Flying Helmet. Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/880, size 4 (Largest Size). Ref. No. stamped on the side (see photo). The outer leather is good and supple. The straps and press studs are complete and working. The elastic chin strap is in good order, although a little tired. Inside the chamois leather liner is in a good condition. It is without any damage, but it has some soiling due to being used (see photo). The electrics consist of a tan coloured Internal wiring loom and Jack plug, both in a very good condition. A pair of type 32 earphone receivers are housed in the helmet's good black rubber ear cups.
RAF Cape Leather Flying Gloves RAF Flying Gloves. These soft white Cape Leather pattern gloves first appeared during the latter part of WW2. Intended mainly for Pilot use, during the summer time or in hot climates, other crew members often wore them. These unlined gloves were more comfortable to wear and allowed the pilot/crewman more feeling when using the aircraft controls and switches. Wartime Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/1061, these gloves have a later stamped 22C/ number (probably post war manufacture). Size = 7 ½". In an Excellent Un-issued condition.
RAF Chaplain Collar Badges A Pair of RAF Chaplain Collar Badges. Gilt Metal, three piece construction. Double Lug fixing, and come with split pins. In an excellent 'un-issued' condition.
RAF D-Type Canvas Oxygen Mask Microphone & Wiring Loom A late 1940/1941 RAF Canvas Oxygen Mask, Type 21 Microphone & wiring Loom with early type Brown Jack Plug and a pair of type 16 Earphones with earlier type caps. This complete wiring set up will fit the D-Type Canvas Oxygen mask & B-Type Leather Flying Helmet. In a good 'used' condition.
RAF D-Type Flying Gauntlets RAF Brown Leather Flying Gauntlets. Air Ministry Ref Nos, 22C/986 and 22C/989. Type D, 1944 pattern. The gauntlets are a good colour match, and they look to have had little wear. The inside blanket lining is clean. Size, 7 ½". In a very good condition
RAF D-Type Flying Helmet WW2, RAF D-Type Tropical Flying Helmet. Intended for Aircrew use in hot climates where a leather flying helmet would be impracticable. This is a late pattern with an internal wiring loom, Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/971, size 3. The helmet outer is made from tan cotton fabric and incorporates a neck flap, for sun protection. The inside is lined with white silk, to keep the head cool. The helmet has a very good internal wiring loom with Jack plug and a pair of type 32 receivers. The elastic chin strap and rubber ear cups are in very good condition. Overall, a great 'used' condition helmet, with some slight soiling to the lining (see photo).
RAF D-Type Flying Helmet WW2, RAF D-Type Tropical Flying Helmet. Intended for Aircrew use in hot climates where a leather flying helmet would be very hot and impracticable to wear. Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/970, size 2. Fitted with a very nice original Brown & Purple colour fleck internal wiring loom, jack plug and 'Sefton' resin type 16 receivers. The helmet outer is made from tan cotton fabric and incorporates a neck flap, for sun protection. The inside is lined with white/cream silk, to keep the head cool, which is in great condition. Rubber stamped with the size number and the A.I.D. inspector stamp (albeit feint). The elastic chin strap and (supple) rubber ear cups are in a good condition. Overall condition wise, it is a excellent ' hardly used' helmet with some slight soiling (see photo's).
RAF D-Type Oxygen Mask hose End Connector & Socket Battle of Britain period, D-Type cloth oxygen mask hose bayonet connector and socket. The brass 6D/101 oxygen hose bayonet connector is in a good used condition. The brass 6D/112 oxygen supply bayonet socket, is Air Ministry stamped on the base and is still boxed. These items are getting increasingly harder to find.
RAF D-Type Oxygen Mask, Type 19 Microphone A superb replica of the Battle of Britain type canvas oxygen mask - chamois covered flat fronted microphone, type 19. These type 19 microphones are one of the most sought after items for the RAF flying headgear collector. In over 40 years of collecting I have only ever seen, and owned, a few originals. If one ever does appear for sale, it is soon bought and for a very large amount of cash. This superb replica is from my own collection, it is the next best thing to owning an original, and it will take an expert to notice the difference, as it is that good ! Professionally made using very similar materials, it even has the right feel and weight to it. There is a side working on-off switch and the mic will clip straight onto your D-Type oxygen mask bag, be it an original or one of the excellent Sefton Clothing made example's. The microphone comes fully wired to an original wiring loom, type 32 earphones (with type 10A/7063 caps) and the correct early pattern Brown coloured Jack Plug.
RAF Dalcross Original 1941 Poster An 'Original' Hand Painted poster for RAF Dalcross. This poster advertise's a Rugby Match between RAF Dalcross & RAF Evanton on Saturday September 6th (1941). Expertly hand painted on a large piece of 17 x 11" paper (double sided, blank and graph on the rear side) it would have been pinned on to the airfield notice board. RAF Dalcross was in Scotland and was an Air Gunnery Training School during WW2, and it closed soon after the war. It is now Inverness airport. This poster, with a few others from RAF Dalcross, were bought by us as a small collection of items that were thankfully saved by an officer who served at the base during this time. They are rare survivors of everyday base items, during a period in time where items were often discarded afterwards, but somehow still survive today. This poster is in a very good condition, it has four fold marks and some pin holes in the corners.
RAF Dalcross Original 1943 Airfield Poster An 'Original' Hand Painted poster for RAF Dalcross. This poster advertises a music radiogram presentation in the RAF Corporals Room, No. 2 NAAFI on Friday December 3rd (1943). Expertly hand painted on a large piece of 17 x 11" paper (double sided, blank and graph on the rear side) it would have been pinned on to the airfield notice board. RAF Dalcross was in Scotland and was an Air Gunnery Training School during WW2, and it closed soon after the war. It is now Inverness airport. This poster is in a very good condition, it has four fold marks and some pin holes in the corners. There are a couple of small 'foxing' marks on one side.
RAF Dinghy Emergency Code & Razor Blade An RAF Air Crew Dinghy Survival Aid. This is an "Unopened" pouch containing an Emergency Signal Code & a useful Razor Blade. The 3 ½ x 2 ½" rubberised waterproof pack has a Air Ministry, RDF, reference number of 27C/2707. Part of the Dinghy Pack contents or could be carried in the Air Crew Mae West pocket.
RAF Dinghy First Aid Tin RAF Aircraft Dinghy First Aid Outfit Tin. This Air Ministry marked metal tin was found as part of the equipment issued with the Lancaster type survival dinghy. This 7 x 6 x 3" tin is now empty of its contents. Found on the underneath is the makers stamp - Agger & Daniels Ltd. London. It also has G.R. VI and Kings Crown with a 1943 date. In a good condition with some paint loss mainly to the underneath.
RAF E Type Oxygen Mask 'Thin Diameter' Hose & Clip A Scarce Oxygen Tube & Clip for the E Type Oxygen Masks. This is the early 'Thinner Diameter' tube, which is the correct type to be fitted to the E and E* Oxygen Masks. This Tube has a 6D/526 brass bayonet end fitting and 'crocodile' clip. The overall condition is very good, with the tube still being very flexible. The last photo is to show a comparison with a G-Type 'usual diameter' oxygen tube. It comes with the original spring wire retaining clip.
RAF E-Type Flying Helmet, wired WW2, RAF E-Type wired, Airtex Flying Helmet. This is a late wartime pattern E-type, which has an internal wiring loom. It is fitted with a very good original purple colour braided wiring loom and 'Sefton' made resin receivers with a Air Ministry jack plug. Helmet Ref No. 22C/974, Size 2. Rubber stamped on the lower side position and also inside. It has leather goggle retaining straps, elastic chin strap, rubber receiver cups and internal chamois leather covered ear 'doughnuts'. It is in an Excellent Unissued condition.
RAF Electrically Heated Clothing Plug & Socket RAF Electrically Heated Clothing, standard type plug & socket. Made of an aluminium casing with bakelite/metal internals. Both plug and socket are Air Ministry stamped and have Reference Number's. The plug is often found to be missing from the heated clothing, and the socket very rarely turns up, as these were fixed inside the aircraft.
RAF Electrically Heated Waistcoat A rare Wartime RAF Electrically Heated Waistcoat. Type F (24 volt) Ref No. 22C/957. This waistcoat is for wearing inside of the Sidcot Flying Suit. It could be fixed inside by a series of button holes which are down the front edge (see photo) allowing it to fix onto the buttons stitched inside the Sidcot suit. It has an integrated higher wattage 24V system, and is designed for heating the upper body area only. It has an electrical umbilical with a metal connecting plug, which is Air Ministry marked. This connected to the aircraft's electrical system by means of a similar type female socket plug. This waistcoat is in a very good 'Used' condition. Inside it has a good clear large Air Ministry label, which is possibly dated at the bottom. The press stud fasteners are in a good condition but have some verdigris around the edge which has left a few marks on the cloth fabric (this may clean off). The brown cloth has a few storage stains and a couple of wear marks and patches (see photo) but it is otherwise in a good condition.
RAF Ephemera to Air Gunner KIA 1942 RAF Ephemera to RAF, Sgt. R.L. Lloyd, Killed In Action. With RAF, 57 Squadron - Wellington Bombers. Wireless Operator / Air Gunner, Sgt Lloyd was killed with the rest of his crew on bombing Operations to Hamburg, 27th July 1942. With the group are two original Air Ministry Letter's to his parents and a original B/W photograph of the Wellington crew's combined grave at Hamburg Cemetery. There are two later colour photo's of Sgt. Lloyds and his Navigator, Pierard's CWWG head stones. Also, some research - but further is needed. Original documents and photo in good condition, with some fold marks to the letters.
RAF Escape & Evasion Compass RAF Escape & Evasion 'miniature' compass. Measures 15mm in diameter. Spinner moves freely and the overall condition is very good. Part of the RAF Escape & Survival kits.
RAF Escape & Evasion Compass Escape & Evasion Compass, concealed within a RAF Aircrew battle dress blouse Buckle. The compass pointer is hidden inside a small clasp, which when slid open also reveals a fold down needle for it to pivot upon. Once stitched onto the B/D blouse belt, this escape compass would have been very difficult to find. In an Excellent working condition.
RAF Escape & Evasion Hacksaw Blade WW2, RAF Escape & Evasion Hacksaw Blade. There were a number of different types of escape and evasion hacksaw blades made and issued by MI9, this being one of them. This is one of the smallest, which is 63mm (2 ½") in length and was small enough to be hidden discreetly inside an RAF Battle Dress uniform. This could be inside the blouse collar and even the trouser hem. Also, they were hidden inside other items issued to RAF Prisoner's Of War, in games, sports equipment etc... For further information see Phil Froom's excellent book, Evasion & Escape Devices. The blade is in a very good condition, and still wrapped.
RAF Escape & Evasion Language Phrase Card A scarce RAF Phrase List to be carried with an Escape/Survival kit. This two piece card list has useful - French, Dutch, German and Spanish phrases - all next to their English equivalent. The list size (unfolded) = 16 x 5", and it is printed on card, which is folded and kept in a card wallet In a very good 'issued' condition, with minor staining.
RAF Escape & Evasion Map A wartime double sided black and white Escape & Evasion Map. Circa 1941. Marked, Air Ministry (MAPS). The Map is for Italy, North on one side and South on the other. Reference number, 9 J3 / 9 J4. Made of Silk/Rayon, this stitched edge 24" x 20" map is in a very good condition (has a few ink spots, probably leaked from the Pilots fountain pen).
RAF Escape & Evasion Map for Germany A wartime early Silk type, single sided, black & white Escape & Evasion Map for Germany and it's border countries. Showing the major German cities including Berlin, Dresden, Chemnitz, Brunswick, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt etc...also parts of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland and Austria. Date, approximately 1941. Size 18" x 14". Unusually for Escape Maps, this one is Air Ministry marked. In an excellent condition (folded).
RAF Escape & Evasion Map of France (Normandy) & Germany A wartime double sided coloured Escape & Evasion Map. The Map first side is for France, including the English Channel, Belgium and Holland. Highlighted in colour are the International Boundaries and the Coastal Defences (including the Normandy Beach defence areas). The other side is of Germany, particularly Berlin and surrounding towns and cities. The map also indicates the Polish boundaries. Reference number, 9 C(a) / 2 B. Made of Silk, this raw edge 23" x 17" map is in a very good 'issued' condition (has a few minor stains).
RAF Escape & Evasion Miniature Compass Possibly the smallest wartime Escape Compass produced by Clayton Hutton's team at MI9. This miniature compass is only 5mm in diameter ! Compare this with the 'standard' size 15mm Escape Compass (see photo). This compass could be hidden in most every day items, including a cigarette ! The compass body is made of brass and has a very small circular spinning dial with a luminous 'dot' for North. This is covered by a clear celluloid screen. The compass dial still rotates.
RAF Escape & Evasion Miniature Telescope WW2, RAF Escape & Evasion miniature Single Draw Telescope. Another useful item provided by Clayton Hutton and his team at MI9, to aid both evasion & escape, was the mini telescope. These were extremely compact, this single draw type is only 1 1/4" long (photographed here next to a small 5 pence piece). Made of brass it would have had a black painted 'crinkle' finish, but this has worn away over time. The two lenses provide an excellent magnification considering their small diameter size. Telescopes were provided to allow evaders or escapers to be able to observe the terrain that they were hiding in and search for possible threats or enemy troops etc... In the case of escape, the POW would have been issued a telescope from the escape stores, then guard routines and wire obstacles also possible escape routes could be planned at a safe distance. Once the escape had began, each stage could be safely observed before moving on. The telescope was shipped into various POW camps via matchboxes with false bases and also inside hollow sticks of British seaside rock (Clayton Hutton specifically mentioned Blackpool rock, but other types were used too). This telescope can easily be stripped down into its various component parts (see photo) and it is extremely well manufactured. The lenses are still very good, and a clear image can be viewed when using it. For further information see Phil Froom's excellent book, Evasion & Escape Devices of WW2.
RAF Escape & Evasion Razor Blade RAF issued, razor blade compass. War Department broad arrow marked. The blade has been magnetized so that when its suspended by a thread in water it can be used as a compass. This makes it ideal for Escape and Evasion purposes. Other, different brands of blades were issued including, Cheerio and Dawn. This is in a unissued condition, showing some rust spots due to storage. It is still showing some signs that magnetism is present, seen when moved next to a compass. For further reading on the razor blade and other escape items see Phil Froom's excellent book, Evasion & Escape Devices (see last photo). We have a small amount of these blades in stock.
RAF Escape Swinger Compass RAF Escape & Survival Aid. This is known as a Swinger Escape Compass and is only about 1 inch in length. Due to it's tiny size it could be easily concealed in almost any item of military equipment or clothing. It worked by being suspended from a length of cotton thread and would swing as a normal compass, with the two dots showing North. Issued to RAF Air Crew as part of their Escape & Evasion kit.
RAF European Escape & Evasion Map A wartime double sided colour Escape & Evasion Map. Showing - the English Channel, France, Belgium, Holland and importantly the Swiss and Spanish neutral Borders. Made of Silk/Rayon this raw edge 20" x 16" map is in a very good condition (some light soiling & folded).
RAF Fairey Battle Wartime Photographs WW2, Original Photo's and Negatives from a wartime Airman. They come with their Kodak 'Velox' paper envelope. Inside are x15 black and white 2 ½" x 2" Original photo's & Negatives. These are of RAF Airmen servicing Fairey Battle aircraft.
RAF Fighter Pilots Dinghy Pack A WW2, RAF K-Type Dinghy Pack. This type is for the Pilot Seat Type Parachute Harness. It would fix to the harness in place of the usual seat cushion. Air Ministry Ref No. 27C/1899, type A, Mk 2 (early type). The pack held the K-Type, single man Dinghy and Emergency supplies. Included inside are part of the Dinghy accessories kit, which consists of - A pair of K-type Paddles, Leak Stoppers, empty Ration Tin and Water Sterilizing Outfit Tin, and a Heliograph. This pack has the parachute harness attachment Newey type press studs, as well as the pack cover press studs all in a good working order. The Mae West attachment clip and lanyard are present. There is no dinghy with the pack. The pack is in a good condition with some slight storage soiling.
RAF Fighter Pilots style Silk Scarf RAF style Silk Scarf. Type often seen in photographs worn by fighter pilots. This white vintage Silk Scarf is in a very good condition (has a couple of small marks). It has white silk tassels at either end. Size, 48 x 11 inches.
RAF First Aid Kit Ampoules Tin RAF Aircrew First Aid Kit, Tubunic Ampoules Tin. Metal tin, Air Ministry marked on the lid. Empty of contents. In a good condition, some scratches to the top and a couple of spots of surface rust.
RAF First Pattern Aircrew B/D Trousers 1941 Superb, Un-Issued RAF First Pattern Aircrew Battle Dress Trousers. These trousers were found still baled up in their wartime storage package, from when they were delivered to the RAF stores. Cotton label at the rear, dated 1941, the first full year that RAF Battle Dress was issued. W.D. rubber stamped inside. Front Flap Pocket, side pockets and two rear flap pocket's. Buttoned waist Belt Loops, plus buttoned Ankle Straps. Brass buttons (slight storage tarnishing). In Excellent condition.
RAF Flt/Engineer Sweetheart badge. WW2, Silver & Blue Enamel RAF Flight Engineer Sweetheart Badge. Stamped Silver on the reverse. Size, 30mm across x 25mm. In a very good condition.
RAF Flying Helmet External Wiring Loom An Early Flying Helmet / Oxygen Mask External Wiring Loom. Comes with a pair of type 16 Earphone Receivers, Type 26 microphone unit and a connecting Jack Plug. This complete wiring loom set up will fit the E, E* and G-Type Oxygen mask's with a B Type and early pattern C, and D -Type Flying Helmet's. It is in a very good 'used' condition.
RAF Flying Helmet External Wiring Loom RAF B-Type Flying Helmet External Wiring Loom, Type Q. To fit the RAF cloth D-Type Oxygen Mask. Used in conjunction with the Type 19 & 21 Microphones (see A.P. images) and 10A/7063 receivers. The Type Q wiring loom had an earlier Air Ministry Ref No. 10A/10353, which was later re-designated to 10H/10353, also with the type 119 Jack Plug (10H/10991). This occurred when the new D-Type 21 microphone was introduced in October 1940. The Type Q, External wiring Loom was used with helmet Types B,C & D, until becoming obsolete in 1944, once the new C-Type Flying Helmet with an internal wiring loom was introduced. We acquired a limited number of these early Q Type looms in 'mint' un-issued condition, still wrapped in grease proof paper. The sale is for One of these looms.
RAF Flying Helmet Wiring Loom RAF External Wiring Loom for early pattern Flying Helmets. The External wiring Loom was used with first pattern helmet Types C & D, until becoming obsolete in 1944, once the new pattern C & D Type Flying Helmets with an internal wiring loom were introduced. This loom is in an excellent condition and is fitted with an early 10A/12570 microphone with A.M. and Kings Crown markings. It is also fitted with a 10H/735 (10991) Jack Plug.
RAF Flying Helmet Wiring Loom Impedance Switch RAF Helmet Wiring Loom Impedance/Volume Control Switch box. Air Ministry Ref No. 10A/13163. Used in conjunction with the type 25 microphone (10A/12571). Can be Connected into the wiring loom before the Jack Plug. This would allow the wearer some kind of volume control. In a good condition, with some minor 'pitting' to metal case.
RAF Flying Helmet/Oxygen Mask Clip RAF Flying Helmet hook/clip. Fitted with two press stud fasteners to clip onto the helmet to fix an oxygen mask in place. Will fit the early pattern helmet types C, D & E to allow fixing of the E*, G & H type oxygen masks.
RAF G-Type Oxygen Mask RAF Oxygen Mask, Type - G. Air Ministry Stores Ref. No. 6D/645. The rubber mask is supple and the overall shape is very good. It is free of any major damage, and only has some cracking on the nose wire rubber fixing lugs and around the A.S. valve (see photos). It has an early A.M. marked type 25 microphone assembly (loom and plug) and the inner moisture cap and clip. The Elastic harness is very good. The inside of the mask is chamois lined around the edge and is in a very good, but slightly soiled condition. Size small. In a very good ‘used’ condition.
RAF G-Type Oxygen Mask Microphone RAF G-Type Oxygen Mask Microphone Assembly. Type 26 microphone unit, Ref No. 10A/12570. This microphone is complete with the short wiring loom, and connecting plug. In a very good condition.
RAF Gloster Gladiator Compass WW2, RAF Gloster Gladiator type Compass. Type P.6. all metal bezel. Similar to the later P8 compass which was used in RAF Spitfire & Hurricanes during the Battle of Britain. Dry of fluid. In a very good original condition. FOR SALE TO THE UK & EU ONLY (due to postal restrictions).
RAF Group Captain Pilot KD Tunic RAF Group Captain Pilot Tunic. It has original superb quality KC Pilot wings, wartime medal ribbons, GC epaulettes. Four pocket tunic, with attached waist belt, four brass KC button front, and partially lined inside. Superb flat style Kings Crown silk pilot wings. Medal ribbons for - Air Force Cross, India 1936-39 GSM, 1939-45, Burma, France & Germany Stars, War & Defence medals, and French Legion of Honour and Croix de Guerre awards. Size, 40" chest, 24" arm, 31" back length. Unfortunately, it is not named (possible identification from his medal awards). In a very good condition (some slight wear holes, to the rear - see photos).
RAF group of Original Aircraft Photographs. A group of Original period RAF Aircraft Photographs. There are a mixture of x20 internal instrument shots as well as some external airframe photos. All the photo's have Official Air ministry rubber stamps on the rear, some with dates. RAF Beaufighter, Catalina, Early Iris flying Boat Radio compartment, and some RAF 1930's Float Planes are amongst the group. There are x5 duplicate photo's. The average size = 210 x 165mm.
RAF Group of Photographs - Original Original Wartime Group of RAF Photographs. Ten photos of various sizes corner mounted on card. Shots of Spitfire MkIX, Harvard, Anson, Willys Jeep etc.. Look to be possibly taken in Burma.
RAF H-Type Oxygen Mask - Large Size An RAF Aircrew H-Type Oxygen Mask. This post war dated mask consists of the late WW2 type, large microphone with wiring loom & plug. The elastic harness straps & clips are in an excellent condition. Size, Large. In a very good used condition.
RAF H-Type Oxygen Mask Microphone RAF H-Type Oxygen Mask Microphone Assembly. Type 71 microphone unit. Air Ministry Ref No. 10AH/18. Comes with microphone, loom and plug.
RAF Halifax Bomb aimer Photo An Original 'Official' Air Ministry photograph of a Halifax Bomb Aimer in position. Picture issued, May 1942. Size, 9 ½" x 8". In good condition, has a crease mark.
RAF Hampden Bomber Cockpit Photo Original wartime photograph of a Handley Page Hampden Bomber Cockpit. This, 20 x 16" photograph was printed for use in producing the Hampden's Air Ministry issue Pilots Notes. These small Official booklets were issued to pilots and aircrew, to assist them to safely operate the aircraft. This oversized photograph, printed on card, has the cockpit photo on one side and a corresponding numbered outline on the other. These numbered parts would have a key page with the part descriptions. It has obvious signs of use, which are some drawing pin holes along the borders, a central crease fold, and hand written in pencil at the base - Cockpit of H.P. Hampden. In a good used condition, but has been stored for many years in a rolled up state, so may need ironing flat or framing.
RAF Helmet/Mask Face Protectors RAF B-Type Helmet Face Protectors/Defenders Two original RAF Chamois Face Protectors for the use with the B-Type Flying Helmet. Also, used for fixing the D-Type Oxygen Mask. Made of cotton webbing strips with chamois backing and each with two 'Newey' type male press stud fasteners. Air Ministry rubber stamped with Ref. No. 22C/68, also named in ink. In a very good 'used' condition.
RAF High Altitude PRU Spitfire Pilots Oxygen Hose An RAF Oxygen Mask, High Altitude (PRU) Rubber Supply Hose & Quick Release Clip. The hose has a Quick Release Bayonet Connector and a side attachment for an Emergency bail out oxygen supply. Primarily used by Photo Reconnaissance Unit Spitfire pilots. To Fit Oxygen Masks type G and H. An unusual Oxygen Hose. In an Excellent Condition.
RAF Hurricane Rudder Tail Lamp RAF Hawker Hurricane Rudder Tail Lamp. New & Boxed 'Old Stock'. Air Ministry Ref No. 5C/498. In original box with packet of fixing screws, as found.
RAF Inspection Lamp Wartime RAF Inspection Lamp. Stamped with Air Ministry Ref. No. 5C/369 and A.M. and Crown. Made from pressed steel plate with a reel of electrical 2 core cable and a bakelite plug, which has a A.M. Ref No. 5C/1104. Original Air ministry marked bulb. Used by Bomber Flight Engineers for work in the aircraft during flights, also ground crew for maintenance work. In a good condition (not sure if it still works, top cowl missing).
RAF Irvin Flying Jacket WW2, RAF Irvin flying Jacket. This is a mid war manufactured 4 piece back, Irvin flying jacket. It retains all of it's Original working 'Dot' Zips. All three zips have their leather pullers. It has a waist belt and all of the collar fittings and a nice rare Silk Label (these are usually missing) which is Named. The size is a 6, 40-42" chest, 36-38" waist, 5' 11"- 6' 1" height. The overall condition is excellent, with nice soft internal fur and supple outer leather, without any visible damage (there is a small section of re-stitching on the rear shoulder binding, see photo). The main zip has one tooth missing near to the top, but this doesn't affect it from working. Overseas buyers may want to ask for a courier price quote first ?
RAF Irvin Flying Jacket Collar Strap An Original wartime Irvin Flying Jacket Collar Strap. Found clipped onto the back of the Irvin collar, and often referred to as a spare goggle strap, but this strap is in fact for pulling the collar together into an upright position, so keeping the neck warm. Made from black elastic with a metal adjuster and end clips. In a good 'used' condition.
RAF Knitted Woollen Gloves Wartime RAF woollen gloves issued to other ranks and also used by Aircrew for extra warmth. Knitted RAF blue/grey woollen gloves, in Excellent (unused) condition. No labels or stamps, but came in with other flying equipment. Look to be a size medium.
RAF Lancaster Dinghy Bellows A wartime set of large dinghy Bellows for the RAF Bomber dinghy type J. Found as part of the dinghy survival kit in Lancaster & Halifax bombers. These Bellows were used to 'top up' the air of the dinghy incase of any deflation. Air Ministry Ref No. 27C/1880. Made from a two piece plywood frame holding a canvas bag. A metal & webbing handle are fixed to either side. A long rubber corrugated tube (dated December 1943) and brass end fixing supplies the air to the dinghy. Bellows size = 9 x 7". They are in a good working order.
RAF Lancaster Full Tour Log Book - France & Germany WW2, RAF Log Book Group to a Lancaster Flight Engineer. F/Sgt. Mitchell flew with 44 & 227, RAF Squadron's. He flew on 35 Operational day & night time missions over France & Germany. Flying on daylight raids to - Bohlen, Harburg, Essen, Dortmund, Lutzendorf and more.... Night time raids to - Le Havre, Boulogne, Munchen Gladbach, Munster, Karlsruhe, Nuremburg, Bergen (Norway), Dusseldorf, Munich, Politz, Horten, Royan, Dresden and more...... On the night of 21st December 1944, flying from 227 Sqd. base at RAF Balderton, Mitchell and his crew were on Operations to Politz flying in Lancaster PB649 (9J-K). They were airborne at 1634 hrs. After bombing the target the Lancaster was subsequently hit by Flak. The Rear Turret was put out of action, No1 Port Fuel Tank was ruptured, the Rudder Trim u/s, and the Auto Pilot was u/s. Limping back to the Scottish Coast, losing fuel and now down to 2000 ft, the Lancaster was diverted by ATC to RAF Milltown. On finding the aircraft could not make it that far, the pilot (F/O Croker) made an Emergency Landing at RAF Wick. After touch down he was struggling to keep the Lancaster on a straight path and to bring to a halt. It finally came to rest half way up the Airfield's Torpedo Store - fortunately for everyone involved - on the embankment wall (see photo). Lancaster PB649 had got the crew safely back, but at a price as it was now a 'right off'. With the group is an 'original' daylight Air Ministry photograph of the Lancaster in it's final resting position, next to the store. The Log book is very well written. It is in a good condition with some wear to the spline. With it comes a ring binder with some original paperwork, the photo with some research, plus copies of all his Operational Sorties from the Squadron Record Books. A fine RAF Log Book group, in need of further research.
RAF Lancaster Pilots Notes - Original Original Air Ministry edition, RAF Lancaster Pilot's Notes. For the Lancaster Mk I, III and X. A.P. 2062A, dated 1945. Approximately 52 pages of - text, b/w photographs, line drawings and some great cockpit photo pull-outs. Named on the front cover to a RAF F/Sgt. with 12 Squadron, RAF Wickenby. In Excellent Original condition.
RAF Lancaster Radio Operator Morse Key WW2, RAF Lancaster Bomber Radio operator's 'Bathtub' Morse Key. Air Ministry Ref. No. 10A/7741. Brown Bakelite construction with an Air Ministry & Crown rubber stamp mark underneath. In a good 'working' condition, has a small chip on one leg (see image).
RAF Liberator Pilots Notes - Original Original wartime printed, Air Ministry Liberator Pilot's Notes. A.P. 1867C, dated 1944. Approximately 80 pages of - text, b/w photographs, line drawings and some great cockpit photo pull-outs. In excellent condition (staples slightly rusty).
RAF Log Book Group KIA RAF Log Book & Folder to a Lancaster Bomb Aimer who was Killed In Action. RAF Flight Sergeant J.M. Turnbull flew with RAF 49 and 630 Squadron's. He began Navigation Training in March 1942 in Miami USA, as part of the American, British & Canadian Flying Training Scheme. On returning to the UK he began further navigation training at RAF Bobbington then to RAF Kinloss on Whitley Bombers, but interestingly now training as a Bomb Aimer and eventually gaining his B/A Brevet. Finally, he goes to RAF Winthorpe, converting onto Manchester & Lancaster Bomber's. His Operational service began on 1st June 1943 at RAF Fiskerton with 49 Squadron flying Lancaster aircraft. Flying as bomb aimer with Sgt Oglesby crew, their fist 'Op' was a night raid to Bochum. Further 'Op's' then came to Cologne, Krefeld, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Essen and more.... On 14th June 1943, he was flying as part of Sgt Robinson's crew to Oberhausen when on the return trip they were attacked by two JU 88 night fighters over Holland, they managed to evade these and land back at base safely. Later that month, now flying again as part of his regular crew, they were on 'Ops' to Essen when the port inner engine caught fire making it impossible to maintain a sufficient altitude and so causing a return to base. In August 1943 they Bombed Milan, Italy, taking nearly 9 hours flying time to complete the 'Op'. On 18th August 1943 they took part in the first raid on the German secret research centre at Peenemunde, in operation Hydra. Further raids then followed to Berlin, Mannheim and Munich. Then, for some yet unknown fateful reason Sgt. Turnbull leaves his crew and Squadron, and transfer's to RAF 630 Squadron at East Kirkby. On his first operational flight (20th 'Op') with his new crew, to Berlin, the Lancaster is hit by Flak on the return journey which blew one engine clean from its mounting frame, causing the bomber to dive steeply into the ground, giving the crew no chance of escape. Unfortunately, all of the eight airmen on board were killed. This Log book is well written and in very good condition. It comes in a ring binder with some research. This includes copies of all his operational flights from the Squadron ORB's. Copy photos of RAF Fiskerton, photo of his CWGC headstone and certificate and a very good copy? of his death scroll. A fine Log Book to a brave RAF airman, in need of further research.
RAF Logbook & Medal Group WW2, RAF Log Book/Medal Group to a Halifax Flight Engineer. RAF, F/Sgt. C. Halden flew with 462 RAAF Squadron, part of the specialist Bomber Command 100 group, "radio counter measures". He flew a ‘full tour’ of 30 Operational, day & night time missions, over France & Germany. Including 22 Special Operations Duties and at least 1 acting as Pathfinder for 100 Group. Flying to targets such as - Munster, Essen, Mainze, Mannheim, The Ruhr, Frankfurt, Kassel, Bremen and Berlin. 462 Squadron were flying the Halifax B Mk III, equipped with ABC (AirBorne Cigar, RCM equipment). The Log book is very well written, with some good extra information with each Operation. It is in a good condition, but the cover has some water/damp damage. With it comes a ring binder containing his medals (1939-45, France & Germany Stars, Defence & War Medals) His 'original' Engineers Brevet, copy photo's and some research, plus copies of all his Operational Sorties taken from the Squadron Record Books. A fine RAF Log Book group, to a Specialist Squadron, in need of further research.
RAF Master Aircrew Badge An early post war RAF Master Aircrew Sleeve Badge. Blue felt backing with light blue silk embroidered detail. With a central metal gilt eagle. Size, 90 x 80 mm. In a very good 'issued' condition.
RAF Metal Squadron Crest Original Metal, RAF 28 Squadron Crest. Made from cast lead and hand painted. Size, 7 x 4 ½". Has two fixing bolts & nuts on the rear. Probably removed from a squadron airfield vehicle or building. In a good original condition with some rubbing to the paint (see photos). Heavy item.
RAF Meteor Mk7 Aircraft A.P. Manual A good 'Original' RAF Air Publication Manual for the Meteor T Mk7 Aircraft. A.P. 2210 G, Volume 1, first dated June 1949 and then various amendments go up to November 1953. Numerous pages of informative text, drawings and 'pull-out diagrams'. In a good 'used' condition (some loose pages).
RAF Meteor Pilots Flying Overalls RAF Pilots Flying Overalls. These are 1951 pattern, Stores Ref No. 22C/1138. They have a RAF, 2 Squadron Badge sewn on to them, and this squadron flew Gloster Meteor's then Swift and Hawker Hunter aircraft. The overalls have multiple pockets and an adjustable waist belt plus rubber buttons. There is a good label in the neck and a black rubber stamp next to it. The Embroidered Squadron badge is in a very good condition. The Overalls are in an Excellent clean condition, with only some slight damage inside, behind the badge (see photo).
RAF Miniature Pilots Wings WW2, RAF Half Size / Miniature Pilots Wings. Issued to Foreign Nationals flying with the RAF. Last photo shows the size comparison against a full size wing. In a very good condition.
RAF Mk IIIa Flying Goggles, near mint condition A Super pair of RAF Mk IIIa Flying Goggles. Widely favoured by Fighter Pilots and Aircrew during the Battle of Britain. These goggles are in a near to 'mint' condition. The leather strap is Air Ministry stamped with a Ref No. 22C/62, and is dated 1939, also with an A.I.D. inspectors rubber stamp on the inside. The cellulose goggle lenses are excellent and clear with only some minor storage scratches. All of the frame stitching is in place and the black paint finish, also the two front lugs are present, which are often missing on this type of goggle. The inside brown felt padding is excellent and clean, although the internal padding has now gone a bit stiff. The leather strap has great working fabric covered springs either side. A hard to 'beat' condition wise (probably unworn), pair of early Goggles.
RAF Mk VII Flying Goggles RAF, Mk VII Flying Goggles. Stores Ref No. 22C/826 with Air Ministry and Kings Crown stamped on the nose bridge. The frames are in a very good condition with most of the original paint finish intact, and with the original adjustment nuts. The leather face surround is in a good condition with soft internal padding and clean chamois. The nose leather covering is very good. Fitted with clear replaceable lenses which have some slight de-limitation around the sides, and one lens has a very small crack. They have an original elastic type, goggle Strap which is in a used and slightly soiled condition, but it still has some elasticity. Also, they benefit from a complete un-cut central adjustment bar, which can fix a 'Flip Sun Shield' if required (not included). These goggles are in a Very Good Used condition.
RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggle Strap RAF Mk. VIII Flying Goggle Spare Strap. Grey elastic strap with leather & metal fittings. Original strap in a 'used' condition (rust stain on the inside, see photo).
RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles Un-Issued & Boxed WW2, RAF 'Boxed' Mk VIII Flying Goggles and accessories. Air Ministry stamped on the nose bridge, 22C/930. Original box with a pair of tinted lenses and a tin of Anti-Dim. The goggles are in near mint condition, with only some slight rubbing of the grey frame paint on the box and some minor rust storage marks on the strap.
RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles. WW2, RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles. Retaining nearly all of the original grey frame paint. The outer leather face pad is in a good condition, and the inside chamois leather is very good. Air Ministry stamped with Ref No. 22C/930 on leather nose piece. The clear glass safety lenses are in very good condition. The original goggle strap is good and complete, with some soiling and wear. These goggles are in a very good 'used' condition.
RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles. WW2, RAF Mk VIII Flying Goggles. Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/930. Rubber Stamped in white on the leather nose bridge, but this is worn. Clear glass lenses with some minor de-lamination. These goggles are in a very good 'used' condition, with some slight rubbing of the grey frame paint and some minor surface rust marks on the strap.
RAF Navigation Course & Speed Calculator An early Air Ministry Navigator's Course & Speed Calculator Mk II. Ref No. 6B/119. Issued as part of the Navigators kit during the early part of WW2. With original pencil. The calculator comes in it's wooden carrying case, which is reference marked at one end. This instrument is in an Excellent original working condition.
RAF Navigator 'GEE' Map for the French Brittany Coast 1944 WW2, RAF Navigator 'GEE' map for the French Coast. It is specifically for Quimper - Rochefort. Showing the Brittany coast, including St. Nazaire (German U-Boat Pens). This is a 2nd Edition, Series 5, Map. Printed on Linen backed paper, size = 21 x 13 ½ inches. Used for Course and Target Plotting by RAF Lancaster & Halifax Navigator's, when using the revolutionary wartime ground Radar system 'GEE'. Originally drawn for the Air Ministry in June 1943, this edition is dated just prior to D-Day, Feb 1944. In a very good condition with some fold marks plus filing holes to the left border.
RAF Navigator Aircrew Battle Dress Blouse WW2, RAF Navigator's Air Crew B/D Blouse. With flying officer shoulder rank. Padded Navigator Brevet. Inside is a War Department letter date stamp 'M' for 1944. Label missing, size approximately = 38" chest, 25" sleeve, 23" back length. In a good condition with a few moth nips here and there, and a slight stain inside (see images).
RAF Navigator ICAN RAF Navigator's navigational computor or ICAN. Air Ministry Ref No. 6B/250. Type, Mk III H. In a good working condition. Some minor surface wear, and a small chip to the pencil holder. Original pencil, unmarked.
RAF Navigator's Parallel Rule A WW2 RAF Navigator Parallel Rule. The two piece wood rule, with brass fittings, is Air ministry stamped and dated 1944. In a very good condition.
RAF Navigators Kit An RAF Navigators pair of Compasses & Dividers. The adjustable compasses come in a wooden box with a crows foot mark on the top. They are Air Ministry & Kings Crown stamped and dated 1942. The chrome plated adjustable dividers are Air Ministry & Kings Crown stamped and dated 1942. Both are in very good condition.
RAF Navigators Log Book Folder WW2, RAF Navigators log book folder, Flight Sheet & A.M. Protractor. The cover has the Air Ministry Ref No., Form 441. Inside it is dated July 1943 . The folder contains an unused wartime dated, RAF Navigator Operations flight log sheet. At the back of the folder is a fixed envelope with a mileage scale printed up on it, and within this is found an Air Ministry Douglas Protractor, Ref No. 6B/47. Front cover size, 11 ½ x 9".
RAF Navigators Log Book Folder A rare WW2, RAF, Indian Air Force navigators log book file. This file is the same as the usual RAF navigators file, except that it was produced for the wartime Indian Air Force branch of the RAF. The cover colour is a darker shade of blue than the RAF type, which has the Air Ministry Ref No., Air Force (India) Form 441, and inside the cover it is dated - 24/4/1944. The folder contains seven wartime dated RAF Operations flight log sheets. These are empty except for the middle one which has some pencil diagrams of a Navigators Radar screen unit and some of the screen images. Interestingly this form is also stamped - Air Force (India) form 441, and dated 1944, this type I have never seen before. At the back of the folder is a fixed envelope with a mileage scale printed up on it, and a loose paper inside with RAF airfields and their map grid references. Front cover size, 11 ½ x 9".
RAF Night Fighter Pilot Night Adaption Goggles RAF Mk 1, Night Adaption Goggles. These goggles were worn by night fighter pilots for about 30 minutes prior to take off on night sorties. This helped to accustom their eyes to night vision. Leather unlined face mask with circular blued steel frames and side vents, with an elastic strap. Laminated circular dark glass lenses. Air Ministry Ref. No. 22C/575. In a very good condition.
RAF Observer Parachute Harness WW2, RAF Observer / Chest Type Parachute Harness. Made by GQ Co. Air Ministry Ref No. 15A/144, stamped on rear straps. Has a Mk 1 Irvin Back Pad, A.M. Ref No. 15A/191, this is A.M. and crown stamped, albeit feint (has a small wear hole on the inside, see photo). The harness is fitted with a wartime round front Quick Release Box. Has rear metal loops for attaching a dinghy pack. Harness has a feint stamped 1943 date. In a very good 'used' condition, slightly soiled. Sold Only as a collectable. Note: Heavy item so please ask for a shipping quote.
RAF Officer Cap Badge WW2 RAF Officer, Service Dress Peak Cap Badge. Bullion wire and Embroidered badge. In a good 'used' condition.
RAF Officer Peak Cap RAF Officer Service Dress, Peak Cap. Peak cap with a nice bullion Kings Crown badge. It appears to be a size 7 (22 ½" circumference). The cap cloth covering is in excellent condition without any moth or damage (there is a slight wear spot on the peak edge). It has a mohair band and patent leather chin strap. It is named. Inside a leather sweat band and quilted liner, which probably had a printed tailors label which is now sadly missing. In a very good condition.
RAF Officer's Documents / Maps, Brief Case RAF Officer's / Navigator's Documents, Maps, Brief Case. This faded light grey canvas & black leather trim case has the Air Ministry & Kings Crown emblem on the flap front (albeit feint, see photo's) and the War Department Arrow with a Ref. No.6B/469, stamped on the inside with the Officer's name. It has a metal lock on the flap (key missing) which opens to reveal inside three sectional compartments. Bag size, 18 x 14". The bag is in a good condition with some usage wear. It has two leather retaining straps (one damaged) which when used adds to the case security.
RAF Officers Uniform DFC Named & Research, Halifax Bomber Wartime RAF Officer Uniform (tunic & trousers) plus Research. The Tunic has a nice padded Bomb Aimer Brevet, medal ribbons, cuff rank. Dated and named label inside to A.M. Moffatt, DFC. He flew with 158 Squadron, from RAF Lissett, flying Halifax Bomber's. A member of Pilot, F/Lt Bayley's crew, he went on to complete a Full Tour of 37 Operations over France & Germany, 1944. With the uniform are Six pages of research, which include a list of his 37 Operational Targets, a copy of his DFC citation, London Gazette pages, and his background information. The Tunic is in Excellent condition, and the very good 'fish tail' style trousers have a couple of moth nips (see photo).
RAF Operations Room Counters Very Rare Original RAF Plotting Room Counters and marker. Used for plotting an enemy raid on the Operations Room map table. There were three types of counter and colours (see last photo for the explanation of this). The counter colours correspond with those on the RAF Sector Clock. Counter size is approximately 2.5 cm, and they are made from an early form of celluloid plastic. There are three counters and one 'Hostile' marker letter plus a wartime RAF map of the strait of Dover. The counters, marker and map are in an excellent condition if a little soiled.
RAF Other Ranks Side Cap RAF O/R side cap with Economy black plastic badge & buttons. Maker stamp & 1944 dated inside. Large size, 7 1/8". In an excellent un-issued condition, without any moth damage.
RAF Other Ranks Tunic Belt RAF Blue Serge Other Ranks Tunic Waist Belt. With 2 prong brass buckle. Size, 38" in length x 2" wide. An item often found to be missing. In a very good condition, with a couple of small moth nips.
RAF Other Ranks Wartime Issue Trousers A pair of RAF Other Ranks trousers. They have a 'Fish Tail' rear waist band and side pockets with brass fly buttons etc.... WD stamp O, for 1942 issue. Size, approximately 32" waist x 29" inside leg. In a good 'used' condition, slightly soiled, with a few moth nips and a good repair (see photo's).
RAF Other Ranks Wartime Issue Trousers A pair of RAF Other Ranks trousers. They have a 'Fish Tail' rear waist band and side pockets with brass fly buttons etc.... War Department stamp 'O' for 1942 issue. Size, approximately 33" waist x 30" inside leg. In a very good 'used' condition, slightly soiled.
RAF Oxygen Connector Early RAF Brass Oxygen Hose Connector. Used by fighter pilots during the Battle of Britain. For the D-Type cloth Oxygen mask. Stamped with Air Ministry Ref No. 6D/101. Dated 1939. In a very good used condition. This type of oxygen connector is becoming increasingly harder to find.
RAF Oxygen Mask Hose 'Crocodile' Clip A wartime RAF Aircrew Oxygen Mask Tube end fitting, 'Crocodile' Clip. This often missing pressed metal clip 'push-fits' onto the brass bayonet end fitting of the oxygen tube. In a 'used' condition with some surface rust.
RAF Pilot Medal Group A WW2, RAF Pilots Medal Grouping. Consisting of his issued - 1939/45 & Burma Stars, Defence & War medals all in fine condition, with his medal slip and medal box. A period black & white portrait photograph in uniform. A larger copy of the same photograph, copy of the London Gazette mentioning F/Lt Finney's promotion, in 1944. Needs researching.
RAF Pilots Parachute Release Handle & Cable RAF Pilots Seat Type Parachute 'Ripcord'. The 'D-Ring' handle is stamped IAC for Irvin Air Chute, manufacture. The wire cable has two spaced metal pins for retaining the parachute pack in the closed position. In Excellent condition.
RAF Pilots Silk Inner Gloves RAF Silk Flying Gloves. Cream Silk gloves made to be worn under the leather flying gloves for extra warmth. This pair have the War Department Arrow and maker's stamp plus the size, 8. Both gloves are in a very good 'issued' condition
RAF POW Ephemera Two RAF Prisoner Of War Books. First, is a Prisoner of War booklet, printed circa 1942, to inform the families of captured service men. It has a map showing most of the POW camps in Europe, also some 28 pages of interesting b/w photographs and informative text etc... Showing a good photo of a Red Cross POW food parcel and a list of contents. This is in a 'used' condition with some folds and staple rust etc... Second is a Signed, facsimile of a Wartime Log (diary) kept in the Prisoner Of War camp at Fallingbostel, Germany. This is the YMCA Wartime Log of RAF Air Gunner Sgt. Roy Child. It has 96 pages, consisting of informative text at the beginning, a faithful copy of his Log containing drawings, thoughts, photos, maps etc..all completed whilst a POW in Germany. It is signed at the front, by him in 1986. In a good condition.
RAF Prisoner Of War Book RAF POW 'Kriege Edition' of the Yorkshire Post. This rare 'in camp book' was produced by inmates and edited by RAF Sgt. Richard Pape (author of the famous POW book, 'Boldness be my friend') whilst they were held in the German prison camp - Stalag Luft VI. Written in 1944 by a group of Yorkshire POW airmen, over a period of about five weeks. It was produced in secret and then smuggled back, against all the odds, to England and to finish up at the Yorkshire post news paper offices in Leeds. After the war only 300 copies of this book were produced and distributed to all the Yorkshire airmen released from Stalag Luft VI, in 1945. Their names and addresses are printed in the back of the book. This book is one of the 300. It has a 11 ½" x 9" hard cover, and 84 pages. The contents are both informative and 'witty' with lots of Kriegie humour and sketches plus cartoons. In a good 'used' condition.
RAF Seat Type Parachute Harness Post War RAF Pilot Seat Type Parachute Harness. This Irvin manufactured harness is 'new old' stock and is unissued. The label states Irvin Harness type C, Mk10, date 1976. It has Irvin marked buckles and complete harness straps all in 'mint' condition. Fully working Irvin Quick Release Box and a canopy release Irvin 'D-Ring' Handle. This harness is the same style type as the WW2 pattern seat type, and with some work could be made to look like one. Ideal for the re-enactor or collector (Not sold for parachuting). Total weight of 4500 gms.
RAF Shirt & Collar WW2, RAF Shirt & Separate Collar. Five button fully opening front. Air Ministry Ref No 22B/137, stamp found inside the neck. In a hardly worn, near 'pristine' condition (has a service number written on the tail). Single cuff with buttons, also can be used with cuff links. Large Size = 44" chest, 25" arm, 34" back length, 15 ½" neck. Comes with a separate, matching colour collar which is A.M. Ref No. stamped 22B/336 and size 15 ½".
RAF Shirt Collar RAF Air Ministry and Kings Crown stamped, Shirt Collar. We have a limited stock of these collars and the sale is for one of them. In an un-issued condition. The collars shown here are size 14".
RAF Spitfire & Hurricane Landing Light Switch RAF Spitfire & Hurricane pilot's instrument panel, landing light switch. Ceramic base with a brass cover. Air Ministry Ref No. 5C/623.
RAF Spitfire Brass Gun Button An early RAF Spitfire / Hurricane Fighter, Dunlop Brass Gun Button. This original wartime 'working' gun button would have been part of the pilots control column 'spade' grip (see last photo of an early mark Spitfire cockpit). The rotating collar allows the button to be depressed in the 'fire' position, and Not when turned to 'safe'. Stamped on the reverse with Dunlop part and inspection numbers. The button barrel part will unscrew to allow fitment to a grip casting if so desired. Complete with full length brass air tubes. In a very good 'used' condition with various knocks and wear marks (see photos).
RAF Spitfire early type IFF Switch Box Battle of Britain period RAF Spitfire, Switch Box Identification. Air Ministry marked, Ref No. 5C/372, No2 Mk III. This all metal switch box is the rare early type. It is situated on the fighter cockpit wall, and is used by the pilot to signal friendly forces on the ground. It can be used for radio morse code signals or morse code via the downward identification lights fixed underneath the aircraft. The unit is in Excellent condition and looks to be unissued. Also found in other types of RAF wartime aircraft.
RAF Spitfire Pilot Oxygen Bayonet Union A pilots oxygen tube bayonet fitting union. It will fit the 6D/101 bayonet connector fitting, on the early canvas 'D' type oxygen mask tube, as used in the Battle of Britain. Made of brass, with Air Ministry and Ref. No. stamps, 6D/112. Fitted to most early RAF aircraft. In an Excellent un-issued boxed condition.
RAF Spitfire Rotol Propeller Manual, Battle of Britain Early Wartime issue, Rotol Propeller Manual for the Hydraulic Variable Pitch Airscrews, type RX5/RXF5. This impressive manual covers the Battle of Britain Mk1 Spitfire & Hurricane fighters, and early RAF Bomber Aircraft, which were fitted with Rotol made propeller assemblies. Dated, August 1940. It has informative Text including all reference & part numbers, b/w Photographs, pull out Drawings etc...... Part 1 of the manual deals with Propellers and Hubs. Part 2 is Governor units and Spinners. Part 3 Equipment & Controls. Part 4 Installation & Operation. Part 5 Tools. Manual size, 9 ½" x 6 ½" x 1" thick. In an Excellent condition.
RAF Spitfire Tail Wheel RAF Spitfire Tail Wheel Hub and Tyre. To fit all Marks of Spitfire. Dunlop manufacture Ref No. AH 2184 stamped on the hub. It has a good size 3 x 4" rubber tyre which has a WD arrow marking. In a very good overall condition, the hub has some minor 'pitting' but it still would make an ideal static display item.
RAF Station/Airfield Ensign Flag RAF Station Ensign Flag. Multi-Panel construction, of stitched wool/cotton cloth panels. Rope & Brass Toggle fixing. Size, approximately = 6' x 3'. Most of the markings have weathered away. It was purchased from a collector who assured us that the flag was originally from the old airfield at RAF Sutton Bridge, but we have no proof of this. The Flag is in a good 'Used' condition, but there are some wear holes and it is frayed on the edge (see photos).
RAF Survival Dinghy Heliograph RAF Survival Dinghy Heliograph in canvas pouch. Largest of the two types of Heliograph issued, this would have been found in the survival dinghy accessories. Size = 10 x 10cm. Issued to both the RAF & USAAF during WW2. In a very good 'issued' condition.
RAF Survival Kit Bag RAF Survival Kit Bag to hold the Beadon survival equipment. This cotton cloth bag has numerous internal pockets to hold the various pieces of survival equipment issued to Aircrew in case of Emergencies. The bag can be stitched onto the rear of the Life Jacket or the parachute back pad. There are two types of bag issued, a Tropical type and this bag type which is stamped Arctic, and with a Ref No, 22P/25. The bag is in excellent condition with working zip an Newey fasteners.
RAF Tissue Escape Map An early RAF Tissue Escape Map of Abyssinia, Africa. This Tissue Paper Escape map measures = 21 x 18". It is in excellent condition.
RAF Type 'G' Sunglasses RAF Anti-Glare Sunglasses in metal case. Air Ministry stores Ref. 22G/1399, Size Large. Post WW2 issue, these are very similar to the wartime issue MK.VIII anti-glare sunglasses. They have grey/green tinted glass lenses. These are in steel wire frames with side-arms having 'spring' ear pieces. The only noticeable difference from the MK.VIII type, are by an additional brow bar. In a very good condition, with some light tarnishing on the rims.
RAF Type B Flying Rations Tin RAF Flying Rations Type B Tin. This post war issued tin is now empty of contents. Size, 3 ½" diameter. In a good condition with some surface rust.
RAF Type E* Oxygen Mask An 'Original' WW2, RAF E* Oxygen Mask. This pattern is a modified version of the E mask, which was the first all rubber oxygen mask to be produced for Wartime RAF Aircrew. This mask superseded the earlier canvas D-type oxygen mask. Basically the same as the first pattern of E type mask, the E* has an anti-suffocation valve on the left side, and Elastic harness straps instead of leather. Air Ministry Ref No. 6D/624. This example is in a very good condition, fitted with a 10A/12570 microphone with an anti-moisture gauze and clip, plus wiring loom and plug. The rubber mask is still nice and supple (this is a Genuine Wartime issue Mask) which is great for this type of early oxygen mask. It has Air Ministry markings and Reference Numbers along the top edge, plus a white rubber stamped number. The Elastic straps are good in a good shape and these are rubber stamped. The inside chamois leather edging strip is still clean (also with a rubber stamp, still showing). In a Very Good overall condition (guaranteed to be wartime issue).
RAF Type-G Flying Helmet RAF, G-Type Flying Helmet. Blue Cloth G-Type Flying Helmet. Ministry Ref No. 22C/1731, Size 3. Complete with large leather ear pads and receivers, wiring loom and jack plug. The condition is 'excellent' and it looks to have been hardly worn.
RAF Victory Bell WW2, RAF Benevolent Fund Victory Bell. Cast in metal ' from German aircraft shot down over Britain 1939-1945 '. The bell has a large ' V ' cast in to the handle and raised images of the wartime leaders, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. In a very good original condition.
RAF Vintage Fighter Command Blazer A Vintage Military Blazer for Fighter Command. This excellent old military blazer has white metal RAF and King's Crown buttons. On the breast pocket is stitched a super quality Fighter Command Badge. The Blazer is of double breasted design, and is in an excellent and clean condition. A tailors label is found inside, but it is not named. Size, Chest = 42", Sleeve = 26", Back length = 32".
RAF W/O Pilot Tunic Wartime RAF Warrant Officer Pilot Tunic. With a nice pair of flat pilot wings, medal ribbons, cuff rank badges. Dated and named label inside. In excellent condition.
RAF Warrant Officer Tunic Cuff Rank Badges A pair of WW2, RAF W/O 'Kings Crown' Cuff Rank Badges. Silk embroidered thread on a dark blue/black felt cloth backing. In a very good issued condition.
RAF Water Bottle and Webbing Carrier RAF enamel water bottle with felt covering. This is fitted within the 'simplified' pattern sleeve type webbing carrier. This has two brass buckles for fixing to the shoulder strap etc... The carrier has black rubber stamp markings on the inside and is dated 1942. Airman's service number is on one side. In a good condition.
RAF Wellington Navigator Log Book RAF Navigator Log Book. 1943 printed Log Book, issued post war to Officer Cadet P.M. Lang. Mainly training flights in Wellington, Valetta and Anson aircraft. Flying from RAF Hamble, RAF Thorney island and RAF Redhill. Well written log with some good Officer signatures. Approximately 25 pages of entries.
RAF Wireless Operator Morse Code Board WW2, RAF Wireless Operator Buzzer Board. Used for the training of Morse Code to RAF Radio Operator's. This 7 x 6 ½" wooden board has a morse key, buzzer unit, head phone terminals and a brass Air Ministry identity plate. The adjustable key is in a good working condition.
RAF Wolseley Helmet An RAF Wolseley Helmet. This type of helmet differs from the usual 'Pith' helmet in that it has a higher dome crown and a turned up back neck part. It has a beige, hard wearing cotton cloth outer covering. Inside is a green felt lining with a leather adjustable chin strap and a 'removable' leather sweat band. This is embossed with the maker's name - Hobson & Sons (London) Ltd. Also is a paper size label (6 7/8) again with the maker's name. The crown is lined with 'coolair aluminex' foil to keep the head cool, and at it's peak is an air vent (see photo). The overall appearance of the helmet is excellent and clean.
RAF Woollen Boot Socks RAF, Cream Woollen Boot Socks. These cream colour wool socks have had very little or no wear. War Department Arrow marked. Size, 11. In Excellent condition.
RAF WW2 Dated H-Type Oxygen Mask Scarce RAF, Wartime Dated, 4-45 (April 1945) H-Type Oxygen Mask. Size Large. The rubber mask is in excellent shape and is clean and very flexible. There is no cracking or splitting to the rubber. The grey suede lining is complete with only minor usage soiling. The harness is complete and still has elasticity, again with some soiling. The mask is fitted with a very good type 57 microphone assembly with a brown/fleck coloured loom, which has the correct large 2-pin oblong socket. The loom retains its paper Ref No. tag. Wartime dated H-masks are very hard to find in any condition, and therefore seem to be rarer than G-type masks.
RAF, Air Crew Heated Socks A pair of Electrically Heated RAF Air Crew Socks/Bootees. These ankle length, felt lined socks are fitted with an electrically heated element. They were worn over the thick woollen air crew socks and then inside the flying boots. A couple of snap connectors at the rear connect to the aircraft electrical system via a wire cable, to heat the socks. This pair are made of a green denim outer, cream fur inner, and have Air Ministry labels and a silk Windak clothing Manufacturing label. In an 'un-used' condition.
RAF, Air Ministry marked Mk III Flying Goggles RAF Mk III Flying Goggles. The leather strap is Air Ministry & Kings Crown stamped with a Ref No. 22C/69 (some of the stamped numbers are worn) and it is Named on the inside. The cellulose goggle lenses are in a good and clear condition, with some small scratches. The metal frames are very good, and they retain a good percentage of their paintwork. The stitching is in place and the front hinge lugs are present. The inside brown felt padding is good and clean, and the leather face mask is in a good condition with some minor scuffing. The internal padding is stiff in places. The leather strap has very good working fabric covered springs at either side. Air Ministry marked, Mk III goggles, are becoming increasingly difficult to find.
Ray-Ban Vintage Sunglasses A vintage pair of Bausch & Lomb Ray-Ban Sunglasses and case. These Aviator and shooting sunglasses have Green Tinted impact resistant lenses. Similar type to that used by wartime Pilots and aircrew. Stamped on the top of the nose bridge frame, B&L Ray Ban 1/30 10K GO. Gold frames. With original case. In a very good 'used' condition.
RFC Economy Pattern Brass Cap Badge A Royal Flying Corp Economy Brass Other Rank Cap Badge. Basically the same as a standard RFC cap badge but without the central lettering cut/fretted away, making it a solid badge. Loops to the rear for fixing. This type of badge is much scarcer to find than the standard type. In a very good, issued condition.
RFC Large Photograph of Pilot and Aircraft A Large old photo of a Royal Flying Corp Officer Pilot standing in front of his aircraft. The aircraft is a Royal Aircraft Factory B.E. 2. There is a mechanic working on it. The Lieutenant Pilot (named on the reverse side) is wearing a Mk1 Leather Flying Helmet & Goggles plus a Maternity pattern Tunic and Sam Browne leather belt. Photo size, 15 ½" x 10". In a good condition (has a couple of rusty pin marks).
Rolls Royce Derwent Engine Manual, Meteor Jet A Rolls Royce issued, Technical Instruction Manual for the RAF Derwent jet engine which was fitted to the Meteor Aircraft. This is dated 1945 up to 1952. Numerous pages of Text, Sectional Drawings (some in colour), photo's and Pull-Outs. Manual size = 14 x 9 ½". An Original and 'used' manual in a very good condition.
Rolls Royce Griffon Aero Engine Exhaust Stub Rolls Royce Griffon Aero Engine, Exhaust Stub. Rolls Royce part number - 56DD / 35594 / GN 26027 A (port). Still in box of issue,'New Old Stock' .
SOE Parachutist Knee Pads A rare pair of Special Operations Executive Parachutist Knee Pads. Used for leg protection when parachuting, during covert operations, and landing in uneven or rocky terrain. These scarce knee pads are clearly shown in the SOE equipment catalogue (a copy of the page is shown here in the images). The pads have a maker/size label (which would be removed before wearing) which is dated 1943. After landing each pad has a leather boot lace which the agent would pull to quickly release the pads from the leg. These knee pads would have also been used by British Airborne Paratrooper's. In a un-issued condition.
Souvenir Pottery German Helmet An unusual wartime Souvenir. Made by Jersey Pottery (Channel islands), this is a miniature pot German Helmet. Size, 55 x 48 x 30mm. In a good condition, has some crazing to the glaze.
Spitfire & Hurricane Remote Contactor A WW2, Spitfire & Hurricane type Remote Contactor. Part of the aircraft IFF system (Identification Friend or Foe) this unit is fitted inside the pilots cockpit, it controlled the 'pip squeak' signal which alerted allied ground control defences that this aircraft was 'friendly'. The luminous hand can be set like a time switch to emit a signal, by means of the aircraft radio, to alert allied air space radar defences, that this aircraft is not a 'hostile' one. The 4" inch diameter bakelite face has an on-off switch and a central coloured dial. The rear metal casing has an Air Ministry and kings crown stamped mark and the units Ref No. 10A/10995, type 4. Two braided electrical control cables have a bakelite & metal plug fitted to each one. The unit is in a 'used' condition. Due to postal restrictions, regarding any luminous paint on aircraft dials, means that this item is FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY.
The Avro Lancaster Book, by F.K. Mason The Avro Lancaster, by Francis K. Mason. First edition, printed 1989. The definitive book about the RAF Lancaster Bomber. Also lists every Lancaster built and what happened to it. Size, 11 x 8 ½" with 437 pages. Excellent information, drawings and b/w photographs. In a very good 'used' condition, hardback with dust cover.
The Great Raids - Essen The Great Raids - Essen, by Air Comm. John Searby, DSO, DFC. First edition, printed 1978. Interesting book written by a wartime RAF Lancaster Pilot. Lots of information on the raid, the aircraft that flew it, list of the aircrew, and the aftermath. With drawings and photographs. Size, 11 x 8", 94 pages. In a good 'used' condition (corner crease on front cover).
The Lancaster File Air Britain publication of 'the Lancaster File'. First edition, printed in 1985. Size, 12 x 8", 197 pages. Excellent reference book, listing all of the Lancaster aircraft built. With some nice b/w photographs. In a very good 'used' condition.
The Lancaster Manual The Lancaster Manual, First edition 1977, edited by John Tanner, then the director of the RAF Museum. The Official Air Publication for The Lancster MK I and III, 1942-1945. In a good condition.
USAAF Air Crew Survival Folding Machete WW2, United States Army Air Force Survival Folding Machete. This type of machete was issued with the AAF emergency/survival kits, including the B-2 and B-4. The RAF had a virtually identical one, which was issued with the lightweight tropical Beadon flying suit. This example has a makers mark on the blade. It comes with its original blade cover, which is often found to be missing. The 10" long blade extends from the handle and retracts when a locking tab is moved to one side. The machete is in an 'as found' condition, so it could benefit from a clean and polish (if so desired). Please confirm that you are aged 18+ when purchasing this item. FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY (due to postal restrictions).
USAAF and RAF Signal Lamp USAAF & RAF Dinghy Signal Lamp. This is the later version of the M-308 signal lamp, in having a domed type cover lens. This lamp was issued with the 'Gibson Girl' dinghy radios, which it plugged into. It has a bakelite casing with a clear perspex lens, covering the bulb and a spare. There is an adjustable webbing strap and a wiring loom with a 2-pin rubber plug. In a very good condition.
USAAF Operations Room Plotting Table WAC Apron USAAF operations room, Women's Army Corps plotters table apron. Khaki cotton cloth apron with four front pockets. Three of the pockets are marked with red, green & blue tape to correspond with the colours on the operations room clock. These are to hold the coloured counters/markers to place on the plotting table. The forth pocket has a covered flap. Apron size, 26 x 14" and with two cotton fixing ties. In excellent condition.
WAAF Group of Ephemera WW2 WAAF Group of Photographs and Ephemera. She was later based at RAF Colerne (1944) which is also written on the back of some photos. There are eight photos ( inc. a line of Hawker Tempests) and a couple of clippings, an interesting RAF Colerne service book listing things to do and not to do in and around the airfield, and a nice pre war and wartime autograph book.
WAAF Mirror & Note Pad, Wallet WW2, WAAF Hand Embroidered Wallet containing a Mirror & Note Pad. Hand embroidered Silk WAAF with RAF emblem on the front. Flips open to reveal a handy mirror plus a note pad (which will easily remove when empty). Size, 3 ½" x 2 ½".
WAAF Operations Plotter Chest Mic & Headset RAF Operations Room, WAAF Plotter type headset & chest microphone. Adjustable headband with GEC marked earphone's wired to the bakelite chest microphone assembly. The speaking trumpet rotates forwards or backwards to obtain the best speaking position. The trumpet can be removed for storage/replacing. The chest plate is fixed in situ by a cotton strap which goes around the operators neck. There is a cotton covered wiring loom with a jack plug. In very good condition, some slight distortion to the base of the bakelite speaking trumpet (see photo).
Wartime Box of 50cal Ammo Links A card box containing 10, Browning .50cal Ammo Links. The Links are unused.
Wartime Pattern Long Woollen Boot Socks A pair of wartime pattern long woollen boot socks. Large size, navy blue, Un-Issued. In an Excellent condition.
Wartime WAAF Autograph Album WAAF Autograph Album with approximately 40 signatures. Compiled during her wartime service career. These original signatures are of other WAAF's and RAF Officer's including Group Captain's, based mainly at RAF North Coates (Strike Wing) Lincolnshire. Sadly, most of these names are no longer with us. Album size = 150 x 100mm.
Women's Transport Service (FANY) Badges WW2, Women's 'First Aid Nursing Yeomanry' Tunic Badges. These are a pair of collar badges and a cloth embroidered sleeve badge. Two circular bronze Transport Service 'FANY' collar badges are stamped 'Firmin', London on the reverse and have double lug fixings. There is also a circular cloth and silk embroidered Driving Instructor sleeve badge. All are in an excellent condition.
WW1 Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wings A fine quality pair of Original Silk embroidered Royal Flying Corps Pilot Wings. These WW1 period, unpadded wings are in excellent condition. Size, 4 1/4" span. Show signs of removal from a tunic. Comes with a copy photo of Lt. D. Turner RFC, wearing the same pattern wings.
WW1, RAF Certificates Two WW1 'Original' RAF Certificates. First one is from the Borough Council of Falmouth presented to C.L. Ragland, RAF. The large and colourful certificate is sized 14 ½" x 11", and is in a good but slightly creased and soiled condition. It comes with a second RAF certificate, which is a printed message from King George V, dated 1918. Size 11" x 8 ½". In a good but slightly creased condition.
WW1, Royal Defence Corps Cap Badge A very nice WW1, Royal Defence Corps metal & enamel Cap Badge. Instituted to free up able bodied troops for front line fighting instead of home guard duties. Older, less able bodied men were drafted into the service to guard ports, factories, railways etc.... This very nice badge has fine enamelling on a pierced metal frame. It has a plain (no maker mark) pin back. Size, 35 x 30 mm.
WW1, Royal Flying Corps Flying Goggles RFC Googles used by a front line Observer/Pilot in France, during WW1. These 'First Pattern' (1914) Goggles were privately purchased. They come in their original card case. They consist of a high quality leather face mask, which has two rubber eyepiece sockets containing glass lenses. The inside is covered with a soft felt padding. They have a, now stretched, brown elastic adjustable strap. The goggles were part of the effects of RFC pilot, Lt. E.A. Packe DFC. He first flew as an Observer flying BE2c's with 15 Squadron then as a Fighter Pilot with 32 Squadron, flying SE5a's, over the Western Front during WW1. The goggles are in excellent condition and come with a copy photograph of Lt. Packe.
WW2 , ATC Side Cap & Badge A WW2 dated Air Training Corps Side Cap & Badge. With white metal ATC buttons. Made of the same blue-grey serge material as RAF NCO's caps. Inside is maker marked and WD arrow stamped, 1945 date and size 7 3/8" stamp. Named. In a very good condition with some minor mothing at the rear (see photo).
WW2 Armed Forces Boiled Sweets Ration Tin Original wartime issue British Armed Forces Boiled Sweets Ration tin. It would have contained 5 ounces of boiled sweets (now empty) and manufactured by T.R. Ltd, and packed August 1943. Size, 4 1/4 x 3 1/8 x 1 inches. In a good condition with some surface wear and scratches.
WW2 Bomb Disposal Mines & Booby Traps Manual Wartime 'Restricted' issue booklet for Bomb Disposal Units. Headed - "This document must not fall into enemy hands". Titled - 'Mine and Booby Traps' military training pamphlet No 40. Dated, May 1943. Some Sixty pages of informative text, drawings & illustrations. Comes with 3 sets of Amendments, dated Oct. 1943, Jan. 1944, and May 1944. These have 'C' Company hand written on the top. Size 180 x 120mm. All in a good 'issued' condition, with a couple of stains to the cover.
WW2 British Division Formation Badge Chart. A useful chart listing the WW2, British & Commonwealth Division Formation badges. New 'old' stock, Printed sometime in the 1990's. Size = 34 x 21 inches. We have a limited number of these.
WW2 Canadian Wartime Service Shield A unique Hand Painted wooden commemorative shield, celebrating the wartime service of the 1st Canadian Artillery Workshop Engineering Company. This 15 x 12 x 1" shield is superbly hand painted and is initialled by the artist, who I presume was a Canadian Soldier. It lists the battlefields in France, Belgium & Holland where the company operated from. I would say that this is a period piece, probably painted in 1945, but I cannot definitely say when. The shield looks to be a solid piece of heavy shaped Oak and the hanger is a cut piece of aluminium. The shield is in a very good condition for it's age, although there is a split almost down the centre of it and some minor paint loss in places.
WW2 Carrier Pigeon Capsule and Message Form A rare original Wartime Carrier Pigeon leg capsule with rolled up message form inside and also a separate message form. The clear Cellulose Acetate two piece tube unscrews allowing access to the rolled up message. A webbing strap and press stud fastener fixes the capsule to the pigeon's leg. With the capsule is a unused message form. If so desired, this transparent form can be placed over a map allowing the sender to give a part map tracing, so ensuring accurate map co-ordinates. The form is made of a thin type of 'tracing' paper and is of 9" square. In an Excellent condition.
WW2 Carrier Pigeon Message Form A rare WW2 Carrier Pigeon Message Form. The transparent form can be placed over a map allowing the sender to give a part map tracing, so ensuring accurate map co-ordinates. Also, the form has enough room to allow an appropriate message to be written explaining the map. The form is made of a thin type of 'tracing' paper. It can be folded up into a very small size allowing it to fit neatly inside the pigeon message capsule (see last photo, the capsule is not for sale). The size = 230 x 230mm. I have found a small quantity of these forms and I am offering them for sale individually.
WW2 East Surrey Silver sweetheart Badge A Sterling Silver & Enamel Sweetheart Badge for the East Surrey regiment. This badge is mounted on a silver pin back bar. Size, 45 x 23 mm.
WW2 Emergency Ration Tin WW2, Emergency Ration Tin issued to allied troops and also found in RAF dinghy packs, etc... The tin is in a good condition, although some of the finish is missing, which is often the case with these tins. Inside, are found a quantity of wartime malted milk tablets.
WW2 German Luftwaffe Bomb Fuse & Ring A German Luftwaffe Aerial Bomb Fuse and Retaining Ring. The Fuse is a type, EL. AZ. 25 B impact fuse, which is marked on the top and dated 1942. The two piece Retaining Ring secures the fuse, in the bomb, at the top of the fuse pocket. It has a threaded outer ring and an inner fuse securing part. The threaded part screws into the bomb outer casing. This would have been fitted and secured by the Armourer before the bomb was lifted onto the bomber. Completely INERT. In a good condition (some pitting to the fuse casing). FOR SALE TO THE UK ONLY (due to postal service restrictions).
WW2 Luftwaffe Air Dropped Parachute Mine Fuse - Inert Luftwaffe Air Dropped Parachute Mine Time Delay Fuse. During WW2, the Luftwaffe developed a range of Parachute Mines or Land Mines. These were in actual fact Sea mines, but the German's soon discovered that these weapons could also be very effective on land based targets. There were two sizes of Magnetic Parachute Mines. First, the LMA which weighed 500kg and was 5ft 8in long, and then the LMB which weighed 1000kg and was 8ft 8in long. These magnetic mines were constructed of aluminium, and deployed a large red or green parachute. They were detonated either on impact or by a time delay fuse. This time delay fuse could be set for anything up to six days. Encased in an 85 mm diameter aluminium casing, the internal workings are found to be in Excellent Condition. This timer never had any type of explosive content, so it is completely safe.
WW2 Official RAF Fighter Pilot Group Photo Original WW2, Air Ministry Photo of a Group of RAF Fighter Pilots. Group of four Sergeant Pilots wearing Battle Dress and 1941 pattern Mae Wests (end pilot has Sgt. Allington written on his). Size, 240 x 180mm. Unfortunately the official description slip, stuck to the rear, has been lost. In good condition, has a couple of creases.
WW2 Official RAF Photographs Two 'Official' Wartime Photographs. Large one (10 x 8") is of a RAF Lancaster waiting to take off for a raid on Berlin (1944). Second (8 x 3") is a RAF Squadron photo taken in Cyprus (1945).
WW2 RAF 1941 Pattern Mae West An 'Original' wartime RAF 1941 Pattern Mae West / Life Preserver. Air Ministry Ref No. 22C/447, size Medium. Contract Number & Kings Crown and A.M. rubber stamped (albeit feint). Complete with all canvas ties, grab handles, buttons & press studs, dye strip, floatation lamp pocket, working brass 'Lightning' zip. In an Excellent 'used' condition (has a couple of re-enforcing patches added to the lamp pocket flap & minor soiling).
WW2 RAF Air Crew Auxiliary Irvin Parachute WW2 RAF Air Crew Auxiliary drogue Parachute. Attached to the top of the Main parachute canopy, this small spring loaded parachute is deployed first to help to draw out the main canopy safely from the parachute pack. Made by Irvin Co. Type Mk. 1, Ref No. 15A/100. Air Ministry stamped and dated 1944. In a good condition, with some slight soiling.
WW2 RAF Air Gunner Brevet Original wartime made silk embroidered RAF Air Gunner Brevet. Full size, Padded type. Shows signs of being removed from a tunic. In a very good condition.
WW2 RAF Aircraft Grip Push Button A Boxed RAF, Pilot's control column Grip - push button. Found in Spitfire & Hurricane Fighters etc.... This 'Press to Transmit' push button, is used when communicating over the R/T. I have a limited stock of these.
WW2 RAF Argentina Shoulder Title A wartime RAF tunic 'Argentina' shoulder title. Blue embroidered silk lettering on a curved blue felt backing. In a very good 'issued' condition.
WW2 RAF Chaplain Collar Badge WW2 RAF Chaplain Collar or Scarf Badge. Three piece construction, with two fixing lugs to the rear. Size, 2 1/4" span. In a very good condition.
WW2 RAF Dinghy Accessories Bag WW2 RAF, 'H' Type Dinghy Accessories Bag. The 'H' Type Dinghy was introduced in 1941 for use in the RAF Hampden and Wellington bombers. Intended for the use of 3 to 5 crew members. This 19 x 13" canvas valise type bag has double openings to contain the dinghy accessories and survival supplies etc.... It has rolled Kapok fillings to aid buoyancy and inside pockets to securely contain the contents. The outside flap has a rubber stamping - container for "H" type dinghy. Empty of contents. In Excellent condition.
WW2 RAF Emergency Flying Ration Tin WW2, RAF Aircrew Emergency Flying Ration Tin. Air Ministry Ref No. 27P/7. Contents: Barley sugar, chewing gum, malted milk tablets, energy tablets. This pocket size tin (4 x 3 x 1") was often found amongst the emergency items in the dinghy survival kit. In a good condition with some surface marks and creases on the base (see images). The tin is empty of contents.
WW2 RAF Framed Photo Pilot KIA Original Wartime colourised Photograph of a Pilot who was Killed In Action. Flight Sergeant, Edward H.J. Shearing was a Lancaster Pilot with RAF 514 Squadron. He had already completed a number of Operations, including the infamous Nuremberg raid in March 44, where Bomber Command lost 100 aircraft. Then on the night 19-20th May 1944, F/S, Shearing and crew took off from RAF Waterbeach at 2230 Hrs in Lancaster LL641, for Bombing Operations on the railway yards at Le Mans. After successfully bombing the target the Lancaster set course for home. After crossing the English coast it was safe to assume a straight forward flight back to base. But, some 4 miles from the airfield at Newmarket, the Lancaster spun into the ground killing six of the crew with one baling out safely. This original photo is sized, 4 ½" x 3 ½". It comes in a Glass fame sized, 8 x 6". In a good condition, with some slight staining to the backing paper. Comes with copies of the CWGC certificate and the Aircrew Remembered Archive Report. Needs further research.
WW2 RAF Halifax Bomber Notes A rare set of RAF pilot conversion notes for the Halifax Bomber. To be used in conjunction with the standard Air Ministry pilots notes, this folder gives the pilot and crew, more in depth information regarding flying the Halifax on Operations. Covering a number of subjects including - Take off and Landing Drills, Emergency Landing's, Operational Gen, Engine Failure, Aircraft on Fire, Oil, Petrol, Hydraulic and Electrical Systems, Bombing, etc... Size, 13 x 8" with 41 pages of official text and drawings. Dated 1943 and named. In a good 'used' condition (has been folded).
WW2 RAF Kenya Shoulder Title A wartime RAF tunic 'Kenya' shoulder title. Blue embroidered silk lettering on a curved blue felt backing. In a very good 'issued' condition.
WW2 RAF Officers Side Cap, named WW2, RAF Officer Side Cap with a gilt Eagle & Kings Crown badge, plus brass buttons. The blue lining has a stitched in tailors label, and is named to a Pilot Officer. Size = 7". The cap is in a very good 'issued' condition, and looks to be moth free.
WW2 RAF Oxygen Mask Hose & Clip RAF Oxygen Mask, Rubber Oxygen Supply Tube & Clip. Wartime pattern, which will fit Oxygen Mask Type G and H. Bayonet fitting type Mk IV. Air Ministry Stamped, with Ref No. 6D/526. In an Excellent condition (some slight cracking around the end fittings).
WW2 RAF Pilot Wings A pair of WW2, RAF Kings Crown Pilot Wings. Embroidered padded silk RAF wings on black felt with a rear cotton backing. As found, stitched onto part of an RAF Officer tunic. Wings in a good condition with some slight wear.
WW2 RAF Rhodesia Shoulder Title Original, RAF Rhodesia, cloth shoulder title. This Tunic / BD blouse shoulder title is in excellent condition. Dark blue Melton cloth backing with blue silk thread embroidered letters.
WW2 RAF Signaller Brevet RAF Signaller (wireless operator) Brevet. Full Size, Padded silk variant. In a good issued condition.
WW2 RAF Spitfire Boost Fuel trap A WW2, RAF Spitfire Boost Gauge - Fuel Trap. Used in conjunction with the pilots instrument panel Boost gauge. Air Ministry stamped and dated. Made of Brass, and in excellent condition. This item would be found in most other WW2 RAF aircraft. Sold only as a collectable item.
WW2 RAF Spitfire Merlin Engine Fuel Filter Trap WW2, RAF Spitfire Merlin Engine Oil & Water Trap/Filter. Fitted in the Spitfire Engine bay, next to the Firewall (see photo). Made of Brass sheet panels, and has a nice Air Ministry & Crown stamp and with A.M. Reference numbers. This item would also be found in most other WW2 RAF aircraft. In excellent condition. Only sold as a collectable item.
WW2 RAF Strip of VR Badges Original wartime made, unissued strip of RAF Other Ranks VR Badges. Six Volunteer Reserve Badges, made of blue silk thread on a black felt back ground. Black paper covered backing. In a very good condition.
WW2 RAF Suede Leather Mosquito Boots WW2, RAF warm weather & tropical climate 'Mosquito' Boots. Unlined Brown Suede Leather, calf length boots with leather soles. Intended for use by RAF ground crew, these boots were often used by Aircrew as they were found to be more comfortable to wear being without a fur lining, in a hot aircraft. Termed 'Mosquito' boots due to the draw-string ties, which were to prevent insects from entering in to the boot. Inside these boots have War Department stamps, as well as reference stamps. The inside sole is stamped with the maker and dated 1942. They are in a very good 'used' condition, with the suede uppers being very clean (some wear to the heels and soles, see photos).
WW2 RAF Survival Dinghy Flare Tin RAF Survival Flare Tin, Box No.381, Mk. 1. Red painted metal tin, size = 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 1 3/8 inch. Originally contained three red star flare cartridges, now empty. For use with the 'Very' signal pistol. Issued in RAF survival dinghy kits to attract the attention of passing ships or aircraft. Manufactured by Metal Box in 1944. It has some slight surface wear and rust (see photo's).
WW2 RAF Survival Kit Wartime RAF Survival Kit. This is a special survival fishing kit mainly issued with the dinghy equipment, but it could also be carried by aircrew or used in conjunction with Beadon kits etc... This rare 'complete kit' comes in a celluloid two piece moulded case containing a large hand line reel with a heavy lead sinker weight and spinning hook. It also contains a packet of spare various size hooks and a packet with a 'fly hook', and a printed instruction booklet made from waterproof material. These 'complete' kits rarely come on the market for sale. In a very good condition with some old tape marks (tape now gone) on the box and some storage marks (slight rust) on the contents.
WW2 RAF type E2 Anti-Glare Spectacles WW2 RAF type E2 Anti-Glare Air Crew Spectacles. Air Ministry Ref No. 22G/485. Made by Levers Optical Ltd. Metal e.p.n.s wire frames with leather side-shields and spring side arms. Circular Crooks B.2 blue-grey tinted glass lenses. In Excellent condition with very good lenses (some light verdigris on the rivets). Complete with metal case, which has Air Ministry markings (this has a few dents and some rust marks).
WW2 RAF War Service Dress B/D Trousers Superb, Un-Issued RAF War Service Dress Battle DressTrousers. These trousers were found still baled up in their wartime storage package, from when they were delivered to the RAF stores. Cotton label dated 1944. W.D. rubber stamped inside, with code letter 'Z' for 1945 issue. Front pleated pocket, side pockets and one rear pocket. Early black plastic buttons. In a 'pristine' condition.
WW2 RAF/SOE Silk 'Blood' Chit A WW2 RAF & SOE issued, silk 'Blood' or 'Ghoolie' Chit. Used to help during an Escape & Evasion attempt, in the Indian/Asian theatre, if captured by 'friendly' civilians etc.... Printed in 17 different languages. Size, 19 x 11 inches. In an Excellent condition.
WW2 RCAF operational Tour Wing & Bar WW2 issued, Royal Canadian Air Force Operational Tour Silver Wing & Bar. Scarce Original winged Sterling Silver badge. 'Royal Canadian Air Force Operational Tour badge' was officialy awarded by the RCAF, during WW2, to aircrew who completed an operational tour against the enemy. The addition of a bar indicated that a Second Tour of operations had been completed. This badge was officially worn on the service dress uniform. Stamped 'Sterling' and makers mark 'Birks' on the reverse. Two threaded fixing screw posts and backplate, plus nuts, all in silver gilt. Size, 38mm span x 15mm height (inc bar). In an excellent condition.
WW2 RCAF Pilots Wings, English Made A fine pair of wartime 'English' made, Royal Canadian Air Force Pilots Wings. Double twist silk thread on a black felt back ground. Padded type. In a very good condition.
WW2 Sewing Kit WW2 Sewing Kit, sometimes found in RAF Survival / Dinghy Packs & Beadon kits. This small tin has a hinged lid, and when opened the contents are two types of thread and a few various size needles. In a used condition, with some storage marks.
WW2 US Airforce Type Handheld Microphone WW2 US Airforce Handheld Microphone type NAF 213264-6 and sprung mounting Bracket No. 213264-2. Type RS 38-A. Made by Telephonics Corp. In a un-issued condition.
WW2, Armed Forces Boiled Sweets Ration Tin 'Original wartime issue' British Armed Forces Boiled Sweets Ration tin. Would have contained 5 ounces of boiled sweets (now empty) and manufactured by C.N. & C. Ltd, and packed August 1943. Size, 4 1/4 x 3 1/8 x 1 inches. In a good condition with some surface wear and scratches.
WW2, Brass Battle of Britain Spitfire Plaque A Brass Spitfire Plaque with the words of Sir Winston Churchill underneath - "Never have so many owed so much to so Few". Made and sold on the home front during the war, to raise money for the RAF Benevolent fund. The plaque would have originally had a small calendar hanging from the bottom edge (now missing) and would be hung on walls in homes. The high relief plaque is made of thick card with a thin layer of brass on the face. Size, 12 x 9".
WW2, British Army B/D 2nd Corps Divisional Badges A fine 'used' pair of 2nd Corps divisional badges. Printed on cotton. Retain signs of stitches where removed from the Battle Dress jacket. Slight soiling.
WW2, British Mosquito Helmet Net A British made Mosquito Helmet Net. Used with the Tommy Helmet or Bush Hat to help prevent Mosquito bites. Made by Black Bros Ltd., and Dated 1944. Also has a WD stamp and code letter 'M' for 1944. There is a draw string to adjust for fixing. In a near to mint un-issued condition, with some slight moth damage to one part of the brown woollen binding (see photo).
WW2, Dig For Victory Leaflet Original Home Front, 'Dig For Victory' Leaflet No. 1. This colourful leaflet was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture to encourage Home Front Allotment or Home Garden owners to plant various vegetables to supplement their food rations. This Double Sided leaflet is No.1 of a series printed by H.M. Stationary Office. A message by Winston Churchill & the Minister of Agriculture is printed on the reverse side. Size, 10 x 7 ½". In very good condition, has a centre fold mark.
WW2, Early RAF Gunner Sleeve Badge Early RAF Gunner Badge. In 1940 the RAF formed an Aerodrome Defence Corps (fore runner to the RAF Regiment). This unit were issued with a Ref. No. 22H/430, single 'G' sleeve badge, Air Ministry Order A371/40. This order states that the badge be worn on the tunic right sleeve (only) 9 inches below the shoulder seam. The badge was 'short lived' as the RAF Regiment was later formed (1942) and the Ground Gunner, "GG" sleeve badge was introduced. This badge is in excellent 'original' condition. Made from blue silk thread embroidered on a black felt backing. size, 2 ½" x 2".
WW2, Emergency Ration Tin WW2, Emergency Ration Tin issued to allied troops and also found in RAF dinghy packs. This tin is in a 'dent' free good condition, although some of the gold colour finish is missing, which is often the case with these tins. The tin is empty of it's contents.
WW2, Goggles Wartime issue, Amber Lens Goggles. Often referred to as RAF Mk II flying goggles, these are in fact Army MV dust goggles or dispatch rider goggles. Leather face mask with metal frames and triplex safety glass lenses. In similar appearance to the RAF goggles, except that these dust goggles have a grey elastic, adjustable strap instead of the spring leather covered RAF Mk II goggle strap. In a very good condition.
WW2, POW Ephemera A group of original wartime Prisoner of War Ephemera. Consisting of - Two camp Photo Cards from a L/Cpl. David Parker of the Durham Light Infantry, sent to his home in Surrey. Also, a camp issue 'Postkarte' and a camp issue Letter. This group have one Stalag IXA (Spangenberg) and the rest have Stalag XXB (Marienburg) German Censor stamps. With the lot is an 'official' camp receipt for some personal papers taken into custody belonging to a Pte. N. Day of the East Lanc's Regt. This camp is Stalag VIIIB, Lamsdorf, Germany, and is signed for by a Hauptman at the camp and rubber stamped.
WW2, RAAF Bush Hat A Royal Australian Air Force Bush Hat. Bronze RAAF cap badge, which is showing signs of verdigris, is fixed to the hat band. Inside is a leather sweat band, stamped Fayrefield, Made by United Felt Hats Ltd, Melbourne. Size 6 7/8, and dated 1944. In a good 'Used' condition, with some moth nips and a couple of minor wear holes.
WW2, RAF Air Commodore Flag WW2 pattern RAF Air Commodore Station Flag. This vintage flag would have been flown from the airfields station flag pole, so as to inform everyone on the base, that the Air Commodore was visiting. It is made of Cotton and is of multi - panel construction. The rope fixing cord is missing. Feint markings, wartime pattern. size, approximately 3 x 2 ft. In a good condition.
WW2, RAF Air Gunner 'Full Tour' Log Book WW2, RAF Log Book to a Lancaster Air Gunner. RAF Sergeant, W. Coxell flew with 12 Squadron, from RAF Wickenby. He flew on 32 Operational night time missions over France & Germany. He started his RAF service as an Air Gunner Instructor. Instructing on Blenheim, Stirling, Anson & Wellington aircraft. He is posted to RAF 519 Squadron, Ventura aircraft, flying on Met. Sorties. He soon converts onto Heavy Bombers at 28 O.T.U RAF Wymeswold, then 1656 H.C.U RAF Lindholme, and finally No.1 L.F.S RAF Hemswell. After successfully converting he is posted, with his new crew, to 'A' Flight, 12 Squadron RAF Wickenby. Here he is soon flying on night time Operational raids to - Essen, Cologne, Bochum, Karlsruhe, Ludwigshaven, Dortmund, Hanover, Kiel, and the Infamous raid to Dresden, and many more...... On the night of 21st December 1944, flying from 12 Squadron base at RAF Wickenby, Sgt. Coxell and his crew (Pilot F/L Butcher) were on 'Operations' to Bonn, flying in Lancaster 'G' for George. They were airborne at 1520 hrs. Over the burning Target of Bonn the Lancaster was repeatedly shot at by German Flak Guns, and on the bombing run the Air Bomber pressed the bomb release but nothing happened and the load remained on board ! The pilot circled around again whilst the B/A checked the switches but again the bombs remained. Two more runs were made before finally the bombs were released, 40 minutes after the first attempt ! The Lancaster miraculously escaped without any serious damage, and arrived safely home to Wickenby well after its scheduled return time. This raid account was written up by the Air Ministry News Service, and was printed in the London Evening News paper on the 24th Dec. 1944. An 'original' official typed copy of the account, and the news paper clipping are with the Log Book. The Log book is very well written. It is in a good condition with some wear to the spline. A fine RAF Air Gunner's Log Book, in need of further research.
WW2, RAF Air Gunner's Prismatic Gun Sight An Early 1939/40 RAF Type G, Prismatic Gun Sight. Produced by RAE as an alternative to the Reflector Gun Sight, this small optical sight was produced in two variants, the type A for pilot's and the B for gun turrets. The gun sight ultimately proved to be difficult to use, having such a small eyepiece (20mm) and this became a major draw back. All production on prismatic gun sights ceased later in 1940. This type B sight would have been produced with the Boulton & Paul Defiant gun turret, in mind. The optics are relatively good with some minor dust specs showing (see last photo). It has a moveable sun screen at the front. Stamped Air Ministry on the base with Ref No. 8B/2353. Sight Size, 3 x 3 x 2 ½".
WW2, RAF Canvas Training Helmet A wartime RAF Training Helmet. Made from a tan coloured canvas cloth with a blanket lining. The rear of the helmet has an internal elastic fitting to ensure a snug fit, and an adjustable front headband strap. It has a canvas chin strap with a brass fixing buckle. The ear covers can roll forward to provide a wind break, when flying in an open cockpit trainer aircraft. The helmet is in a good 'used' condition, with some staining and usage wear.
WW2, RAF England Shoulder Title Badge A Rare Wartime RAF uniform 'England' shoulder title. Blue embroidered silk lettering on a curved top navy blue felt backing. In a very good condition (some fading patches to the background felt).
WW2, RAF Escape & Evasion Shaving Brush A wartime dated brown bakelite shaving brush containing an MI9 escape compass. The base of the brush has the war department arrow and the manufacturer's name - LENG. Unscrewing the base reveals an escape compass fixed into the base. This would have been covered by a shaving soap stick, so concealing it, and this would fit neatly inside the top half chamber when screwed together. The brush is in a very good condition. The compass has degraded somewhat, probably due to the soap covering, all of which has now been removed. For further reading on the brush and other escape items see Phil Froom's excellent book, Evasion & Escape Devices (see last photo).
WW2, RAF Great Britain Shoulder Title Badge A Rare Wartime RAF uniform 'Great Britain' shoulder title. Blue embroidered silk lettering on a curved navy blue felt backing. In a good 'issued' condition (a couple of moth patches & some soiling).
WW2, RAF Night use Binoculars & Case / Arnhem RAF WW2 Husun, Air Ministry 6E/338 Night use Binoculars in their Original Leather Case. Used by RAF Bomber & Night Fighter Aircrew and also British Special Forces - SAS and Paratrooper. These Galilean Binoculars have very wide exit lenses in order to gather maximum light for better vision in low light conditions. The last couple of photo's are of British General, "Boy" Browning (the C.O. of the 1st Airborne Division). He is pictured with a pair of this type of binoculars, whilst talking to U.S. major Gavin, during Operation Market Garden, ARNHEM. During the planning for this operation General Browning memorably said: "I think we might be going a Bridge Too Far". This pair of binoculars are in excellent condition. The adjustable focus works perfectly, and the glass lenses are nice and clear. They are stamped Air Ministry and with a Ref No. 6E/338. The outside black lacquer paintwork is very good, with only a couple of wear marks in places. The original leather case is also stamped A.M. and the Ref No. is on the top.
WW2, RAF Observer Brevet Original wartime made, silk embroidered RAF Observer Brevet. Full size, Flat type. Shows signs of being removed from a tunic. In a very good condition.
WW2, RAF Observer Brevet Silver Sweetheart Brooch A scarce wartime period RAF Observer's sweetheart brooch. The "O" is inlaid with white enamel and the single wing in blue with the outline of the feathers showing through in silver. The reverse is marked "Silver." This is mounted on a hollow rounded bar, the reverse, also marked "Silver". In a very good condition, retaining original pin fittings. The enamel is intact with only minor pitting to white. Size, width = 45mm.
WW2, RAF Photograph Hand Tinted Original wartime RAF sergeant, medical branch, Photograph. This 8 x 6" photograph has been professionally colour tinted at the time. Mounted on card, and would have been in a frame.
WW2, RAF Service & Release Book Un-Issued A very rare example of a wartime RAF Airman's Service & Release book in an un-issued state. This 'Specimen' book was probably held in the pattern office. In a great condition, although the staples are rusty.
WW2, RAF/RCAF Flying Log Book A wartime RAF/RCAF Aircrew Flying Log Book. RAF form 1767, RCAF R.96. Dated, 1943. This Canadian issue Log Book was used by either the RCAF or the RAF, for aircrew other than pilot. It has been issued but not used. The airman has rubbed out his name from the cover & the inside qualification page, also the rear 'aircraft flown' section is empty. In a good clean condition with a good cover and spine.
WW2, War Weapons Week Poster A rare Genuine, Home Front, War Weapons Week paper poster. Depicting RAF Bristol Blenheim medium bombers. Issued by the National Savings Committee and printed for H.M. Stationary Office, by Fosh & Cross Ltd. London. Large size = 29 x 19 inches, and the poster is in exceptionally good condition with a central fold.
Zeppelin / Airship Group of Photographs Twelve Original and old copy photographs of mainly WW1 Zeppelin airships. Most of the photos have notes on the reverse identifying that particular Airship. The copy photos look to be IWM, and are from the author Leslie Hunt's old collection. Most are sized, 8 x 6".